Finish a Project

My friend Pat Sloan contacted me about ANOTHER ONE of her great projects.
She blogged about a challenge that is basically challenging everyone to finish a project. Well, we all know how great it feels to FINISH because a true sign of being a quilter is that you have more than one project started at any one time.
So can you do it?
Can you finish one of your projects?
IF so, what are you going to do with that project? 
Do you have a quilt just laying around?
Have you made something that may not fit your home decor anymore?
Well of course Pat has an answer for that also. She has teamed up with Victoria Findley Wolfe of Bumblebeans to collect 400 finished quilts for the Basics Shelter that Victoria supports in NYC.

Read about Victoria’s efforts from this past year and the generous people that contributed 300 quilts.
She has also created a flickr page so you can see all the quilts donated.
It continues to amaze me
with the
hearts and generosity
of quilters everywhere.

Thanks to Pat and Victoria for making this happen.
– lissa


  1. Thank you Lissa for the shout out! We are very grateful to anyone who can send a quilt. One quilt makes a world of difference to a family who has nothing when they leave a shelter and go into transitional housing. Thank you , thank you , thank you!

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