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Time for another Quiltalong



One of the good things that came from Covid is the Quiltalong which kept us busy once we had finished making masks.  We could hop online and join like minded quilters quilting along and sharing our project online. Recently some of the customers at the Old Craft Store joined me in an IN PERSON QUILTALONG. It was fun and of course we had them parade their quilt tops out along the downtown square.


The “Little Light of Mine” quilt was on display at The Old Craft Store in Carrollton, Texas and some of the gals there wanted to do another quilt along, they decided this quilt needed to be the one.. This quilt is perfect for both beginners and experienced quilters. The pattern features a series of  blocks that come together to form an interesting quilt that is much easier than it looks. I am not saying this is a quick project but I will share some cutting and sewing tips along the way that make this a mindless, therapeutic project.

Why Participate?

Participating in a Quiltalong is a wonderful way to improve your quilting skills, meet new friends, and create something beautiful. The structured timeline helps keep you on track, and the supportive community ensures you’ll have help whenever you need it. Plus, seeing the diverse interpretations of the same pattern is incredibly inspiring!

Quiltalong Details


You’ll need the “Little Light of Mine” quilt pattern, which can be purchased from The Old Craft Store either online or in-store. Additionally, we’ll provide a detailed list of fabric requirements and other supplies you’ll need to get started.


Join our kick-off party on Saturday, June 29 @ 10:00am. in store. Sign up for the workshop here.

We’ve broken down the quilt construction into manageable weekly segments. Each week, we’ll focus on a different part of the quilt, from cutting and piecing to assembly and finishing touches. Here’s a quick overview:

  • Week 1: June 29 10 am- 11:30 Talk fabric, my favorite subject!. Plus I am going to play a little fabric color game. Don’t miss it!
  • Week 2:  July 13 1-4:00pm Cutting and organizing your strips for fast and efficient sewing and the use of a design board. Each week of the workshop their will be a bonus project or creative exercise involved.
  • Week 3:  July 27, 10a-2:00 pm  Squaring up blocks, Show n tell and charts of various sizes for more log cabins fun.
  • Week 4: August 24, 10a-2:00pm Setting and corner triangles and quilting options.

$40.00 for all 4 dates

I am working on a red, white and blue option, but this quilt will be great in any combination. OCS has some fat quarter bundles ready  if you have a hard time choosing.

The Old Craft store will also have their classroom open and available for additional sewing times the following dates separate from my classes. Their staff will be available for help during the Monday sessions.

Monday, July 15, 10a-2:00pm

Monday, July 22, 10a-2:00pm

Monday, July 29, 10a-2:00pm

Monday, August 5, 10a-2:00pm

Monday, August 12, 10a-2:00pm

Monday, August 19, 10a-2:00pm

Monday, August 26, 10a-2:00pm

Saturday, August 31, 10a-2:00pm

How to Join

Joining the Quiltalong is simple:

  1. Purchase the Pattern: Get your copy of the “Little Light of Mine” quilt pattern from The Old Craft Store or as a download here..
  2. Gather Your Supplies: Make sure you have all the necessary fabrics and tools.
  3. Sign Up: Register for the Quiltalong by calling the Old Craft Store, 214-242-9911
  4. Mark Your Calendar: Be ready to start quilting with us on June 29th

If you can’t join us in person, leave me a comment and I will see about doing an online QAL soon!

Happy quilting!


Scrappy Celebration QAL-update


I can’t believe the Scrappy Celebration QAL is almost over. It is like putting together a puzzle and getting down to the final pieces. Happy but sad and what to do next. Thought I would share some of the pics from both color options of my quilts here.

My original quilt is the perfect combination of summer sherbet colors, but for the QAL I remade the quilt with Red, White and Blues.

I thoroughly enjoyed picking out fabrics each week for blocks.

Keeping a pile of my bits and pieces so I could pull some of the sizes I needed for other blocks came in handy. I do have leftovers and may have to make something from all these pieces.


I had been holding on to a bolt of Bonnie and Camille dots from Bliss and knew I had to use this for the backing. Then I dug through all of the leftover bias bits and thought I would funk it up some by adding some yellow to my red white and blue version. Will show the finished quilt soon.


You can follow along on Moda’s Blog for each weeks post.

Thank you to Electric Quilt Company for creating fun quilt design software that started this whole  project.

