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my BFF

the kay mayor story
Don’t really know where to begin. My BFF has packed up 30 years of memories
 and headed to Florida. I guess she has retired.
Kay and her 3 kids, Katie, Jason and Bubba
As we packed up her treasures, we came across many pictures of the past 30 years.
Believe me she has many more pictures but here are just a few of the ones that
are a small part of the mayor /alexander history.
Doesn’t take much to make these kids happy.
Jillian is tempting the boys with the box of vanilla wafers.
Kay loves the water and the outdoors so Florida will be a perfect home for her.
We drug the kids to many fishing adventures.
kay would bait the hook and I would feed the kids.
How did the two girls put up with these boys? I will never know. Since then I added two more boys for jillian and katie to  tolerate.
Watermelon at the park! Great times!
Running around the park!
Potty breaks- didn’t matter whose kid it was. We all know the look.
Grant and Katie together at a football halftime.
She was grossed out and I don’t think he would get too close.
Travis believed he was a real elf because the other kids convinced him he had pointed ears.
We made all their costumes for one of many Christmas parades.
Bubba, Katie and Jason
Kay and my baby , Bo.
Bubba and Jillian in a fashion show. Thanks Bubba for being such a good sport. I doubt any of your Air Forces buddies read my blog.
Travis’ 1st birthday!
Travis’ second mother, Katie. Katie is grown, married and expecting her first child in April. She will be a wonderful mother.
Happy New Year 2000.
Many summer these hunks took over South Padre Island!- scary!We would let them take the jeep out to cruise the strip. Then we would follow them and laugh at how cool they thought they were.
Lots of high school graduations together.
Jason and Jarrod
Jason headed off to the Air Force Academy. When we were packing Kay’s stuff to move, we actually found all of the hair that is on Jason’s head in this picture. He had shaved his head before leaving. We thought we had found a dead animal.
Jason and Grant share the same birthday so many celebrations happened on September 1st.
Snuffers birthday party
We marked time, events, birthdays and graduations at our favorite restaurant, Snuffers. We tried to line everyone up for each photo op. Sometimes it was successful, sometimes not!
I decided to leave this picture upside down, because I thought when Kay moved my life would be turned upside down. I am so proud of her and I have adjusted with little or no medication.
I started this post on New Years eve 2011as therapy. Kay pulled out of her driveway on Christmas day on a new adventure.
 I am actually posting this now because I am headed to Florida to see………………..
Katie and Danny’s baby. Kay’s grand baby.
And the Alexander Mayor/Zell adventure continues!