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Dementia Darnings

Festival of Quilts, Part II

The most moving exhibit had to be the Dementia Darnings by Jenni Dutton

This project developed over time as Jenni was the care giver for her mother. Encouraging her mother to remember the past, they explored family photo albums together. Using some of the photos, the large portraits, constructed using threads sewn through netting that was stretched over canvas, became a way for Jenni to explore the concept of aging and her mother’s gradual loss of memory.

Festival of quilts 2015


Festival of quilts 2015

This is a closeup of the process.  INCREDIBLE!



I continue to be amazed at the expressions of love through the art of needle and thread.  To read more about the Dementia Darnings, visit Jenni  http://www.jennidutton.com/dementiadarnings.html or follow Jenni’s blog. http://jennidutton.blogspot.co.uk/