Blockheads- Block 49

Welcome everyone and thank you for taking a break in your Holiday shopping and planning to visit my blog for my last block installment in the BLOCKHEADS 3 series. I have a story to tell and if you make it all the way to the end there is also a chance to win a Layer Cake, so here goes.

Back in October of 2019 when we were planning Blockheads each of the designers all sent in their sketches. I am a big fan of anything plus mark and so I included a sketch. Then came 2020 and it has gone by so fast I had forgotten to add my inspiration to the block. It was in the  midst of the election I was making my block and that is when I decided to name it X marks the spot embracing the power of making an X to cast your vote. Making an X is certainly old school but that is my story to tell.

If you would like to download my BLOCKHEADS pattern, please click here. But keep reading for the giveaway.

About the same time I was making my block and I had the most gut wrenching feeling.
I am a big fan of Jessica Bloomberg – @CraftyCop and what all she does to support families of police officers that have been killed in the line of duty.
Did I subconsciously copy the block that she uses for these quilts?
Was it too late to change my block?
I did my research and my block was different but I couldn’t stop thinking about her mission. I contacted Jessica and asked if I could share her story. On one of her profile I found this

…crafty cop who likes to read, garden, cook & craft all after the shift is over. That really doesn’t tell it all but does anyone’s profile tell the whole story?

Jessica is a police officer in Stamford Connecticut. She started making quilts for families of police officers killed in the line of duty and word has spread. When Jessica first reached out to fellow quilters to make blocks, the outpouring was incredible. She received hundreds of blocks and was able to make quilt with little to no cost. Individuals jumped in to help quilt, people donated fabric for backs and batting.

This is an example of one of the quilts that was made. Each quilt also gets a label for the front. If you are making a quilt, let Jessica know and she will send you a label to use.

These pictures are used with permission from Jessica. I highly encourage you to follow Jessica @craftycop  to read some of the stories.

I asked Jessica what she needs and she said the hardest thing is getting the quilts to the families. Here is the rest of her reply.

If you want to learn more about this or get involved follow the hashtag #bluerkblocks. If YOU know of a police officer killed in the line of duty, I hope you’ll send me a DM so we can give that family a quilt too. 

Anytime there is a need quilters come together. That is our jive, that is our community, that is what we do.

So, I made a new version of my block to use in my quilt so I will have a little representation of Jessica and the BlueRKblock program.

I started out this post worried that my block was the exact block, so I can’t end this post with out giving you the link to the actual block pattern supplied by Jen of RasberryStitches.

The block goes fast and as I cut into any thing blue I am making 12.5 BlueRKblocks.

I cannot end this post without sharing this cute picture of Jessica and service dog, Knox. Please share this with your friends and if you know of a family that needs a quilt, let Jessica know. More importantly if you are able to deliver a quilt to a family, let her know also.  

I can’t believe this is my last block to post for Blockheads. It has been quite a year and I have enjoyed the journey with so many new online friends, and yes they do count as real friends. Moda has been generous to donate a Sanctuary Layer Cake  by 3 sisters as my giveaway this week.

DO you have a goal for 2021? What are you thinking about as we end this year and hope for a safe 2021? Let me know, leave a comment for a chance to win this layer cake. The winner will be announce Tuesday night, Dec. 23rd.

Until then Merry Christmas,



  1. Shari Tuttle says:

    My goal for 2021 is to make as many quilts for my grandchildren as I can. Like so many others, I am hoping for a healthy and safe New year, and maybe an end to this pandemic??!

  2. Dawn Lee says:

    My goal for 2021 is to get out and live life to it’s fullest, because if 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that tomorrow is not promised and to cherish what you have!

  3. Mary says:

    Started today feeling sad that Christmas will be so different this year! I don’t know how we will get together with my son’s family in town. I miss seeing my 3 granddaughters and doing our traditions! But you reminded me that for some the sadness is permanent- never seeing their police friend! I will look forward to 2021 and new traditions!

  4. Louise G. says:

    This was wonderful to read. Thanks for sharing about this project. My goal for 2021 is to stay healthy, and work through my fabric stash without buying *Too Much* new fabric. Some of the quilts and other items I sew will be donated to various causes. So many I have read about recently: Fidget quilts for Alzheimer’s patients, Quilts of Valor for veterans, accessories for chemo patients, and block donations through my quilt guild for charity and fundraising quilts.

