the winner is…

I didn’t get everything accomplished that I thought I would.
 No surprise there.
 My intention of creatively styling and photographing each of the quilts as I returned them to their places was quickly dampened as the phrase,
the in-laws are coming was announced in my household.

The piles of quilts were quickly put away in any available closet or other empty space,
the house  lightly (and I mean lightly) tided up and the weekend began.
First, I have to explain the context of the phrase in-laws. My oldest son’s in laws came to town for a weekend full of home improvements and demolition on Grant and Misty’s new house.
Rhonda is a quilter, so she didn’t mind the mess, or at least she didn’t say anything about the piles.
I can take pictures anytime, instead we all got to enjoy a wonderful weekend hanging out together.
I hope the kids need a lot more help on their house so
Bert, Rhonda and Little Bear can come visit us again.
Now for the reason you are really here…
I have an official count as my kids helped me put some of the quilts neatly back in place.

Some quilts were piled in a cabinet because I still plan on  photographing and documenting each quilt, so why should they be neatly organized, Right?
And some still need tending to.
 The bad news is no one guessed the exact number so the winners are the people that guessed the closest with out going over. 
There were 89 quilts/quilt tops in the stack.

 I will be sending Kathie- Make it Sew Modern by Vanessa Christenson
Kathie said…
my guess is 88

I will be sending Quiltjane Sunday Morning Quilts by Amanda jean Nyberg and Cheryl Arksion.
Quiltjane said…
87 is my wild guess
March 23, 2012 7:48 PM

and of course there was a tie so I have a surprise
I will be sending Alison a brand new book by Kathy Schmitz

Alison said…
my guess 87
March 24, 2012 9:49 PM

I will let you know when I clean the other rooms and show you those stacks as well. I hope to share the stories behind many of the quilts I have made in the past. It is amazing how styles and colors change.

Have a great weekend.


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