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Friendship Swoon

We recently completed a fun little group project at work.

Everyone that I work with sews, quilts, crochets or crafts except for one gal in the sample room.

So we decided the best way for her to fall in love with quilts was to give her one. We know she already loves fabric. She touches fabric everyday of the week since her job is to cut and assemble the capsets that our salesmen use to introduce new lines of fabric. Each new fabric season, we all talk about our favorite fabric and all the things we want to make.  Aida’s favorite fabric was Manderely by Franny and Jane. Mariza picked out a couple of pieces that Aida would like.

We used the light aqua shown in the block above as our main piece.

Everyone picked out their own fabric choice based on the aqua piece.

We then decided that the Swoon pattern by Thimbleblossoms was the perfect design to make a scrappy quilt.

This is my very favorite picture of Aida.

She was so surprised as we handed her a pillowcase. She did not even know what was inside yet.

But then I decided this was my absolutely undeniably my favorite picture.

Just like a kid in a candy store or

possibly the joy of Christmas morning was quite evident on her face.

The joy of giving  is what quilting is all about.

Here is one last picture of Aida “swooning” over her new Swoon quilt.






What is Vintage Modern?

What is Vintage Modern?
Wikipedia says the page does not exist.
Couldn’t find it in the Dictionary.
 Did a search in google with results from Miami antique shows to shoes to furniture.
 My daughter in law is designing her home in her head right now and she has
been having a hard time giving a name to the style she wants to achieve.
Sounds like Vintage Modern to me and I was right.
 Just the perfect mix of antique paired with sleek lines and free of clutter. (wait until she has kids!)
I wanted to talk about another Vintage Modern that will possibly end up creating a wikipedia page because of all the buzz. It is the Vintage Modern line by Bonnie and Camille. One of those perks around here is that I had the privilege to touch and even sew this this line  that will be in stores late April/May.
(don’t be mad at me that I am showing you fabric that you cant get yet. Think of it as I am helping you save and budget for when it arrives)
photo courtesy – Camille Roskelly

This is just one of the yummy patterns from Camille using Vintage Modern. The pattern is named, On a Whim. Guess what, I made it for her. I asked her if she had something I could sew with their new line.. She thought I was crazy, but you know how it is when you need a
distraction from all the other things going on.
It was therapy.
So thank you Camille for the therapy, you saved me $$.I have a soft spot for Camille with her growing family and looming deadlines for 4 quilt projects sent into me, during Christmas holidays. Geez, I am surprised she even answers my calls. I remember what it was like with a bunch of rug rats running around. By the way I also offered to watch her kids instead and she did think about that for a split second. I didn’t tell her that my husband ran over Travis when he was 6,
but I will save that story for a different time.I have to enter a disclaimer that I didn’t call Bonnie and ask her for a therapy project. She had just as many projects, as many kids and even grand kids. What was I thinking? Here is one of Bonnie patterns that I could have made. 

photo courtesy of Cotton Way

 Then I found this project that I can combine by scraps of
Bliss, Ruby and Vintage Modern over at Film in the Fridge.

OR I wonder if it is to late for me to join
in on the Swoon Along that Katy at I’m a Ginger Monkey is
hosting.  Check out all the color options in the Swoon along flickr group. SO many choices.I just need to jump in and get some sewing therapy. Hope you get in some sewing time this week also. -modalissa