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Here is a list of 20 questions from the moda designers pillow talk blog hop. Just in case you did not read all the posts, here is a link to each of them in no particular order. Cotton Way, Thimbleblossoms, Fig Tree Quilts, Laundry Basket Quilts, Deb Strain, Sandy Gervais, Barbara Brackman, Jan Patek, Kate Spain, Kathy Schmitz, Bunny Hill Designs, Aneela Hoey, Blackbird Designs, Me and My Sister,
I believe the  comments are closed on many of the posts but still stop by and follow them, add them to your blog roll, add them to twitter or whatever makes you remember to check out this talented group of ladies on a regular basis.
Yes I am going to give a prize to the winner, BUT I am not going to tell you what it is. You will have to trust me and want it really bad. 

1.How many years has Bonnie from Cotton Way been in business?
2. What designers binds quilts to relax and unwind?
3. What button covering tool did Joanna use to make her pillow?
4. Who is the newest designer to the moda family?

5. Who would like to have a pillow fight with Heath Ledger?
6. What designer has started attending ZUMBA classes?

 7. Who is this designer with the stuffed animal she slept with as a child?
8. Who has a masters in Theology?
9. Name 2 designers that did not “sew” a pillow? They used other mediums to make it happen.
10. Name 2 designers that hand paint all of their fabrics, including all the coordinates? (this is a trick question because their are more than 2 correct answers)
11. Who gave away a quilt on their pillow talk post? Did you miss a chance at this one?
12. What designer folded patterns for her mom and is now helping her mom create the patterns?
13. Name a mother daughter teams? EASY, there are several to choose from.
14. Who has the newest blog? There can be 2 answers here also.
15. Who has painted a picture a day for all 22 days?
16. Who gave away an Oliso iron as a prize?
17. How many “new friends(blogs)” did you make on the blog hop?
18. Tell us one little known fact about yourself.
19. Whose pillow post spanned 2 days? She stated, “I’m never able to follow the rules correctly. I accept my personality disorder and hope you will too.”
20.Thank you to all the designers for letting us get to know them a little bit better.
The final question……..Who’s the greatest? (answer- the moda designers)
drawing for final prize will be Feb 28th
Not all designers were able to participate in this blog hop. To see the entire list of moda designers, visit moda’s website.
GUESS WHAT? Debbie answered all the questions so everyone else save your brain power and leave a comment. you will still be eligible for a prize.
(send me your shipping information)
A box of treasures, including a large assortment of charms from my collection, auriful threads, spinning star papers, omnigrid ruler, notepad, chocoalets and candy.
BUT …..I know the questions were hard and you told me so.
SO… I have drawn a total of 20 names. Send me your info by March 6th.
Stacey- for being the first to comment I have a goody for you. Send me your info.
and Nicole from Fulton, MS
and Stitched with Prayer
and Judith Hogan
and Wanda Fish
and Deb from Mountain Musings
and Sharrieboberry (love that name)
and Cyn from Central Maryland
and Becky from Lilburn Georgia
and Wendy from Florence Montana
and Miss Jean from Central California
and Laura T from Redmond, Wa.
and Punkie Pie from Scotland CT
and Dorian from Far North California
and Kris gray
and slfranks4
and james and bess from Kentucky
Debra from MD
jen from Roseville CA
Don’t forget March 6th, I am shipping on March 7th
and thank you again to everyone for choosing moda.


  1. kathleen says:

    1. bonnie 21 years in business
    2. Aneela Hoey, (I didn't find another one)(you asked for designerS)
    3. I-top button tool
    4. Newest – designer – Lisa Bongean
    5. Alma Allen – Blackbird Designs
    6. Camille Roskelley – Zumba
    7. Laurie Simpson – stuffed animal picture
    8. Joanna Figueroa – masters in Theology
    9. Barbara Brackman & Deb Strain – no-sew
    10. Sandy Gervais & Deb Strain – paint designs
    11. Me & My Sister – quilt giveaway
    12. Lisa of Sweetwater – fold and design patterns
    13. Sweetwater & Lauren & Jessi Jung – mother/daughter teams
    14. Aneela Hoey has new blog
    15. Sandy Gervais paints
    16. Anne Sutton – Oliso iron
    17. 13 new blogs!
    18. I can twirl a baton & play an accordian.
    19. Blackbird Designs /Alma Allen 2 day post
    20. Moda is THE BEST ! GREATEST! MOST FUN!

  2. daisy says:

    thanks Lissa – it really has been great and thanks heaps to Sandy Gervais for those gorgeous daily paintings – my answers to the questions follow – hope I was paying attention (we'll soon see !)
    1. 21 years
    2. Aneela Hoey
    3. i-TOP
    4. Lisa Bongean
    5. Alma Allen
    6. Camile Roskelley
    7. Laurie Simpson
    8. Joanna Figueroa
    9. Barbara Brackman and Lynne Hagmeier
    10. Sandy Gervais and Deb Strain
    11. Me and my sister designs
    12. Lisa Burnett
    13. Bonnie and Camille, Sweetwater girls, Lauren and Jessie Jung
    14. Laundry Basket Quilts and Deb Strain
    15. Sandy Gervais (and the cutest paintings ever!)
    16. Anne Sutton
    17. 22 new friends !
    18. I have been spending way too much time checking out the Moda Designer blogs when I should be working !
    19. Alma Allen
    20. Thanks so much Moda Designers – you’re the best
    21. DEFINITELY the greatest

  3. Sue says:

    Yay a Moda give away! You made me work for this one, then when I came back, I see I didn't have to do all that work! Hahaha! Anyway, I learned a lot about your designers and found a few more to folllow.

