my Newest Favorite thing

I wanted to share my newest obsession. It is another app, surprise, surprise!
It is called Frameographer.  
Watch the tutorial of how it works then see the video we made below.
One of my sons decided to completely redo his brothers old rotten deck while they were away for the holidays. Great idea and the family jumped in to help. Some of the family just supplied beverages while some did most of the heavy lifting. I am not going to name names.
 This is day 2. 
We set the camera to take a picture every minute. 
The App then turned  about 10 hours of work into a 1 minute video. 
We added Grant’s favorite song to the video but it didn’t come across 
when I embedded the video.
Day 1’s movie contains a “mooning” scene that was not fit to post on my blog.
 That video is just shown at private family gatherings.
My next video will be 3 days of piecing a quilt top that will make it look 
like you can make a quilt in 3 minutes.
Thanks for letting me share my silly family and my first video.

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  1. Camille says:

    I tried to comment on this back when but it wouldn't let me. Strange. Anyway, love the stop motion- still laughing about the mooning scene. I wonder who that was. Such great ideas, the movie and deck, of course.

    How cool would it be to have one of these while you were making a quilt start to finish??

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