Get the Quilt-Along Pattern



Scrappy Celebration QAL

Time flies! I can’t believe it has been 10 years since I did a quilt-along with American Patchwork and Quilting for their 20th anniversary.
Fast forward to their 30th anniversary and I am honored and proud
to be featured….on the cover…
APQ April 2023 Cover

I am a newbie to using the quilt design software, Electric Quilt. To play with this I started adding a variety of nine patches, four patches and any similar block. I fell in love with the mathematic look of the quilt and knew I just had to make it.

All images in this blog post are used with permission from American Patchwork & Quilting magazine . Meredith Operations Corporation. All rights reserved.

Let’s skip to the good part. American Patchwork and Quilting is featuring my quilt as one of their 2023 QAL and they have a Facebook group you can join to play along. I am going to make another version of this quilt during this QAL using red, white and blues with my collection of Minick Simpson fabrics.

If you want to join in, the details are included below.

Pattern Details

Finished quilt: 63-1/2×72-1/2″

 For this quilt, you’ll need:

  • 1-1/8 yard total assorted pink prints
  • 2-3/4 yards total assorted white prints
  • 1/2 yard total assorted red and dark pink prints
  • 3/4 yard total assorted green prints
  • 1 yard total assorted orange prints
  • 1 yard total assorted blue prints
  • 7/8 yard total assorted yellow prints
  • 5/8 yard orange-and-white print (binding)
  • 4 yards backing fabric
  • 72×81″ batting

All of the following info is available here also.

Get the Quilt-Along Pattern

Quilt-Along Schedule

The quilt-along runs from February 20-April 16. While there is a recommended sewing schedule (see below), you can also sew at your own pace!

Scrappy Celebration

If you’re posting on Instagram, use the hashtag #APQQuiltalong to share your progress.

I hope you join us as I share more about Electric Quilt and all things 9 patch.

and lastly THANK YOU so much to the talented team at American Patchwork and Quilting. The April issue ( on newsstands now) is full of wonderful projects and a look back over the 10 years. I have drooled over the pages and talented in this issue.


Season of Taste book

 I am joining Jessica Dayon on a book blog hop
for her new book, Seasons to Taste.
I received an advance copy and had a hard time picking which one to make. I choose Sunkissed. I love the yellow and white but
how could I scrap it up some?

 I knew the colors I wanted to use, so I started with scraps from one of my quilts in Sisterhood of Scraps  and combined them with a quilt that will be in Scrap School this Feb. Pulling these fabrics was fun to think about and how different they look with a few added fabrics.

Originally some of the colors I added were a little out of my comfort zone but they added some “clash factor” took on a life of their own.

Even the trimmings look dreamy!

Adding Low Volume for backgrounds and sashing allowed me to do a deep dive into my fabrics and include a huge variety of lights.

And while I was at it I had fun creating a pieced back.
Maggi Honeyman worked her magic on the quilting!

In case you missed it here are the other people on the blog hop.


Seasons to Taste is available now from your favorite book retailer.

Thanks Jessica for inviting me.



Orange Zig Zag by Barbara Brackman

If you have been following along on my Sisterhood of Scraps stories, then you probably know about my love of the color Orange.

One of the Orange quilts that have been on my “MUST MAKE Pinterest Board” is this antique quilt from Barbara Brackman’s quilt collection. I was so excited when she let me include it in the Sisterhood series of books. Then comes along All Hallow’s Eve by Fig Tree and Co, and I became obsessed with the orange’s in this collection, the color is officially named pumpkin. Not too bright or not too orange….just right.
I knew I had found the perfect fabric to remake Barbara’s quilt. Stock # 20354-11 just in case you want to rush to the store to get some.

Photo courtesy of Martingale Publishing, Sisterhood of Scraps, Stock # B1501, Orange Zig Zag

Instead of using the entire collection of All Hallow’s Eve for my quilt, I decided to pull from my scraps.

This is just a sampling of some of the fabrics I pulled, and I added a few brand new ones that are coming soon.

Can you spy any fabrics you have not seen yet?

I  had to use some of the Lollies from Jen Kingwell’s collection. Lollies are an 8 in 1 fabric, and each fabric

measures approx. 5″ wide by the length of the goods. This print was from her Remix collection. When you see stuff like this, you just have to grab it.

