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Time for another Quiltalong



One of the good things that came from Covid is the Quiltalong which kept us busy once we had finished making masks.  We could hop online and join like minded quilters quilting along and sharing our project online. Recently some of the customers at the Old Craft Store joined me in an IN PERSON QUILTALONG. It was fun and of course we had them parade their quilt tops out along the downtown square.


The “Little Light of Mine” quilt was on display at The Old Craft Store in Carrollton, Texas and some of the gals there wanted to do another quilt along, they decided this quilt needed to be the one.. This quilt is perfect for both beginners and experienced quilters. The pattern features a series of  blocks that come together to form an interesting quilt that is much easier than it looks. I am not saying this is a quick project but I will share some cutting and sewing tips along the way that make this a mindless, therapeutic project.

Why Participate?

Participating in a Quiltalong is a wonderful way to improve your quilting skills, meet new friends, and create something beautiful. The structured timeline helps keep you on track, and the supportive community ensures you’ll have help whenever you need it. Plus, seeing the diverse interpretations of the same pattern is incredibly inspiring!

Quiltalong Details


You’ll need the “Little Light of Mine” quilt pattern, which can be purchased from The Old Craft Store either online or in-store. Additionally, we’ll provide a detailed list of fabric requirements and other supplies you’ll need to get started.


Join our kick-off party on Saturday, June 29 @ 10:00am. in store. Sign up for the workshop here.

We’ve broken down the quilt construction into manageable weekly segments. Each week, we’ll focus on a different part of the quilt, from cutting and piecing to assembly and finishing touches. Here’s a quick overview:

  • Week 1: June 29 10 am- 11:30 Talk fabric, my favorite subject!. Plus I am going to play a little fabric color game. Don’t miss it!
  • Week 2:  July 13 1-4:00pm Cutting and organizing your strips for fast and efficient sewing and the use of a design board. Each week of the workshop their will be a bonus project or creative exercise involved.
  • Week 3:  July 27, 10a-2:00 pm  Squaring up blocks, Show n tell and charts of various sizes for more log cabins fun.
  • Week 4: August 24, 10a-2:00pm Setting and corner triangles and quilting options.

$40.00 for all 4 dates

I am working on a red, white and blue option, but this quilt will be great in any combination. OCS has some fat quarter bundles ready  if you have a hard time choosing.

The Old Craft store will also have their classroom open and available for additional sewing times the following dates separate from my classes. Their staff will be available for help during the Monday sessions.

Monday, July 15, 10a-2:00pm

Monday, July 22, 10a-2:00pm

Monday, July 29, 10a-2:00pm

Monday, August 5, 10a-2:00pm

Monday, August 12, 10a-2:00pm

Monday, August 19, 10a-2:00pm

Monday, August 26, 10a-2:00pm

Saturday, August 31, 10a-2:00pm

How to Join

Joining the Quiltalong is simple:

  1. Purchase the Pattern: Get your copy of the “Little Light of Mine” quilt pattern from The Old Craft Store or as a download here..
  2. Gather Your Supplies: Make sure you have all the necessary fabrics and tools.
  3. Sign Up: Register for the Quiltalong by calling the Old Craft Store, 214-242-9911
  4. Mark Your Calendar: Be ready to start quilting with us on June 29th

If you can’t join us in person, leave me a comment and I will see about doing an online QAL soon!

Happy quilting!


Progress Report

Progress Report

I thought I was the kind of quilter that started a project, finished it and moved on. The majority of the time I am making a project that has a deadline for a trade show, book, blog post for work and more.

Recently, I happen to look up at my design wall and realized I have quite a few things going on. Time to start my progress reports again to keep me in  line.

Moda’s Blockheads

Modalissa Blockheads

Blockheads is a weekly post sharing 6″ and 12″ blocks from various Moda and Ruby Star Society designers. Info is here.

Join the Blockheads Fb group also.

I am making 6″ blocks and am in love how it is coming along. I am so excited and can barely wait to finish this. My setting is from Celebrate with Quilts book, using Susan Ache’s Blueprint design.

