modalissa or mona lisa

Identity Crisis
 Yes! I do work for the perfect company, have the perfect job, and the perfect blog title.
But I do want to let you know it did not all start at moda.
Did you take creative writing or speech classes? Well I took both.  Standing up in front of a group is a nightmare for myself as well as probably 80% of the US population. My nightmare probably also had a lot to do with that I was 5′ 7″ by seventh grade. (yes all the boys were shorter than me well into my last years of high school, but I will save those issues for another time)
This is one of my favorite group class pictures. I could have been the teacher if I was not wearing that oh so stylish hat.(Thanks mom)
 Guess which one I am?
Okay back to creative writing class.
The first day of 7th grade we were given an assignment due the following day.
We were to stand up in front of the class and introduce yourself in a “creative way”.
We could write the “speech” down but no bigger than an index card.
Now this was sometime in the 1970’s and hoping on the Internet was not an option.
I went home and cut out of the Enclcypedia (sorry mom) a picture of the mona Lisa. I cut yellow yarn and glued it to the picture, mounted it to my index card and received an A+ on the
first project for the year. I don’t know if the teacher knew I was quite so “crafty”. I didn’t even to explain why I have two s’s in my name but that did not effect my grade.
I wanted to update my blog header so I asked my friend Holly to help. I think we both said
at the very same time, “How about a paint by number?” We found one on Ebay and
I bought it. Weeks went by. I received a note saying I had a package at the post office from China. Geez Louise!, China? Low and behold it was a mona lisa paint by number kit.

I thought I was buying a paint by number that was already done.
Holly came up with this but she thought Mona Lisa looked a
little to “creepy” as a blonde.
My new blog header will be posted tomorrow so you can see the final results. (thank you Holly)
I hope this explains why I have always been partial to mona lisa and
thought it was a perfect nickname for my perfect job.
I do have a small collection of mona lisa items and
I can’t resist taking pictures of moda lisa anytime I see one.
A shout out to Mrs. Montgomery because I am sure she never knew the “creative writing” project she assigned would stick with me over 30 odd years later.
In my 6th grade speech class, I stood up and did Elsie the cow by bringing a pint of milk. (my initials were LC) I think I may also have weight issues also. MOOO-MONA-LISA


  1. Ok, first off can I confess that when I spotted you at the Houston quilt festival I nudged my best friend and said "there's Moda Lissa!!!" Hope you don't mind getting called by your "stage name"!

  2. April says:

    You are too cute! Alas, I was 5'9" by 7th grade, so I COMPLETELY feel your pain. I even had boys find me after high school and exclaim "I'm FINALLY taller than you!" All the boys used to call me April O'Neil because the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles were BIG at the time. I wasn't such a fan of the nickname, so I let it die. 😉 Cheers to you on your A+!

  3. Sherri says:

    Fun post…even more fun because I have an elementary school class picture of me wearing a bonnet. My Mom said she just made it out of left over fabric from the dress and just intended it for dress-ups, but that I insisted on wearing it in the picture. Isn't it funny how these elementary school things stay with us?!

  4. Jen says:

    I recieved a package from you once (thanks!). I saw the return address, your real one, and immediatley said: That's Moda Lissa! I embarassed myself (luckily no one was around!).

  5. Carrie says:

    It's perfect! I look forward to the new header.

    Though I cannot believe you have a hard time in front of a group as you always come across as a "natural talent" at that sort of thing. 🙂

  6. Wendy says:

    Oh how cool to have this insight! My 6 year old is already over 4 ft tall so I'm guessing she's gonna have a slight height issue herself…self esteem, self esteem 🙂 I really like the Moda Lissa name and think the story behind it makes it all the more special. Thank you for sharing!

  7. Jan PATEK says:

    Hey Lissa – My son Max was the shortest kid (shorter than even all of the girls) in his class until he was a junior in high school. So there's tall problems and short problems. Love your blog. Can't wait to see your new header. What, oh what, will it be? 🙂

  8. Linda says:

    I had the opposite problem! I was always the shortest one in my class and people thought I was younger than I was. (Oh, to have the same problem now!!!!) I am now fully grown and only 5'1 3/4". I just call myself 5'2" and nobody notices the missing 1/4"!

  9. kathleen says:

    Cute , cute, cute! one thing about being tall is that people HAVE to look up to you! Before my dear husband, was my dear husband – we were at my mom and dad's, looking at early school pictures. My soon-to-be husband asked,"Why are you standing up and everybody else is sitting down?" Guess what…I WASN'T standing up – just WAY taller than everyone else! and yes, I still married him!

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