Season of Taste book

 I am joining Jessica Dayon on a book blog hop
for her new book, Seasons to Taste.
I received an advance copy and had a hard time picking which one to make. I choose Sunkissed. I love the yellow and white but
how could I scrap it up some?

 I knew the colors I wanted to use, so I started with scraps from one of my quilts in Sisterhood of Scraps  and combined them with a quilt that will be in Scrap School this Feb. Pulling these fabrics was fun to think about and how different they look with a few added fabrics.

Originally some of the colors I added were a little out of my comfort zone but they added some “clash factor” took on a life of their own.

Even the trimmings look dreamy!

Adding Low Volume for backgrounds and sashing allowed me to do a deep dive into my fabrics and include a huge variety of lights.

And while I was at it I had fun creating a pieced back.
Maggi Honeyman worked her magic on the quilting!

In case you missed it here are the other people on the blog hop.


Seasons to Taste is available now from your favorite book retailer.

Thanks Jessica for inviting me.




  1. Robby H. says:

    To my eye, this version is the winner. Fortunately, we all get to make our quilts the way we like, but gosh I like this.

  2. Rene says:

    Hi Lissa. WoW so uniquely pretty. BTW – I love your Blog! I have a question that I hope you can answer. I starched (I do the spray it until soaked and hang to dry method) some gray on black Moda crossweave and as it dripped dry the drips were red (and quite a bit) and the fabric dried to have a purple tint and lost it pretty silver gray look. I am not a prewasher. This is my first use of the crossweave and I was really surprise by the total change in the fabric’s color after being starched. I know a lot of quilters are loving the crossweave and I have found no mention of it bleeding red or changing color. Since starching it I have not washed it .. I guess that is what’s next. Have you had this issue with the Moda crossweave? Thanks, Rene’

    • modalissa says:

      I will check in with the design department and see if they have heard anything like this. I do know that ovens which is the process that Crossweaves are created do not go through a final finishing step. In case the design crew needs more info can I give them your email?

      • rene says:

        Yes, please do. thank you Lissa.
        I thought I replied last week, but I don’t see my reply (maybe replies don’t show) so at the risk of a double reply …. I have replied again. sorry if this is redundant.

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