The Splendid Sampler- block 2

splendid_button_4Are you a part of this viral  quilting community? Jane Davidson and Pat Sloan are the masterminds behind this year long event, sharing 100 blocks from 80 different designers. (I use the word designer loosely, since I am included and not a designer.) It is amazing to me that Jane (from Australia) and Pat (from the US) have connected, organized and joined together over 13,000 people that share one common interest, Quilting.

2-jane davidson Today is Jane’s block and this is my version.
Every Sunday and Thursday, a new 6″ block will be shared.

All the details and much much more is listed here.

Here is the line-up  to mark your calendars and meet some new friends.

Feb 14 Pat Sloan

Feb 18 Jane Davidson

Feb 21 Melissa Corry

Feb 25 Jen Kingwell

Feb 28 Celine Perkins

Mar 3 Natalia Bonner

Mar 6 Amy Sinibaldi

Mar 10 Julie Karasek

Mar 13 Jane Davidson

Mar 17 Sherri McConnell

Mar 20 Alyssa Thomas

Mar 24 Pat Sloan

Mar 27 Corey Yoder

Mar 31 Janet Clare

Apr 3 Janice Ryan

Apr 7 Lindsay Mayland – APQ

Apr 10 Kimberly Jolly

Apr 14 Pat Sloan

Apr 17 Jane Davidson

Apr 21 Vicki Tucek

There is a Bonus block and Jane created a tutorial to make an adorable Block Station. The Page with project Share is HERE
▪ Want to know more? There is a Frequently Asked Question page with  all the important links.
Our FAQ Page


Have fun!



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