Indigo Trail

It is amazing what I came across as I was packing up things for Market. I forgot to show off one of my favorite quilts. How classic and timely is indigo and yellow?
This quilt is published in McCall’s Quilting.
I normally would have used Blue and red. That is so predictable, right? 
So instead I was a rebel and used yellow.
Indigo Trail: Classic Antique-Look Lap Quilt Pattern 
The quilt is made from Indigo Crossing by Polly Minick and Laurie Simpson.
I love love love this line of fabrics, but WAIT by now you may have
 seen their next line of fabric, 
MidWinter Reds that will be in stores September.
 I think I may have to make another quilt using these fabrics. What should be by rebel color to combine with these?
It is exactly one week until we start to set up our booth for quilt market in Portland, Oregon. The staff at moda has done such a great job and the show should be pretty darn good. 
If you are at market, be sure and stop by and say hello!


  1. Karen says:

    I would say a bright green. Since there is beige in the bundle that will tone things down so it won't look too Christmas.
    A kind of out their choice would be a turquoise/teal.
    Was it just one yellow fabric?

  2. OH, I think black or shades of grey's would be amazing with the Midwinter Reds. But…ya know, the right hue of yellow would be wuper eye catching too…bright and beautiful!!! Have a wonderful time at Market. Hugs…

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