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design boards

 Have you made any of the design boards that Lori Holt demonstrated almost 4 years ago on her blog?
I have made a few bigger ones that I use from time to time.
This weekend I had a zillion scrappy 9″ blocks that needed to be laid out in a certain order. My bigger boards were not very handy and I really didn’t want to spend all weekend making boards. I had a couple rolls of this amazing stuff.

 I actually didn’t even know it was fabric. I had 2 packages of it in my “junk”.

It is lightweight and easy to work while still having the strength of duck tape. The choices of this fabric duck tape is very limited but it served its purpose. The boards aren’t near as nice as Lori’s are, but I was able to make 5 of them in about 15 minutes and get back to sewing. I also realized how I could use lots more of these.
See Lori’s blog post for the complete instructions.
I hope you are able to make a few. They also make great presents for your quilting friends. 


Granny Square- lost and found

Have you ever misplaced something? Of course you have. Have you misplaced a quilt? Probably not. I made this granny square quilt a couple of years ago. Dragged it to quilt market to submit it to a magazine and never did. We have hauled 100’s of quilts back and forth from show to show and have never lost one so I knew this quilt had to be somewhere.
It could have been nicely packed with the show stuff, it could have been in the stack of quilts for trunk shows, it could have been on display somewhere throughout the buildings.
No need to panic. It would show up eventually.
Well surprise, surprise it finally showed up. I had packed it away in a very safe place and completely had forgotten about it. The mind is a terrible thing to loose, right?
I was so excited. It was like running into a long lost friend. I love anything granny square and now that Lori Holt’s new book, Great Granny Squared is out I think I want to start another quilt.
My favorite block used to be nine patches or log cabins but the granny square is quickly taking over the number 1 spot. This quilt is made from all kinds of moda candy 2 1/2″ squares. I love how each block looks different depending on the color and fabric placement.
The red and white block shown above is one of my favs in this quilt.
Striped binding cut on the bias…. I am obsessed about stripes and the color orange still so it is funny to see that I used this fabric as the binding over 2 years ago.
I am notorious for hiding things so well that I can never find them. I am just sure that i have hidden a ton of money somewhere and that some day my when i am long gone my kids will find it. They better not throw out any of my treasures just in case i have stashed their inheritance there. Is that a good way to entice them not to call goodwill as soon as I am gone……(note to jillian)
Do you have a favorite quilt block that you can just make over and over?