Hello to all,

Monday is my day for the progressive dinner. I am busy cooking,sewing and cleaning my house. That is usually what I am doing anyhow but I don’t take pictures of the chaos.
Thought I would share this exercise for you to do until you visit me on Monday.

There are four unusual dates this year. 1-1-11, 1-11-11,11-1-11, and 11-11-11. Now take the last two digits of your birth year and add to the age you will be this year….

What is your answer? I got all ones in my answer. No I did not say how old I will be this year.



  1. Kim Walus says:

    Crazy how that works! Dinner has been really fun today at my house. Thanks again for inviting me to the party! I look forward to coming by your house on Monday. See you then.

  2. kathleen says:

    wow – my daughter has always loved the # 11 – this is her year! Well every day and every year is hers – she 's a dear for sure. 111 is my answer – sooo cool. I've had fun with the 11 # so far this year. see ya tomorrow! Moda's the best!

  3. kathleen says:

    oh and yes, when I come to dinner tomorrow at your place, i'll tell you about my quilting friend that was here yesterday and took measurements to have her hubby build her a quilt ladder (like the one I copied from your idea years ago). Just one of your many great ideas – thanks for sharing!

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