show n tell

I had a few baby quilts I wanted to get pictures of before I sent them off.
 So I corralled 3 of my 5 kids out to the backyard for a quick picture.
The day was quite windy and i just needed everyone to stand still.
 Of course, no one wanted their face in the picture so they could stand up very
straight and still duck behind the quilt.
 The wind is dying down, I promise, just a few more seconds.
 Blue, brown and white zig zag quilt from Bunny Hill Collection.
(I hope one of my pics will make it onto Happy Zombie’s pinterest board, The Walking Quilted.)
You may think that the look on Jarrod’s face was per disdain for my process, however it really was that his sister was hiding behind the smallest quilt.  This is the best picture of this quilt so I will tell you about it. I found a vintage Florida scarf. I added a border and embroidered a heart around the town where the baby was born. I love how it turned out.
My baby, Bo hates having his picture taken so I was able to sneak one close up.
This one never minds having his picture taken, because he is always up to no good.


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