25 Years- American Patchwork & Quilting

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Man oh man!!

Seems like yesterday.

Cliche but true.

The 25th Anniversary issue includes what Jody Saunders references as the DREAM TEAM.
She isn’t talking about the designers even though they are pretty darn special if I do say so myself.

I am NOT going to spoil who the dream team is. You will just have to see for yourself!

I have had the privilege of reading this magazine since the beginning when I searched for anything that had the word quilt in it or on it!

Then wam- bam, 25 years later one of my quilts was chosen to be in this publication
alongside some of my quilting idols and friends.

Terry Atkinson

Marti Michell

Bonnie Sullivan

Kim Diehl

Cindy Blackberg

Mabeth Oxenredider

and Amy WalshThis is one of my all time favorite quilts for many reasons but

mainly for the community that has shared their version of this quilt with me.

While I was making the quilt, I was probably cursing since it seemed like I was sewing for months with no end in sight,

but the final result has brought me such joy.


A very striking color option by Monique Dillard.

My second favorite pages are page 8 and 9.
These two pages are chock full of stats from the past 25 years.
The right hand page has a picture of all the issues from the past 25 years in one nice neat stack.
I can’t even begin to imagine all the great designs, products, articles, designers and fabrics that are featured in these pages.
The hours of inspiration, education and therapy that quilters have experienced just thumbing through the pages.


Gives me goosebumps!

I want to give a shout out to Lori Eggers and Chris Neubauer.
I see your picture on page 9. It is nice to put a face to the names.

Great job, ladies!

Get this magazine on newsstands first week of Feb. and flip to page 4 to see the DREAM TEAM. I think you will agree!

Then see page 66 to make your own version of my Tone It Down quilt.

  I am blessed.



  1. Dixie Thomas says:

    Lissa – what a fantastic article and such beautiful quilts. You have such a gift for writing, designing and making these beautiful quilts. The colors are so beautiful. I’m amazed at the patterns!

  2. JanetF says:

    I subscribed to AP&Q (and ONLY AP&Q) for a full year before I made my first quilt (or bought any fabric). That was back in the 90’s. I still subscribe, and
    haven’t stopped quilting (or buying fabric) since! This issue hit my mailbox today and I’m saving it for the weekend, when I have time to savor. Thanks for the great post!

    • modalissa says:

      Janet, I hope you enjoy the issue and have a wonderful weekend with your feet propped up and plenty of time to read cover to cover.

  3. Tracey Holzer says:

    Good morning, Lissa! I looked for this magazine yesterday but no luck! Tone it Down is on my all time favourite list and I hope to make it soon. I like dark fabrics like Kansas Troubles, so its hard for me to decide on what my end vision would be for this quilt and what fabrics would be best. Any tips for me?? Thanks, Tracey

    • modalissa says:

      I have made a jillion quilts with Kansas Troubles and this quilt was really just a color exercise for me so I can completely see this quilt in a warmer color pallette. In March I will have my first book, Oh Scrap published. This quilt is also featured in the book and we will be doing blog posts about color options and how to look at color differently. Until then I would suggest “squinting” at the quilt to see value. I think it would be super cool to use all lights/cremes/tans where the chain is and use all darks for the backgrounds. This is such a classic pattern that even with a little googling of Burgoyne Surrounded Quilts, you will see so many color options. Hope this helps.

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