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What is your Go-To Holiday book?
I have made my own Go-To Book. Now I know there are all kinds of great writers, artists and designers out there. Pick one? I just couldn’t do it. Maybe it is the middle child in me.
Make my own book? I have notebooks full of decorating ideas for the holidays. You may remember that yesterday’s post was Holiday Sanity Savers. This notebook is definetely not a sanity saver because there is no way my home would ever look like the pages out of a magazine. Someday, I may be able to twitch my nose and make it happen but until then I will enjoy using the pages as design inspiration.
I am not worried about anyone knocking on my door to publish my work of art.

I have notebooks for all kinds of topics, yet my favorites are Christmas and Fourth of July.

I have a book of articles about people. Some I know and consider my friends, some I hope to someday meet.
A book of gardening ideas for when my thumb finally turns green.
A book of quilting ideas.
A book of baby (grandbaby?) ideas.

I hope I have inspired you to make your own Go-To book.
Supply List: Large 3 ring binder.
(I use the kind with locking rings so the notebook doesn’t accidentally come open and the pages spill everywhere.)
Sheet protectors
Favorite pages from all your magazines 
Pages from the pile of mail order catalogs such as Pottery Barn, Garnet Hill, Anthropologie, 
and many, many more.
Today is my turn to share a holiday project idea. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did making it.
Girl Scout Scarf
8.5″ x 60″
A girl scout is always prepared. This scarf is full of hidden pockets and sections to hide just about anything.

I picked out with the back of the scarf first. I really wanted to use the Oliver + S interlock, so the scarf would drape nicely. This fabric determined the length of the scarf, approx 60″.  I choose assorted prints at least 9″ wide.  I decided to challenge myself on this project and try some new techniques.

ZIPPERS: Yikes, egads! I haven’t done a zipper since I flunked my sewing project in 5th grade. Due to the great tutorials and Terry Atkinson’s colorful zippers I decided to make zipper pockets.
I added a bit of embroidery because I love the look but rarely sit still long enough to do any.
I used different feet on my machine and gave my #37 quilters’ foot a rest.
(feet used but you do not have to have them to make this project-Zipper foot on the zippers and walking foot for joining the interlock back to the pieced front.)
Supply List:
Backing 9″ x 60″ (backing can vary depending on the size of the person and the type of fabric.After making this one I think 6-7″wide is ample.)
Assorted fabrics for front
Additional items to personalize your scarf such as zippers, trims, medallions, floss.
Zipper Tutorials:
the pictures below are from the orphan block scarf shown below

Step1: Zipper and fabric right sides together.
Step 2: Add lining fabric right side together making a zipper sandwich.
Step 3: Sew along the edge of the fabric and zipper. Your piece will look like step 3.
Step 4: Fold the fabrics back wrong sides together and top stitch.

Repeat steps 1-4 on the other side of the zipper. Completed section shown above.
Once the zipper sections are completed, decide where you want the zipper pockets on your scarf. Continue joining fabrics together to make a 60″ long strip. Add assorted trims between fabrics paying close attention to placement on the scarf.

Do not add “things” to the middle section of the scarf. This area will be around the back of the neck and not seen. Add embroidery if needed.

Join the back to the front, right sides together, pinning sections in place.

Before sewing the scarf together, unzip one of the pocket sections half way. Sew the scarf all the way around the four sides. Trim the four corners to have nice sharp corners when the scarf is turned right side out. Use the opening at the zipper pocket to turn the scarf right side out. No hand work to close any openings.

Press the scarf. Top stitch above each of the zipper sections to create a pocket.
Ta Da! Just the perfect scarf to hold a spare key, cash, drivers license, chapstick, etc.
Additional ideas to Personalize your scarf:
1. Add pieces of repurposed clothes. I added the button placket from my son’s shirt making an additional pocket. (I love buttons but did not want to tackle buttonholes) This scarf is for his girlfriend. It will come in very handy next time he locks his keys in his car after a concert in the rain. Maybe I should go ahead and put a spare key in one of the pockets!

