I’m a Big Girl now

Well I have always been a big girl.

You know the gal that is always on the back row, middle slot for group pictures.

The gal that the basket girl coaches start drooling over my “talent” in 3rd grade.

The gal that was consoled by her father by the repeated saying, “There is always going to be someone shorter than you, there is always going to be someone taller than you, etc.”

My tearful reply was always why does it always have to be the boys that are shorter.

My dad’s patient wisdom had a way of finally balancing my life out. He was right.
There is always someone richer, poorer, smarter, dumber (not as smart), prettier, uglier (not as pretty), you get the drift.
modalissa header
Now that my 3 minutes of therapy is over, what I really mean is I am big girl now
because my platform for my blog has been upgraded.
I have officially moved over to WordPress.
I have so much to learn and so many more options.
I could actually be dangerous.
(Dad, hopefully the smarter part will come in handy here.)

I have some cleaning and rearranging to do but that is all a part of learning.

I want to thank Angela Yosten for squeezing this in between all her other responsibilities.
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