  5. Patti McConnell says:

    Oh my gosh was a beautiful tribute! Thank you for sharing. My goal in 2021 is to live intentionally but simply. I want to check some items off my bucket list of places in the US to travel to in our RV.

  6. Sharrie says:

    I always plan to sew more each year, whether it’s for quilts or clothing. I have done more hand sewing and machine sewing so I plan to continue. And maybe organize a little!

  7. Linda Miller says:

    Thank you for this sweet block, and heartwarming story. My main goal for 2021 is to stay healthy. My husband was blessed to receive transplanted organs (kidney and pancreas) almost 13 years ago. Because of his suppressed immune system, we have to be extra careful. I am determined fo keep us Covid free if that is possible. Quilting has been my lifeline this year and will continue to be in 2021. I wish everyone a healthy, happy Christmas and New Year.

    • Lynn Young says:

      Thanks for your thoughtful comments on your block design and the inspiring story on BlueRKblocks. I had already thought about the historic Red Cross quilts made in the early 20th century, red blocks in a cross design made to raise money for the Red Cross, people paid a dollar to include their signature on the quilt.
      Blue crosses continue the tradition and you design opens up many more possibilities fir quilters to contribe their efforts for good causes.
      My personal goals for 2021 include good health and resuming some if the activities that bring joy and meaning to my life, including making quilts. Moda Blockheads has been such an inspiration to me being able to share in such an abundance of creativity and spirit!!! Best wishes to all for a safe and productive 2021!

  8. Gail L Piper says:

    Thank you for sharing that story – blessings to all involved in helping the families of our fallen heroes!
    Hoping 2021 is more peaceful and healthy…

  9. Bonnie Neeley says:

    Thanks for sharing the story. For 2021 I hope to visit with family and friends more. Also making more quilts using all the instructions that have been given throughout the MBH 3 journey

  10. Carrie Cameron says:

    Hi Lisa, I loved your story and this block..Recently we had a tradgedy here in my Province of Nova Scotia in April of this year. We lost 22 beautiful souls .As a community we came together and did what we can do . I had the privelige of making a quilt for those families who lost someone to this tragedy. Over 300 quilts were donated from all over .From one coast to the other including other countries. It never ceases to amaze me what comfort a simple hug by way of a quilt can offer.

  11. Leah Conroy says:

    It’s always inspiring to hear how wonderful people use our craft for good. This story helps to cement for me all the good there is in the world, even when everything feels very dark. Thank you for the reminder to look for the light, and to keep on hoping no matter what!!

  12. Jill Johnson says:

    Thank you Lissa – and for sharing the story of the BlueRKblocks and quilts! What a profound journey for a simple block! It reminds me of quilters: simple and unobtrusive on the outside – with huge hearts & stories on the inside.
    My goal for 2021 is to remember that each day is a gift no matter the circumstances, and with that, to connect more with Jesus along my journey on this big blue planet.
    Thank you for a fun year of sewing and inspiration! xo

  13. Maria L Zook says:

    One of my goals for 2021 is to finish sorting the photos and memorabilia from my mom who passed away in March 2020. I will also finish reorganizing my sewing space and continue to complete some of my BOM projects.
    I am looking forward to making your block. I can sure see this as the basis for a scrappy quilt. Add that to my goals for 2021!

  14. Jennifer Jenson says:

    My goal for 2021 is to find a way to tame my sewing room! I need organization and maybe some time to sew more this year. 2020 didn’t make it so I could sew more. In fact less than normal so hopefully this next year will bring some needed calmness to the world.

  15. Kathy in WV says:

    My sweet son-in-law is a West Virginia State Trooper and we love him like a son. He is a man of integrity and honor and I pray to God we never have a fallen officer in our family. This was a very sweet and touching post that brought tears as I read. Thank you for the giveaway. My hope for 2021 is that 2020 fades quickly from our memory. My fear is that this difficultly unusual year was a kind of trial run and 2021 will bring even more challenges. Let’s hope my fear is unfounded. Thank God for police officers and for quilters! Two kinds of the nicest people in the world. Blessings! I’ve so enjoyed all of Blockheads 3 but especially your blocks.

  16. Robyn Williams says:

    I am hoping that I can finish the quilts I started in 2020. I also wish that the world will get back to some kind of normal and people will be kinder to each other.

  17. Laura Jacobs says:

    A great worthy project. Thanks for sharing the story. I hope to improve my time management in 2021 & find a better balance w/ALL my crafty interests.

