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One of my new favorite apps is TeuxDeux. or as we Texans say, TOO DOO.
The apple store describes it as this:
TeuxDeux is a simple, designy, to-do app. If you like making to-do lists, you will love TeuxDeux. Use the free browser-based TeuxDeux ( at work/home and then take your to-do’s on the road with the iPhone app.
My friend, Outlaw told me about it and she saw it on Pioneer Woman. Today, I saw it on
Carrie Nelsons blog. If that doesn’t prove how great this app is.
 These are 3 of the hardest working women, so you know if they recommend it,
then it has to be good.
I can now get rid of the never ending paper list and the yellow highlighter.
Once I ran out of room on the page, then I would copy all the undone tasks to the next page.
TeuxDeux does this for you.
Anything that you did not complete is automatically moved to the next day.
 My poor son, Travis is still waiting on me to get his passport picture,
 but have to no fear,
 I see it on my TeuxDeux list everyday.
Now for my next, newest favorite app. (is that really a sentence?)
by Sherwin Williams
Turn any online picture into a palette of over 1500 Sherwin Williams paint colors.
Do you have a quilt you are making and want to match paint colors?
Hey ya go!
It is so easy. Just install the chipit tool to your
favorites bar, open a picture and CHIPIT.
Chipit also allows you to create your own sets of chip boards to keep all your paint swatches in order.
I love this quilt from American Jane, so I wondered what color
I would paint a room….. if I owned this quilt.
screen shot from
Wait, there is more.
 Of course what kind of app would this be if you couldn’t also
Facebook it,
Tweet it and
You can share your fun with all your friends. Maybe they will come over and help you paint.


Here is another example of one I did from Lily Ashbury’s blog.
I guess there are no excuses.
I now have the paint colors from ChipIt.
I have the ideas and designs from Pinterest.
( of course, I have moda fabric)
Now, I just need to go add my plans to TeuxDeux.
Over and out,


  1. mascanlon says:

    I love Teux Deux, saw it just like you on PW and Carrie''s blog. Its so simple I keep thinking I am missing something. And Chip it…ack…think I'm going to have go get it!!

  2. Carrie says:

    You know I love Teux Deux… But now I have to go get Chip It. It's like those Design Seeds. While I love the website, I signed up to have the "seed packets" delivered to my email. They are always inspiration for color palettes.

    Love the Walking Quilteds too. Good luck with HZ. 🙂

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