I just this past month celebrated my 16 year working at Moda Fabric/Unitednotions. I will never forget being in a meeting with the tech people and everyone was talking in acronyms. By the time I left the meeting I had the worst headache and felt like I was the dumbest person  in the room. At that time I swore I would never talk in three letter code. 
Once texting and instant messaging came along I had to eat my words (EMW for short)
 I recently bought a book for my mom, since she is into  texting now and thought I would share
some of the Definition of Acronyms
You know those silly little things the kids do to keep from speeding complete words or using complete sentences when communication with their friends?
F2T- free to talk
BFF- of course best friends forever
EML- email me later
CUL8R- see you later
CULA- see you later alligator
^5- high five
Some that I am going to work into my life.
EAK- eating at keyboard
CY- calm yourself
These are the ones I am sharing with my mom.
Now that the Seniors have become more tech savy there is a 
set of acronyms popping up for them as we’ll.
ATD- at the doctor’s
FWIW- forgot where I was
CUATSC- see you at the senior center
DWI- driving while incontinent
FYI- found your insulin
GHA- got heartburn again
HGBM- had good bowel movement
CGU- can’t get up
BYOT- bring your own teeth
CBM- covered by Medicare
And a new take on an old classic
BFF- best friend fell
 Side note: My mom asked my kids if they new what “sexting” was? 
I wish I had recorded how that conversation went down.
Have a great weekend.
Don’t text and drive.


  1. denise copeland says:

    I am very offended. I find it impossible to find humor in jokes that are at the expense of individuals who are suffering.

  2. Mom C says:

    I am of the older generation. I love the new definitions. You're not laughting at us, you're laughing with us. I sent a letter recently, it was returned stamped, Return for Better Address. I'd forgotten to write the address! Life is too short to take offense. TT4N.

  3. Kathie says:

    thanks for the chuckle this am!!!
    that conversation must have been hysterical!
    hope all is well, hows the planning for spring market coming?????
    any hints on new repro lines???

  4. Glinda ♥ says:

    Me and my Mum start most phone conversations with HGBM references … she makes me laugh every day – with her, never at her – it's good to have fun and chuckle 🙂

  5. Quiltjane says:

    Congratulations in being with Moda for 16 years. I am not up on the acronyms.I still hang onto the dying English language and abbreviate very little.My texts take forever to write.

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