Who knows when you are going to need it. I am glad I had it in my stash.

My version of Barbara’s quilt that is in the book was made with the majority of the fabrics

on the darker side from my collection of Lollies.

Picture Compliments of Martingale Publishing, Sisterhood of Scraps, book #B1501, Pot of Gold

So many fabric choices, and since they were all Lollies, I knew they would all match beautifully.

I can’t wait to get started on my orange version.

What is your favorite color?

Stay Tuned.




Friendship Swoon

We recently completed a fun little group project at work.

Everyone that I work with sews, quilts, crochets or crafts except for one gal in the sample room.

So we decided the best way for her to fall in love with quilts was to give her one. We know she already loves fabric. She touches fabric everyday of the week since her job is to cut and assemble the capsets that our salesmen use to introduce new lines of fabric. Each new fabric season, we all talk about our favorite fabric and all the things we want to make.  Aida’s favorite fabric was Manderely by Franny and Jane. Mariza picked out a couple of pieces that Aida would like.

We used the light aqua shown in the block above as our main piece.

Everyone picked out their own fabric choice based on the aqua piece.

We then decided that the Swoon pattern by Thimbleblossoms was the perfect design to make a scrappy quilt.

This is my very favorite picture of Aida.

She was so surprised as we handed her a pillowcase. She did not even know what was inside yet.

But then I decided this was my absolutely undeniably my favorite picture.

Just like a kid in a candy store or

possibly the joy of Christmas morning was quite evident on her face.

The joy of giving  is what quilting is all about.

Here is one last picture of Aida “swooning” over her new Swoon quilt.






Smitten, Smitten, Smitten

smitten-rosebushHave a I rambled enough about how much I love this quilt design? I took it to the rose garden in my neighborhood and thought I would snap a few creative pictures. Not a good idea! The quilt top with exposed seams got caught on every little thorn!

smitten-modalissa-quilttopSo I “artistically” threw it over a bench and loved how the quilt top looked. I was so busy looking at the quilt that I didn’t even realize how cool the brick was until I was about to crop it out of the picture. I had to keep those tessellating Texas shaped bricks in the picture!

I am pleased to say that Smitten is complete and off to the quilter.

The quilt top has been complete for a little while but I wanted to use my leftover bits and pieces to add to my quilt back. Funny story: I showed the back to a friend of mine and she loved it. I said wait until you see the front. Her only comment was I like the back better. Ouch, right? The front is nothing but set in seams! So for that reason I am not showing you the back until it is back from the quilter. Don’t get me wrong, it is cool in a funky, minimalist, modern kind of way!

Thanks for stopping by.


Grey and Yellow

 Here is my stack of fabrics for my next scrappy project. I have been accumulating/hoarding everything I can find in greys and yellows.
I think this color combination first started wit  a piece from
Vanessa Christenson’s Simply Style.
Then came along Baby Jane by Eric and Julie Comstock.
Then  Kate Spain’s newest fabric, Sunnyside has some yummy pieces
in it so I had to add them to my pile.
The stack of fabrics continues to be fermenting so I had to get serious 
and start weeding out the ones I was going to use. 
I like to cut swatches and make my own little inventory list
of fabrics as I collect them.
 Then when it comes time to narrow down the pieces I look at them in grey scale. Nowadays this is much easier to do by just taking a picture of it on your phone and turning it to grey scale. I use to drag myself up to the copy shop and lay it on the copier to make a black and white copy.
If you have trouble with color this is a good exercise to build your color confidence.
 I think color is scary for a lot of people, when that actually is the funniest part
with the fewest actual “rules.”
What is tough to get a grasp on is the difference of what
value and scale will do to your project. 
By looking at the grey scale swatches you take all the color out of the equation. Sometimes we use a fabric just becasue we love the color, yet the scale or pattern ends up sticking out like a sore thumb.
 I ask myself do I have the right mix of small, medium and large prints regardless of the color? 
Looking at the fabrics in grey scale also helps determine if any of your fabric choices are way too dark or way to light.
I tend to gravitate to a certain scale of fabrics so I always have to make sure my choices all look the same. Try this out next time you are choosing fabrics. It is amazing how it helps narrow down your choices while adding visual interest to your fabrics choices.