    1. 21
    2. Aneela Hoey
    3. i-TOP
    4. Lisa Bongean
    5. Alma Allen
    6. Camille Roskelley
    7. Laurie Simpson @ Minick and Simpson
    8. Joanna Figueroa
    9. Barbara Brackman and Laundry Baskets?
    10. Sandy Gervais and Deb Strain
    11. Barb and Mary at Me and My Sister Designs
    12. Lisa @ Sweetwater Designs
    13. Lauren and Jessi Jung
    14. Laundry Baskets
    15. Sandy Gervais
    16. Anne Sutton
    17. Found a few that I want to follow
    18. I want to sew all day long.
    19 Alma Allen
    20. Yay! Moda Designers! Yay!

  4. sarahquilts says:

    Thank you for creating the pillow blog hop! I had not really discovered the world of quilting related blogs- WOW, what an amazing, inspiring, entertaining and colorful world it is. I've bookmarked many wonderful places, linked to many others from the moda designers blogs and have had a fabulous time this month learning about everything. So, thank you again for "opening my computer eyes" wide.

  5. bulblight says:

    1. 21
    2. Aneela Hoey
    3. i-TOP
    4. Lisa Bongean
    5. Alma Allen
    6. Camille Roskelley
    7. Laurie Simpson @ Minick and Simpson
    8. Joanna Figueroa
    9. Barbara Brackman and Laundry Baskets?
    10. Sandy Gervais and Deb Strain
    11. Barb and Mary at Me and My Sister Designs
    12. Lisa @ Sweetwater Designs
    13. Lauren and Jessi Jung
    14. Laundry Baskets
    15. Sandy Gervais
    16. Anne Sutton
    17. 5
    18. I ran a marathon
    19. Alma Allen

    thanks for the fun 20 questions. I enjoyed checking out all these (new to me) blogs!!

  6. jackie says:

    1 Twenty one
    2 Anneela Hoey
    3 I top
    4 Primitive Gatherings
    5 Alma from Blackbird Designs
    6 Camille
    7 Laurie Simpson
    8 Joanna Figueroa
    9 Barbara Brackman, Edyta Sitar
    10 Sandy Gervais, Deb Strain
    11 Me and my sister
    12 Lisa from Sweetwater
    13 Lauren & Jessi Jung, Bonnie & Camille
    14 Deb Strain, Edyta Sitar
    15 Sandy Gervais
    16 Ann Sutton
    17 I signed up for every blog that I could
    18 I married the guy I had a crush on as a young girl
    19 Thank You!
    20 Moda designers!

  7. Kim says:

    I won't answer the questions but as I read through them I remembered a lot more of the answers without having to look than I thought I would…….I really enjoyed meeting all the designers and have a much deeper appreciation for all that goes into their fabric lines….what a truly talented group!
    I just want to thank them all for making quilting so much more fun with their work in the world and wish them all continued success.

    Happy Sewing

  8. SarahB says:

    Debbie – thanks for letting me save my brainpower and answering all the questions! My memory isn't what it used to be! 🙂

    Lissa, the pillow talk blog hop was such a fun idea! Thanks to all the designers for participating!

  9. debbie says:

    Good morning! Can't wait until tomorrow! 🙂
    Thanks for all of the nice comments, I was so happy to have answered them all correctly!
    Don't you all miss the Pillow Talk already? We loved it Lissa ~ thanks!
    Debbie 🙂

  10. Marcia W. says:

    Thanks go to Debbie for posting the answers. My answers are "ditto" to hers. Thank you Moda for an enjoyable pillow hop to meet some of your fabulous designers. Thank you to all the fabulous Moda designers for letting me learn more about them and their work. Finally, thanks modalissa for the prize that I want to win in this last giveaway for the pillow hop. Please enter me into the drawing.

  11. IMAN says:

    Hope i still have a chance..

    1. 21 years
    2. Aneela Hoey
    3. i-TOP
    4. Lisa Bongean of Primitive Gatherings
    5. Alma Allen from Blackbird Designs
    6. Camille Roskelley of Thimble Blossom
    7. Laurie Simpson
    8. Joanna Figueroa
    9. Barbara Brackman (photoshop) &
    10. Deb Strain and Sandy Gervais
    11. Me & My Sister Designs (but sadly i did not win it :P)
    12. Lisa of Sweetwater
    13. Bonnie and Camille/ lauren & Jessie jung/ Karla, Susan & Lisa of sweetwater
    14. Edyta Sitar (Laundry Basket Quilts)
    15. Sandy Gervais
    16. Anne Sutton of Bunny Hill Designs
    17. i managed to follow all the blogs partipated in the bloghop..yeay! although some are quite late
    18. i have 14 siblings 🙂
    19. Alma Allen of blackbird designs
    20. All MODA designers are the greatest! Among them, my personal favourite goes to oanna Figuera.and you Lissa for coming up with this fabulous idea.

  12. tamidug says:

    This Pillow Hop was so much fun. Great to read about all of the designers and find out a little something about them! I guess I do not need to answer all of the questions because someone else already did that hard work, but I would sure love to win something!
    Thanks for a fun time!

  13. debbie says:

    Awww, thought I finally won something! Oh well, it was alot of fun anyway! Thanks for sharing all of your great designers! Congrats to all of the winners!
    Debbie 🙂

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