In our area it is back to school time. Setting the alarm, packing lunches, signing forms, carpool, speed zones are just a few of the things that many people are busy with this week.

I saw this old sign for a school zone  and thought it was quite a symbol for us all. Not only for school zones but also just a good symbol for life.
A few more weeks and it will be Labor day, the official end to summer.
2011 is almost over.
I know that is so depressing.
Where does the time go? What happened to SLOW
So I thought I would throw out a challenge for Labor Day to the end of 2011.
I have listed several 25 things.
Feel free to leave a comment and add some things we should all do in this 30 week challenge.
I challenge you to choose one thing each week to slow down and enjoy for yourself!
Walk barefoot in the grass
Spend a day doing nothing except relaxing
Pack your lunch and eat at a park
Get a massage
Go technology free for one day
Get a makeover at a makeup counter
Have Champagne for no reason at all except to celebrate life
Call a friend for lunch
Compliment a stranger
Buy fresh flowers for your home
Ask more questions and talk less
Light Candles
Brag on yourself at least 5 times
Say hello to a stranger
Pretend for one day that you don’t know your age
Smile a lot. Best beauty tip on the market
Random Act of Kindness- possibly to a teacher
Write a note to someone that impresses you. don’t sign it
Donate to a charity
Eat your favorite chocolate
Bubble bath and a good book
Doodle and fill the whole page
Look through old photos
Leave compliments on your bathroom mirror with dry erase pens- for yourself


  1. Lissa, I love this post. There are several things on the list that I have made a habit of my entire life, thanks to some wonderful advice from my dad when I was in elementary school. I always say hello to folks I don't know, it makes me smile and it usually makes them smile too. I know people that because of many of the common dangers lurking out in the 'real world', won't even make eye contact with people in the grocery store for fear of offending someone. How sad is that? Anyway, it is a super list and the only thing I truly can do on it, is 'Skip'…it just doesn't work with a cane, LOL. Hugs…

  2. I'd like to add "be that nutter on the bus" as I have made it a life work to chat to people I've never shared thigh space with before … heh heh

    lovely post … now off to skip barefoot through grass after guzzling champagne at my picnic lunch on way to have a makeover …

  3. Trudi says:

    Great post, some great advice, the doodle and fill the whole page made me lol – I do this in our staff meetings! In fact a few of us compare doodles after for fun! I'll add, take proper English Afternoon Tea! Pure decadence!

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