Wife and mother of 5 (4 boys and 1 girl). I have been quilting since 1979. Love scrappy quilts. The more moda fabrics I can use in a quilt the better. I like to mix lots of designers collections in my quilts. This means I can use more and buy more to replace my stash. I am not a good writer, so please ignore my typos or grammar fopas and I hope to make up for it with enthusiasm. What I do for a living is also what I do for a hobby, so while I may talk about work from time to time everything shown here and discussed is my own personal work. Check out my first solo book, Oh Scrap available at your favorite quilt store or Martingale.com.


  1. Cheryl says:

    first, there isn’t a way to comment on your blog. I checked several posts. Second, if you have moved your blog, what is the new link? You didn’t list it in the blog post. My dashboard shows several posts, but, they don’t show up here, and, this is the only place they take me to. I’d love to continue to follow you, but, I need a trail of crumbs to follow.

  2. Teresa C in California says:

    Love the new look, but I miss the links to other quilter sites. Have you considered adding these back to the site

  3. Susan S. says:

    I saw in a blog post on LaVieEnRosie of a quilt you had atHouston Fall Quilt Markt, made using Jen Kingwells fabric range of Gardenvale. I was just curious if and when this may be a pattern or a kit?
    It is a beautiful quilt.
    Ciao Susan

    • modalissa says:

      Ellie, I think I have an extra magazine that the Tone it Down quilt is in. IF you would send me your address I will mail it to you. It may take me a few days to find it but I will let you know either way.


  4. Jane Colton says:

    Hi Lissa,
    I just finished “Tone it Down” and I love it. It will be a gift for my grand daughter and her husband, and is in her favorite colors, orange and aqua and has a scrappy look.
    The deadline for our annual quilt show is next week and I just remembered that I need your permission to show it! Will you please reply that it is ok? (if it is ok!)
    thank you so much,
    Jane Colton

    • modalissa says:

      Jane, I would be thrilled for you to enter your quilt in the show. do you need any other type of written permission?

  5. Anne Davies says:

    I stumbled on to your Blog through Pinterest and a pin about joining Hexagons by machine using nylon thread (Happy Holidays post 2008). I’d love to try the English paper piecing technique but that much hand sewing would wipe out my hands. Two surgeries later, they’re not in the best of shape. I do Silk Ribbon Embroidery, Bead Embroidery and machine quilting, but I need to save my hands for my main interests which are part of my business.
    You said to use good quality nylon thread. What do you recommend? I’m clueless about that.
    Thanks so much
    Anne Davies

  6. carol says:

    I don’t know where I am to comment on the row quilt giveaway. I think a filler seat would be fun with a fellow quilter like Pat Sloan, Eleanor Burns, Alex Anderson and on and on. What a fun time that would be.

  7. Jane Kelly says:

    Hi Lissa,
    I’m the Editor of Make Modern magazine and I’m writing a review of your book for our next issue – just wanted to get an email address from you that we can send a copy of the magazine to when we publish?

    • modalissa says:

      I sent you an email last night but I just wanted to make sure you recieved it. My personal email is alexander.lissa(at)gmail.com work is lalexander(at)unitednotions.com

  8. Patty Cottingham says:

    How do you comment on your blog? I don’t see a link.

    In your latest blog posting you are giving away a copy of your book (congrats) and ask readers their favorite precut. Mine is the layer cake. Love them.


  9. Caryl Brix says:

    My favorite precut is the charm pack! That may have been the first! I didn’t find any other place to leave this comment to enter your drawing……

  10. Rebecca says:

    I don’t see a way to comment on your Blog Hop for today so I’ll comment here – I love fat quarters! Of course I accumulate a LOT of fabric that way – more scraps to use later on! I love the red, white and blue quilt and can’t wait to buy your book – congratulations!

  11. Cheryl Buchanan says:

    My favorite precut is a layer cake. They are large enough for a good sized block or can be cut into smaller sizes if needed.

  12. Kristy Wilkinson says:

    I think we are all confused about where to comment. But since the comment form came up I will do mine here too. I love fat quarters. They can be used in so many ways. Your new book looks so amazing. I can’t wait to see more about it on this Oh Scrap blog hop. Thanks again. Kristy- lkw2x6-apq@yahoo.com

  13. Karen Messo says:

    Just got your new book Oh Scraps! Very clever name, by that way. I love your discussion as well in the beginning of the booking regarding color and more. I really like your organizational tips as well. You suggest storing scraps in refrigerator bins. The containers shown on page 15 look like perfectly sized bins. Can you tell me the size and your source for these bins? Amazon had some listed but couldn’t figure out the size pictured in your book. I’m loving your book and anxious to finally organized the scraps I’ve accumulated over the years. Thanks so much!

  14. bobbie rumler says:

    this is the first time I’ve been to your blog and i’m impressed I love the new book of Red and White. You can’t miss with red and white (or blue and white) but red and white is the color…..thanks for listening Bobbie Rumler of Corona de Tucson AZ

  15. Mags says:

    Lissa your book is being bootlegged on evay with digital scans for $5.99 from user RoberSomer9. Your publisher should do something. Item number 223569433630
    Moda All-Stars – On a Roll: 14 Quilts That Start with 2 1/2″ Strips

  16. Margaret Morton says:

    The only picture I can find of your quilt Friendship Blues is the cute one with toes peeking out. Is there a clear picture of the whole quilt available anywhere online?
    Thanks so much,

  17. Diane Mahfouz says:

    I’m sorry, this is not a comment. A question, but not sure where to send questions.
    So, Hoping you can help? I found a beautiful “Lone Star Sampler” quilt pattern in conjunction with McCalls quilting. It’s from 2014, so not too old. I was able to download the pattern and think I can follow most of it. My question is, or are there additional instructions on how to put the fabrics together for different results on the lone star?
    In photo C, it says : move ruler to right, aligning 2 1/2” ruler line with freshly cut edge. Cut segment. Repeat to cut 5 segments per strip set.
    I think if you are only cutting 5 out of a strip, the segments will be larger than what the photo shows. I feel I’m missing a measurement
    Please help
    Thanks very much

    • modalissa says:

      I have had several people make that quilt and have not heard anything back regarding any issues with the instructions. Some of the segments are used for different stars, such as the all light star. As long as you are staying with the 2 1/2″ measurement you should be fine. Feel free to contact me along the way alexander.lissa@gmail.com

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