  18. Linda N says:

    I hope to stay healthy and continue to donate time and quilts to women’s shelters and other worthy causes. I also hope to celebrate the end of 2020 with a group sometime in 2021.

  19. Debbie Barlow says:

    That was lovely! Thanks for the block and the story! . For 2021 I’m going to find small ways to improve my health starting with doing some simple core exercises every day.

  20. Mary Hutteman says:

    Wonderful story. My hope for next year is that we get this virus under control worldwide. It has not only taken so many lives but I fear it has robbed some people of the hopes and dreams for the future.

  21. Denise Penn says:

    Thank you so much for sharing the story!

    My hopes for 2021 are that common sense will return and people will realize that we are all in this together. There is NO dividing line other than the one you make in your own head. TOGETHER we can work wonders!!

    Have a blessed Christmas and New Years!

  22. Valerie says:

    Lovely block. 2020 hasn’t been as hard for me as it has been for many. I’ve been very lucky.
    For 2021, I’m planning on doing lots of quilting and (maybe!!!) giving up sugar! Yikes!

  23. Nancy N Roy says:

    Thank you so very much and for Jessica’s story. I plan to continue working on quilts in 2021. I have discovered many great people and shops. ModaLissa will you be a contributor for BlockHeads ?

  24. Maxine Reisenleiter says:

    Thanks so much for sharing this story. As you said, quilters just love helping those in need. It’s as if we want to make the whole world a warm, inviting place if everyone just had a quilt to wrap up in.

  25. Marilyn Rose says:

    My goals? Continue to work on the neverending UFO list and improve my machine quilting skills on my home sewing machine. And get my Covid vaccine. And, of course, World Peace.

  26. Jenny Rosendahl says:

    Thank you for sharing this story and the inspiration behind your block! My goal for 2021? Just staying healthy & getting the vaccine as soon as its available to me. There are quilts being planned in my brain that need to be sewn, adult children who live far away that we would love to see, trips that we want to take, friends & family to reconnect with… other words, restarting “normal” is the goal for 2021!!

  27. Serenity Rose says:

    I love this story and will look her up. My son is a police officer, so it really makes this block special for me. My goal this year is to stay healthy, finish some of my projects, redesign my sewing space to get it more organized and efficient, and hug my family lots when I get to see them again.

  28. Britiney says:

    Jessica is absolutely amazing. Thanks for this reminder. I made a bunch of blocks for one of her quilts and it was nice to remember that. I’m really looking forward to a more “normal” 2021 and hopeful that my two college kids can have a more “normal” college experience in the fall. Thanks for this great sew-along!

  29. Janette says:

    I plan on continuing my efforts to organize my sewing supplies and fabric collection! Also to get back to quilting my quilts, I have a stack! Thanks for sharing Jessica’s story. Love this week’s block!

  30. Marsha says:

    I have joined a Dirty Dozen on-line group so I hope to continue to “finish” a project a month. Finish can mean whatever you want. Some of mine are finished tops for the LAQ. In between those projects, I make baby quilts for a local guild to disperse. My favorite pattern is an Irish Chain. My husband is a retired police officer so I am going to look into this project and I like somebody’s idea of making a block from blue fabrics after a project is finished. I also make Bonnie Hunter leader-ender projects. These blocks look leader-ender friendly.

  31. Nancie says:

    Love the sharing of this great project. 2020 has been a year that I figured out what I like to quilt. For 2021 I look forward to finishing things and making more matching pillows and pillow cases so my home reflects more of my heart.

  32. Leah Turner says:

    Thanks for sharing this story. My goal for 2021 is simply this to let all those I love know it. Know it to their bones. And to try to walk forward with kindness first.

  33. Marie Eddins says:

    Your story gives more meaning while I go to make this block!
    I have a couple of goals. I’m hoping most of my quilt guild members get the Covid 19 vaccination when we are able. As our guild’s retreat chair, I had to cancel our annual Spring & Fall Quilt Retreats. So my goal is that we get to have at least one of those retreats in 2021! And as always my personal goal is to finish more of my UFOs!!

  34. Peggy Sego says:

    My quilting goal for 2021 is to make at least 1 quilt every month for donation. It may go to the local nursing home or my quilt guild (if we ever get to meet again). My guild donates to local police and fire departments for victims and to hospice .

  35. Julie Bailey says:

    Thank you for sharing Jessica’s story. Sewing has been an important skill for making masks for the 2020 pandemic. I hope to complete some of my UFO’s in 2021.

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