Modalissa Blockheads

I am hooked on Camille’s fabric line, Shoreline. I am making and hosting a QAL for Celebrate Quilts sampler quilt. This one is not on my wall, but on display at a local shop.

Moonbeams QAL

Three months in on the Charity QAL that Fat Quarter shop is hosting.  This is a major fund raising project raising money for the Make a Wish foundation – Central and South Texas. The monthly patterns are available as a free download and in turn hopefully you will make a donation to Make a Wish.

I decided to use a Basic Grey Christmas collection with a dark green GRUNGE background. Once completed this quilt will be donated and auctioned for Make A Wish.

Little Light of Mine

I have been working on my pattern line and decided to make some color options for some of them. My THIS LITTLE LIGHT OF MINE pattern was so well received  that I started with this one first.

Available as a download

I can barely sleep, I am so excited to be making this in Red, White and Blue. Have your ever had a project that keeps you up at night in a good way? This one is certainly doing it . A local store wants to have a QAL using this pattern so I will probably do a few more mock ups before this happens. Any  color suggestions?


Modalissa Pattern

My Scrap pile and orphan blocks will be joined together and will turned into zipper bags. I am obsessed and you can never have too many bags on hand. Gifts, birthdays and just because are all perfect reasons to gift someone a zipper bag whether your put anything in it or let them fill it with their choice of goodies.

I will keep making progress on these knowing that a couple of the QAL’s will take the rest of the year to finish up. I will have some zipper bags completed which is always instant gratification.

Stay tuned. I will share updates and any new projects that get added to the list.
Check out the Modalissa pattern line, here.

I am also getting a wild hare that I need to clean my sewing room cabinets. Could be trouble!



Moda Blockheads-Spinning Star

Moda’s Blockheads

Are you following along on Moda’s weekly block series? Blockheads 5? Today is my day to share a quilt block pattern.

I choose a block that was inspired by an antique Americana quilt. I somehow rembered this block in my mind and just jumped in to create it. I made several different versions and finally decided on this one.

Spinning Star

This block is certainly a skill builder. Anything that has eight points all coming together could be problematic. Moda made a video with tips and tricks and here is the link.


Spinning star is assembled in 4 identical quarters as shown above. The star part is cut the same but it is directional once you sew the outer triangles on it so be careful…. ask me how I know!!

To test the pattern and the blocks I basically have started a completely new quilt, yes it is going to be red white and blue, more on that to come.

Here is my 6″ version of Spinning Star for my color way.

I also wanted to just share some pics here and the progress of my blockheads quilt. I am loving it so much that I will have a hard time waiting to the end to finish. Are you feeling the same?

I am in love how my Blockheads quilt is coming along.

I am so excited and can barely wait to finish this. It is my version of scrappy and has bits and pieces from 4 different collections from Camille Roskelley mixed with some other low volume prints. My setting is from Celebrate with Quilts book, using Susan Ache’s Blueprint design.

Modalissa Blockheads

I don’t know if I can wait all the way until the end of the blockheads series to finish this. I get a little impatient. I will keep at it and continue to share my progress. How are you doing on your version?




Piece and Quilt Sampler- month 2

We are back again with month 2 of the Piece and and Quilt Sampler project.

Last month we made one block that consisted of 12- 3″ blocks surrounding a 6″ block. It was lots of little fiddly sewing so pat yourself on the back and get ready for month 2.

12- 3″ blocks for month one.
Shoreline by Camille Roskelley. Aren’t these fabrics yummy?!
Breakdown of what blocks to make each month

These blocks hold go together fairly quickly. Have fun with the layout and mix it up some if you want. I love squinting at the block below. The navy triangles float off the edges and the square on point adds an interesting movement.


I cannot get enough of this fabric. I am making this sampler and also my  Moda blockheads5 quilt using the whites, light blues and greens.

Be sure and visit the following people as they sew along also.

to download the worksheets and details for this QAL, click here.

Enjoy and be sure and PIECE and Celebrate everyday.


Oh Scrap

Oh Scrap was my first published book in 2018. It had never been my dream to write a quilt book, but I was intrigued at the process. I like to learn and I am always up for a challenge.

