Cooking and the hot summer

When my kids were little I finally learned it was not what I could cook fast that would save me time. It was things that I could cook slow by putting it all in the pot and cooking over low heat. My family ran from baseball games to soccer games to school events and more. I would say pretty much what the typical American family with a house full of rambunctious boys does on a regular basis.

My cooking strategies have changed since I received my panini grill press as a gift from my daughter.

I love it! I cook on it all the time. It is amazing how yummy a grilled cheese sandwich is with those even grill lines. No heating up the kitchen or standing outside waiting for the grill to heat up. Perfect for summer meals.
I am not that creative in the kitchen so I was excited to get the panini press to try a friend’s cookbook.

Even more great is that my niece has a recipe in this book. Just imagine a PB and J panini. Sounds weird but it is yummy.
Here are a few of the other recipes listed on amazon with the cookbook.

Did I also say that my panini maker also gives me time to get back to the sewing machine?

Stay cool!



  1. Linda says:

    All those time savers in the kitchen are wonderful! I still love my crock pot. I can let it go as long as I want while I'm busy with my quilts and it doesn't burn anything!

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