2. Add fringe made from interlock.
Keep in mind the size of the person you are making the scarf for so the added fringe will not make the scarf too long.
Cut an interlock section 9″ wide by 12″ long. Fold in half and sew along the 9″ side to hold in place. Mark every inch, sew from the bottom fold up 6″ on each of the markings. Cut  1/2″ from the sewn lines. Wet and toss in the dryer to fray the fringe. Size of fringe can vary according to what size you cut this section.

3. Monogram initials.
4. Add a loop and a covered button to roll the scarf into a handy take along.

This was FUN to do using the brad/button maker. This item should be on everyones’ Christmas list. (Stock # 001309 suggested retail $29.99)  It is on my list, I borrowed this one from Ducky. The package says (WARNING: Making custom brads and buttons has been shown to become addicting.)


5. Sew with unusual fabrics such as snuggles, old sweaters, sweatshirts, and school t-shirts.
6. Tuck a gift card in the pockets to surprise the recipent.
7. Use orphan quilt blocks for scarf sections. I wanted to use BLISS flannel for the back of the scarf so, once again I started with the back to determine the scarf. This one is 43″long.
For printable directions, please CLICK HERE.
Leave a comment on my post today to win a chance at this adorable “cookie bag” of moda fabric. I will draw the yummy name and post the winner tomorrow morning.
Please make sure if you leave a comment that I have a way of getting
a hold of you if your name is drawn.


  1. Jodi says:

    My own book – I can do that. I have plenty of content, pages ripped out of mags, quotes written on scraps of paper, photos – excellent idea. Thanks for sharing! Jodi

  2. Jen says:

    Thanks for the scarf project, very cute! I have never thought to make an idea book. I tear things out that I like and then have a messy pile. I'm goint to try your book

  3. CaraQuilts says:

    Every woman on my list is getting one of these!! It may be the best idea I've ever seen! Carrying a purse around can be a pain but slip the cards and some cash into the pocket, along with the required lip balm, and off you go!

  4. Darlene says:

    Love your binder of ideas and the scarf(thanks for another free pattern!) I am bad about tearing inspiration out of a magazine, then it never makes it to the binder. tsk tsk…I will have to work on that.

  5. What a clever scarf! I think I keep Staples in buesiness buying binders and sheet protectors with my Rewards dollars LOL I just found a binder that was at 25 years old. The plastic had disintergrated over time and the decorating ideas were outdated but I actually did find a few pages I kept!

  6. Gwen says:

    Thank you so much, I needed an idea for my niece the avid girl scout, and this will be the ideal gift for her for Christmas. What a great design. I also have books that I keep with all
    my hope to do projects in them, and hope to keep inspired when the mood hits.

  7. patty a. says:

    I collect ideas all the time and when I need some inspiration I get out all the bits and pieces I have collected. Usually for the holidays I make pillowcases and one quilt for a family raffle which neither projects have even been started yet!

  8. suznquilts says:

    "Maybe I should go ahead and put a spare key in one of the pockets!"

    This made me laugh out loud! Our jobs as moms could be made so much easier if we could just keep everything wrapped in a quilt (sometimes disguised as a scarf). Loved your scarf tutorial. Susan

  9. Karin says:

    What a fun project! I too have been avoiding zippers for years, but after reading your instructions, I feel like "The Little Engine That Could", I think I can…I think I can…
    Now if you could only figure out how to add a few more weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas…

  10. Texana says:

    So much good in your post today! I love the scrapbook of ideas…I should do that! And the scarf…love the scarf, thanks for the tutorial. And a bag full of fabrics is MUCH better than a bag full of cookies!

  11. Karen says:

    I like your creative ideas. I have notebooks for quilting and knitting patterns, most of which came from the internet. I've also started collecting them in folders on my computer to save space and paper.

  12. ranette says:

    LOvE the scarf…very cute and trendy! I've have idea books since I was a kid…still have them and they take up a bookshelf…lol

    Bag full of fabrics…right up my alley!

  13. bairdmtn says:

    VERY pretty scarf! You could make a dozen of these and have one for every occasion! I love your idea of the idea book. I have PAGES and PAGES of torn out magazine and catalog pages of ideas, and now I know to put them into a notebook!! Thank you!