And a challenge this was. In 2016,  I was experiencing massive headaches, which eventually caused a seizure. While in the hospital, they discovered I had a subdural hematoma. I am getting to the part about the quilt book but need to fill you in on the back story. After many more seizures, the doctors got a handle on those and I went home. Headaches continued, back in the hospital and had a right craniotomy on March 16th, 2016.

Brain surgery – Egads!!

Because of the seizures I could not drive for several months, state law. I was just sure that my brilliant doctors had now created Izzy 2.0 and my brain was going to be bionic. I imagined myself as the bionic woman, I can do anything after all of this.

While off work during this time, I decided I could/would tackle a quilt book. So it began. I kept a file folder on my desk, titled Oh Crap.

Is anyone going to like this?

Why am I second guessing myself, after all I am the bionic woman.

Once the quilts were completed and projects were sent in, I told me editor of my Oh Crap folder and that is actually where the name of the book came from, Oh Scrap.  This book was a solo book and then I went on to do 3 more books that were collaborative books with various Moda designers and other friends in the quilting industry. I have written about this book before, so for more details, pictures and more check here, here and here.

Writing a quilting book is no small feat. It begins with an idea, a spark of inspiration that blossoms into a collection of designs, patterns, and stories. Authors pour their hearts and souls into the creative process, testing and refining each pattern, selecting fabrics, and weaving narratives that resonate with fellow quilting enthusiasts. The journey involves countless hours of stitching, experimenting, and revising until the vision is realized on the pages of the book. I have such a great appreciation of my friends and fellow authors.

Oh Scrap

Fast forward a few years and I received a call from my editor about the future of Martingale Publishing.

Martingale Publishing, a renowned name in the quilting book industry, played a pivotal role in bringing quilting inspiration to homes worldwide. Known for its commitment to quality content and being an employee-owned company, Martingale fostered a sense of community and collaboration within its ranks. The decision to close its doors came as a surprise to many in the quilting world.

The closure of Martingale Publishing marked the end of an era for myself and quilting enthusiasts. As an employee-owned company, the decision to close must have been a difficult one. While the specifics of the closure may not be fully known, it serves as a reminder of the challenges faced by even well-established entities in the ever-evolving publishing landscape.

Writing a quilting book is a laborious yet fulfilling endeavor, culminating in a tangible representation of one’s passion for the craft. “Oh Scrap” and the closing of Martingale Publishing remind us of the ever-changing landscape of the quilting world. As the quilting community adapts to new opportunities and challenges, the legacy of creativity and camaraderie will continue to thrive, stitching together a vibrant tapestry of shared experiences.

Authors were given the opportunity to own all of their books and the assets included with that. This is a very important story to tell. It is a bit complex and while the quilt designs are my own, the text, photography and illustrations are not. Martingale could have very easily sold this off to the highest bidder with no regards to how the books would be stripped apart, reused and repurposed with no acknowledgement of the original creator.  Yes this has happened before with other publishers and it was not pretty.

I am proud to own all of the assets of my books. While I will always direct purchases to mom and pop quilt stores, many of my books are no longer available. I am in the process of creating individual patterns and as that is happening, I have partnered with Fat Quarter Shop to sell my books as downloads. To purchase Oh Scrap, click here.

This is very exciting especially for international quilters who often had to pay way to much for printed books.

I cannot thank my life-long friends from Martingale enough for believing in me and teaching me so much.



We are a month into 2024. I don’t usually make resolutions. I don’t pick a word for the year.

But I have done something quilty each year. The majority of the things listed below are very predictable for me but I did concentrate an entire year on each. This all started several years ago with my self proclaimed, Year of the DOT, polka dot. I put a polka dot fabric on the back of every quilt I made that year. I am still a huge fan of using dots wherever I can.

the year of the polka-dots

The next year was the year of WOVENS. Each of my quilts had a plaid/woven fabric for the back. I loved how my quilts felt. The quilts seem to just drape a little differently since most ovens are a bit more lightweight that their print counterparts. Adding the geometric plaids on the back was such a nice surprise when you flipped over the quilt.

