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Portable Design Wall

Do you need a design wall that is lightweight but don’t have a wall to add a piece of flannel to?
Ask for insulation board at Home Depot or Lowe’s.
It is available in 8′ tall sheets and is the weight of a thick piece of dense Styrofoam. I am sure there are several options for this type of board.
I cut my board in half using a sharp knife.
Choose fabric to cover the board.
I used a flannel print from Bonnie and Camille’s collection.
Because the board is wider than than 45″ I had to piece the fabric together
so plan accordingly when picking fabric.
 This can be eliminated by trimming the board to approx 36″ wide.
Use T-Pins to tack the flannel to the board.  Slide the pins in at a slight angle to hold the fabric taunt.
At the corners do a hospital corner.
Did you know there was officially terminology for those tight sheet corners
that you have to squirm to be able to kick your feet from the bottom.?
Because the insulation board does not hold nails, I hot glued a yardstick
and added a couple of picture hangers.
Now it can be hung on most any wall since it is very light weight.
The board also comes in handy sitting on a cutting table and leaning up against the wall.
I would show you the final picture but mysteriously my flannel board has found
 its way into my daughter’s room for a bulletin board.
The fabric was perfect to match her room, or so she says.
Off to make a new one for ME.