sewing thimbles

I recently went on a retreat.
Took several projects to work on but did not FINISH anything.
Then I succumbed to peer pressure and started a little thimble quilt.
Everyone else was.
The problem with this was everyone one else was happy sewing a pack or 
two together, adding borders and FINISHING something.
 But NO, 
 I thought it would be fun to buy a new set of thimbles
each time I go to a show.  
I could keep adding on to make a bigger quilt.
At this rate, how many packs do you think it would
take to make a
thimble quilt.
If you want to make one small quilt or just start
collecting like me, 
hollar at
Primitive Gatherings.

If interested in ordering these go to
are under FABRIC, Then
So once again I have another project started. The upside is that
I have something
 to shop for at every quilt show 
 for YEARS to come.
It is amazing the trouble that peer pressure
causes no matter your age!


  1. Anjeanette says:

    I love new projects! I have lots of them myself.

    A thimble quilt is totally on my long term to do list. What a great idea to pick up some fabric along your travels to add to your thimble quilt. What size are they?

    And I love that you went to a retreat and didn't finish anything. I did that recently too. I did get a lot accomplished, just nothing finished.

  2. BSR quilter says:

    My dear friend was with you at the retreat and she is the Queen of finishing projects!

    I like the look of alternating lights and darks and I, too, have several packs of thimbles!

  3. Alicia says:

    You mean you "buy" them? Like a charm pack or a jelly roll, just buy "thimbles"? I've made a scrappy 3-1/2" tumbler quilt. LOVED it. So is this different?

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