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gobble, gobble,gobble

Happy Thanksgiving to all. It is a tradition in our family to call everyone we know and say Gobble, Gobble, Gobble and hang up. This usually goes on for hours ….So consider this posting an official Gobble.

While cooking Thanksgiving dinner for 30 people, I am also packing for a quick overseas trip to Madrid, Spain. Below is some of the stuff I am throwing in my carry on.(except the Sonic drink). I have cut assorted 3 sisters charm packs into 2 1/2″ squares so they are ready to pick up and go. The greatest thing ever is the Clover Needle threader. Not only does it thread the needle for you but it also has a threader cutter built in……..perfect for travel on a bumpy, dark airplane.

One note of randomness-I use to hide my cash in my makeup bag. With 4 four boys my cash was always safe there. Then one day my daughter snooped and found it so the secret was out. The reason I tell you this story is when I pulled out this project, the small sewing bag still had some loose cash in it. I guess I now have a new cash stash place. None of my kids will ever go snooping through my sewing stuff.

Here is the stack I made while working on Cornbread! Queen of multi- tasking!I learned the technique form the gals at Cotton & Chocolate in California. Thier technique is very quick and easy. I am sewing them together by machine. ( yes I know that is not how you are supposed to do it!- but I do want to finish in this lifetime!) I am sewing the hexagons into rows instead of the traditional flower pattern. More on that to follow. (love the thimble- favorite color -Red)

Happy Thanksgiving to all,