Quilt Acroynms

Recently I shared a listing of Quilt Acroynms on my instagram.

Several people asked for a download to share so I am posting them here.


Let me know in the comments if there are any acronyms I have left off the list.

So if you haven’t seen the answers on my IG, play with the list and see how many you can answer before moving to the next image.


Wait for it…….


How many did you know?

Click below to print.

acroynm answers

See ya next time and thanks for following along.




  1. Allison C Bayer says:

    We played this at Box Car Quilts today at their first Lunch-n-Learn of the year! I won a $25 gift certificate for knowing 20!! Could you add . . . IWQO; It Will Quilt Out? Many thanks for a fun list of quilt acronyms!!

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