The next year was BIAS STRIPED BINDINGS. I collect stripes so I always have something for a binding. I know all of this is silly, but it is a fun game. Did I date and of these quilts? NO. Did I document them? NO. I guess if I pulled all of my quilts made within the last 7 or 8 years I could figure some of the timeline out.


This one I am embarrassed about. My goal was to put a label on all my quilts. This is so important and I should ABSOLUTELY do this.  But I didn’t! Maggi Honeyman of @sewmaggi quilts the majority of my quilts and she always stitches my name somewhere in the quilt. I have considered this a label but I need to do better. Thank you Maggi!

On year 5, I thought it would be great to add a sleeve to the back of each of my quilts. A sleeve is a casing on the top back of the quilt and is usually used to hang the quilts. I didn’t make it through the year on this one. Epic fail in fact. Really who needs sleeves, you most likely are not going to hang quilts on every wall as if they are wallpaper. Fast forward to today, right now! I have entered 3 quilts in the Dallas Quilt Show and yep, they all need sleeves added.

Year 6, PIECED BACKS! This is my fav and I still try to do this as much as I can. I highly suggest trying this for several reasons.

  • Pieced backs use up lots of scraps.
  • No need to buy 6 yards of fabric
  • Freedom to create a puzzle of pieces making sure it is oversized for the Longarm.
  • I love flipping the quilt over and the surprise on the back.

Year 7, I decided to play with what was on the inside of the quilts. I do have to say this has been my favorite thing to do, only second to pieced backs.  I tried different batting, everything from bamboo, cotton, wool or poly/cotton. Each of them quilted up differently. The wool had so much great texture that the stitching disappeared into the quilt and seemed to make the fabric pop. Other than living in Texas I would use wool more. I use black batting for dark quilts and I used white batting for quilts with lots of light or low volume backgrounds or even white solid backgrounds. I could not believe the difference this made in the color of the batting not discoloring the whites.

Does that make sense? The majority of battings are cream in color. If you use a cream batting in a white quilt, it will slightly discolor the white. I also tried flannel for batting and it is my very very favorite. The quilt is thin but dense, and drapes every curve of your body. Wide flannel is hard to come by so when I see it I buy it. Lisa Bongean of Primitive Gatherings has a 108″ flannel coming out in solids. Moda’s flannels are actually cotton fabric so the construction is a tad different from actual flannel fabrics. Moda’s flannels are then double brushed ( brushed on each side)  so this makes them perfect for quilt back or batting!! As soon as Lisa’s fabric- Farmhouse Flannels get here, I will be buying bolts just for battings!!

So for this year I am tackling journalling each quilt. The saying every quilt tells a story is true so I am logging the info, details and any happenings along the way. Plus I am getting way too old too remember this stuff.


Hugs and Kisses

Hugs and Kisses, X’s and O’s just another reason to start a quilt. What is it about Valentine’s Day that makes me want to start another quilt? Duh, as I type this I realize what a silly question that is. I always want to start anther quilt regardless of the day.I am knee deep in Quilt-Alongs, Moda Blockhead’s, samples for work and a few overdue baby gifts but I stumbled on my block from the Blockheads 3 series and remembered I had always wanted to make this as an overall quilt.



I was going to go scrappy at first, because that is usually what I do, then I was all in to some simple Bella Solids, but game time decision and I ended up going with Moda Crossweaves. Crossweaves are a woven fabricant has the slightest bit of texture. It is a lightweight dreamy feel. This is where I wish blogs could have touch and feel ability. The end result will be a lightweight, drapey feel. I am using Crossweave Cherry 12216 14, Carnation 12216 15, and Off White 12216 34 for corner squares and border.

I starched my fabrics since these are woven and can ravel a bit with excessive use. I also used the June Tailor Quarter Cut ruler to submit my 1 1/2″ corner squares. Shown above is 2 strips 44″, then folded in fourths. I was able to accurately cut 56 squares in about 15 seconds. Using the quarter cut ruler helped make sure my squares stayed square and I didn’t slip and slide any when cutting. Click the link for a video on how this ruler is a must have.

