Today I am Rich!

 I received this in the mail.
 I opened and found a wonderful piece of art from Sandy Gervais that I will treasure for many reasons.
My cup runneth over or maybe more appropriate is…
 I am a stuffed pig! I mean that in a good way.
Thank you, Sandy!
You may remember this as one of the pieces of art in the series from the Pillow Talk blog hop. Sandy was the featured designer on day 22 of the blog hop. Sandy shares a bit of history… not just a bit, she listed every fabric line she has created! AMAZING!
Well Guess what? The Moda designers are all busy working on an upcoming blog hop.
Sandy Gervais will be starting the hop on Sept. 6th. So Mark your calenders and see what interesting tidbits these designers have to share with you.
I know many of them may whine and complain about the things I make them do
the questions I make them answer.
Have no fear, I will just sit here and
know that I am as
“happy as a pig in mud”
or something like that.
Follow me and I will keep you up to date with the details!

Toddles for now!


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