FWQAL week 2

Oh my, What fabrics would a Farmer’s Wife use? I thought this collection looks like overalls and dirt.
Not really! Here is a sneak peek of the new Blueberry Crumb Cake line by Blackbird Designs
 (in stores November)
 ( in stores any second)
Then I had to start mixing it up, right? Are you supposed to use your scraps. No time to get off the farm and go into town to get new fabric. So I added some bunny hill greys, barbara brackman red and deep dark purples. Then I was ready to start week 2 of the FWQAL class.

This week we talked about Marti Michell templates and showed how you combined different templates to get additional shapes. I MUST ADMIT I am a strip piece kind of girl. I don’t use many templates. BUT, I am a convert. I will show you the entire process after Week 3 of classes. Just wait until you see what Marti has done for us all to make this so easy!

These gals in class are such troopers by letting me take their pictures and post them on the www.

I may have spoken to soon. Can you say paparazzi?
Yes she is a real farmers wife of United Notions
The funnest part of the class is the show n tell.
Sometimes it is the excuses why they didn’t get all 2 of their blocks done in a week. But that is okay. These are busy farmers wives with cows to mill and chicks to feed.
Kelli is using batiks and prints
Eladia- Shabby Chic
Outlaw- red white and blue
Mariza-earth colors
Holly- Aqua, orange and green, grey
Jamie- Bright modern
Michelle- civil war
Sarah- vintage modern
Nancy- classic blues and aquas
Ducky- Blackbird
This is just a few of the people. It is so interesting to see all the different looks all in one place.
DISCLAIMER: This is quite a competitve group of gals. They are already trying to one up each other. Anything from making more blocks than assigned, bringing their fabric in the latest and greatest storage systems to branding their notebook like chelair pictured below.
Of course the inside of the notebook is even more impressive than the outside full of
marti michell templates and who know what all else.

no class is complete without a sonic cup in the background

eladia and mariza

And look what someone did for me!!
Took my book and had it wire bound. Ask at staples, office maxx, office depot
or kinko’s. The price varies but well worth the $5.00 to $7.00. Thank you Outlaw and Stiff!
Tune in weekly for our progress. We have a few surprises in store for you.