Stars and Stripes Quilt-along

Recently Julia Davis of @redrainbootshandmade hosted a
Stars and Stripes Quilt along featuring the
Stars and Stripes pattern from Camille Roskelley of Thimbleblossoms.

I had already made one of these quilts but there is nothing like a quilt-along to encourage you to jump in on another project.
Several people in my family have hinted that they want their own flag quilt and I have a fairly large family!

My daughter (only girl with 4 brothers) got wind that I was making another one
of Camille’s quilts and she decided
she wanted to make one as a gift.
I couldnt believe this and I didnt dare want to pass up the opportunity of JIllian making a quilt.
She hasn’t made a quilt since she was in fourth grade.
She did win a prize at the Dallas Quilt Show for her sunflower nine patch quilt.
She seems to think it was a participation ribbon and all the kids got one.
I dont remember it like that at all!!

Jillian lives about an hour away from me but comes to town often, so we took this project on.
She had a deadline!!
She was on a mission!!

Great photo props in the country!

A little photo op in the country with a lady bug landing on one of the quilts…

JIllian showing off the quilt she made that will be gifted this week.

I always joke that it is just as fast to make 2 quilts as it is to make 1,
so while she was sewing away I was cutting and cutting and cutting.

She thought she would never finish which was quite humorous.
What she didnt know was that I was sewing another set of flags after she went home.
I found the perfect shade of green (jillian’s favorite color)
and a yummy green fireside/snuggles fabric for the back.

Sent both quilt tops off to the quilter  (Red Velvet Quilts) in time to finish before the fourth of July.

I have made several flag quilts in my lifetime but I have never made 3 from the same pattern, really 2 and helped with the third.

But I am hooked on this quilt and will probably make many more. Remember that big family I mentioned?

Wishing everyone a wonderful Independence Day!



  1. I just love these and how you have photographed them!
    The quilting is really nice too!
    I am hand quilting a similar quilt from a pattern by Pat Sloan. It will not be finished by the Fourth, but I love spending time with it as I quilt it this July!

  2. Jay says:

    I really like your green background! Now I have to get started on at least one of these. Thanks for the inspiration!

    • modalissa says:

      Jay, I was unsure about it, but since it was my daughter’s favorite color I thought I would give it a try. She loved the final outcome.

  3. Sherri says:

    I love this post and your quilts! I have also made this pattern and am now thinking about making three or four more…for my three children who don’t have one (Chelsi made her own)…and one more for me!

  4. Paulina Tawil says:

    Can this be made into a twin size? I love the pattern and want to make it for my husband. Seems like the finished pattern is just a bit smaller. Do you recommend adjustments?


    • modalissa says:

      This is a pattern from Thimbleblossoms so my only suggestions would be to add borders. The quilt is plenty wide for a twin but you could make it a bit longer.

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