Don’t you love gossip? Well this kind of gossip is not going to make entertainment tonight or the cover of people magazine.
If you are visiting my little ol’ blog than you are also probably a fan of the Moda blog also. You have all read the gossip or I like to refer to it as actual news.
Carrie Nelson of Miss Rosie’s fame has joined to team at Moda. She has been entertaining everyone with bits of info as she has moved to Dallas and began the transition into office life.
This is where I thought I would poke some fun at Carrie. Her blog post today is titled out with the old. In no way is this any reference to me or my age. Office Life, yea right as Carrie would say. Carrie has moved into my office and this is where gossip gets started.
My office was the go to place and first stop to report problems, etc. I am taking great delight as people walk in and say to Carrie, You’re not Lissa! {insert giggles here.} I told her she had to deal with everything that came her way since she was now residing in this real estate.
This hasn’t scared her off and people have eventually found me so I wasn’t able to hide for long.

I have not gone anywhere except down the hall to a new office. I am still there planning and creating all kinds of greatness for all of the Moda fans.

We are not anywhere close to filming the next sit-com such as The Office but our office life has been just as entertaining as Carrie has joined our crew.

If for some reason you have not followed the Moda blog, please do. Carrie will continue to entertain and inform you of all things Moda and United Notions. BUT for fun tell me what you want me to tell you about Carrie behind the scenes and I will share the dirt.

Payback is FUN…. I wonder if Steve Carell is available. Ready, camera, action.

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  1. Teresa says:

    Tell me the truth – do you and Carrie ever go into the warehouse and peak at all the new fabric? Or touch the fabric? I think I would move my office chair out into the warehouse just to be near the fabric!! I love reading both of your blogs and I love Moda fabric.

  2. I am so excited that Carrie has joined your team, and writing for the Moda Blog. she is such a talented story teller… I wonder what the new office will look like and if she will get to sew during business hours! And do you sew during business hours? I would not get much work done there as the fabric would certainly distract me ….

  3. lovetostitch says:

    I just want to congratulate you on being one smart business woman to recognize Carrie's talents (I know you knew that long ago) and find her a spot on the Moda team – my fave!! I want to know if Mz Nelson does always wear a white shirt (per her own blog before) and has she cooked any meals for you yet.

    • lissa says:

      I have not noticed the white
      Shirt thing but
      Will keep ny out now that you mentioned
      It. No meals yet but at work we had kings cake and Carrie found the baby so she will be feeding us in February.

  4. Susan Smith says:

    Fun, fun, fun! I'm loving reading Carrie's posts on The Cutting Table, just as much as I loved her personal blog. I know y'all are having a ball! I can't wait to see what projects you and she have up your sleeves for us. You are both so talented and it is going to be so fun to watch what happens with your talents working together! I doubt I would get much work done there for dreaming about all the quilts I could make with that gorgeous Moda fabric!

  5. I think that is neat that Carrie was asked to join the staff. One question I have is when you go about designing a quilt – you and others on the staff – — do you all bounce ideas off each other or do you all come up with your own ideas for quilts

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