I have a draft written that was going to be my new years post. The post was all about a problem I have, paralysis of analysis.  According to Wikipedia this is described as……  
the state of over-analyzing (or over-thinking) a situation so that a decision
 or action is never taken, in effect paralyzing the outcome. 
I don’t have this problem at work but just regarding my blog. Will it be good enough, does anyone really read it, what do I have to offer, are my pictures clear, etc etc. In January I was just contemplating taking my blog down. Either do it right or don’t do it all.
You see my problem?
Then this over analysis continues because of who I work for. I wonder if I should put a disclaimer on each post to reflect the classic saying that you see right before those late night infomercials.  
The opinions shown here do not reflect the views of station ABCD or some jibberish like that.
Oh wait there is more.  
When your job is also your hobby it is hard to separate. What I may be working on right now will not be out in stores until months later so keeping it under wraps is tough. Waiting to blog about something 3 months later just doesn’t seem to have the same 
gusto when I sit down in front  of the keyboard.
Then yesterday something great happened. I am not going to over- think it.
I was listening to American Patchwork and Quilting’s Radio show. Jennifer Keltner and Jody Sanders were talking about the No-Rules Round Robin article in their February issue. 
photo used permission of allpeoplequilt.com
The round robin was a pretty big deal. Big name quilters like Terry Atkinson, Gudrun Erla, Kari Carr and Terri Degenkolb were all apart of this event. They each started with a piece center and passed it to the next person to add to the quilt. These ladies all have pattern companies 
and are constantly creating and inspiring all of us. 
Then Jennifer said the F word. 
Yes, she said Fear. 
She talked about how each of these ladies were afraid that their part 
of the project may not be good enough. 
Wowser, I just thought about FEAR the rest of the day
 and how I too had fear about my blog.
So I am going to quit over-thinking my blog posts. 
Several years ago I was at a luncheon and the keynote speaker was Ree Drummond of Pioneer Woman. She was asked about how she started her blog. She said she started it so that her mother could stay up to date with what was happening with the kids. Ree also added that it was weeks before anyone left a comment. When she first received this comment, she thought for sure it was her mom. Who else would have been reading her posts and why in the world would anyone other than her mom leave a comment.
 I follow Ree’s lead and I am going to write posts to my mom. She loves everything I do. She knows of my quirky sense of humor. However I know not to look for a comment from my mother. 
She still calls the computer mouse a rat.
I know that the only way to be good at something is to practice, practice, practice.
  I am going practice writing more so I will blog more often!
I am going to practice photography by taking tons of pics of everything!
 My family is going to love that part.
I am going to share my own opinions and make the disclaimer here and only here.
My opinions are my own and no others. 
Please don’t hold it against the company I work for any of my grammatical mistakes.
I am going to blog about what I am working on, hoping not to make anyone sad that they have to wait a couple of months to have the fabric. Seriously, the movie industry shows trailers 6 months in advance and we still rush to see the show on opening day.
Thank you for bearing with me during my moments of fear-therapy.
Mom, I love you and the kids are doing great.


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