Sorry for the blurry pic, but wanted to share this great seam guide tape by Primitive Gatherings. It has several markings for guides and eliminates the need to draw lines on your fabric.

The rest is mindless repetitive sewing. Add a corner square to opposite sides of the reds and pinks. Trim and Press.

Then depending on how you sew the sections together you get either an X block or an O block. Join 4 together to make a block.

The blocks shown here are the 8″ blocks on the instructions. (the X is 4″and the O is 4″) The instructions have several size options so be sure and follow the 8″ block cutting info.

If you are making an overall quilt, this can be assembled in rows but I am going to make blocks and then join those, so it is not so fiddly to match seams.

Here is my plan and the instructions to make the block.

8″ blocks

6 across x 8 down

6″ borders

to download the instructions, click here.

A random bit of research on where the X and O symbolism came from…. the X symbolizes a kiss, often traced back to medieval times when illiterate individuals would sign documents with an X and then kiss it as a display of sincerity. The dual meaning of X’s and O’s – the X representing a kiss and the O symbolizing a hug. These symbols have become a sweet and simple way to express affection, whether in written form or as physical gestures. In the digital age, the XOXO continues to be an abbreviated text message of love.

Sending you hugs and kisses or XO XO. Now back to sewing my blocks.

Enjoy!- Modalissa


Blockheads Update

New Year, New Projects or in this case a continuation of last year’s Blockheads 5. Each blockheads series I struggle with what my setting is going to be. While I think I am one of those go with the flow kind of gals, I know I suffer from paralysis from analysis.  Knowing what the layout is, does influence the fabrics you are using in your blocks or at least the color placement.

Do you struggle from this also?

This is the newest block to start 2024 off with a bang. The block is from Sherri McConnell of A Quilting Life.

This block is also by Sherri Mc Connell (round 1).  I made the 6″ block inside of the 12″ block. Squint at it. I see a secondary design and think once it is quilted, it will show the design more.

All of the block blocks can be found here on Moda Fabrics website/blog.

I have made some of the blocks as 12″ versions but now that I know what my setting is going to be I am making all 6″ blocks.

I started my project with Nantucket fabrics by Camille Roskelley, mixed in some greens and lights from her current line Lighthearted and will be adding Shoreline which will be in stores later this spring.

We have a weekly Facebook group for Blockheads. If you have not joined the group, please do.

Moda Blockheads Facebook Group:   / 253867175058745 

I decided to  use the  BLUEPRINT quilt by Susan Ache as inspiration for my setting. I am using 6″ blockheads blocks and larger filler blocks from the Celebrate with Quilts book. I did a quick video showing the book and the status of my progress on Blockheads.

So far the quilt has a soft and vintage feel.  I can’t wait to finish it.

For a complete resource guide for everything Blockheads, visit here.


I love this quilt so much!

Experiment with color placement, combine different fabrics and colors, and let the quilt tell its own story. I am dying to do this in Christmas fabrics with darks in the middle.


So fun!!

Light fabrics are not normally fabrics that you gravitate to buy. It is so much easier to be attracted to color and print when shopping. Think of lights like milk and bread. You always need them and buy good ones when you see them. They are timeless and don’t expire like milk and bread.

Christmas Connections

Nothing better than a new Christmas magazine arriving in October, This gives me plenty of time to drool over the designs and actually get one made before the holidays. I think I am going to tackle the cover quilt from Lisa Bongean and Alysha Haran. The quilt is made using 2 1/2″ jelly roll strips so it should be fast to jump on in. Fingers crossed.

the 3 images shown here are Used with permission from American Patchwork & Quilting® magazine.
©2023 Meredith Operations Corporation. All rights reserved.

The magazine has lots of great quilts/projects including projects from Wendy Sheppard, Annette Plog, Katie Hennagir, Jerome Thomas,  and ME!! Yes the quilt shown here is mine. I am in love with how the team at APQ styled and photographed the quilt. Here in Texas with the temperature still  close to 100, I can’t help but dream of such a delightful scene with ice skaters in the background.

There is also a great feature about Amanda Niederhauser, her home and studio.

Ask for American Patchwork and Quilting, December issue on news stands October 6th, 2023.