Smitten, Smitten, Smitten

smitten-rosebushHave a I rambled enough about how much I love this quilt design? I took it to the rose garden in my neighborhood and thought I would snap a few creative pictures. Not a good idea! The quilt top with exposed seams got caught on every little thorn!

smitten-modalissa-quilttopSo I “artistically” threw it over a bench and loved how the quilt top looked. I was so busy looking at the quilt that I didn’t even realize how cool the brick was until I was about to crop it out of the picture. I had to keep those tessellating Texas shaped bricks in the picture!

I am pleased to say that Smitten is complete and off to the quilter.

The quilt top has been complete for a little while but I wanted to use my leftover bits and pieces to add to my quilt back. Funny story: I showed the back to a friend of mine and she loved it. I said wait until you see the front. Her only comment was I like the back better. Ouch, right? The front is nothing but set in seams! So for that reason I am not showing you the back until it is back from the quilter. Don’t get me wrong, it is cool in a funky, minimalist, modern kind of way!

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  1. Barbara says:

    I was wondering if this quilt is for sale? They are the colors of Jill’s new home.
    Please let me know. It’s beautiful!
    p.s. Congratulations on your Jill’s engagement!!!

  2. Arden says:

    It’s gorgeous. Did you machine stitch it or hand stitch? I searched and found the pattern which does offer hand piecing (which I would never do)…..thanks..

    • modalissa says:

      I started out hand piecing while on a long trip but I did 95% by machine. The Marti michell templates, set H made it easy to cut out regardless of how you decide to see it together.

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