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Modern Fall Quilt

kennedy modeling my newest quilt
Can you modernize Halloween or possibly the 
celebration of Thanksgiving? Both Holidays are certainly the beginning 
of the fall holiday season in the United States, 
but neither holiday would be considered modern.
I love the season,
I love the colors
and I love the weather
during this time of year 
I was inspired to sew.
I didn’t know what project but I had a color palette in  mind.
So I was looking back through my notebook of project sheets.
I have always
 the Wee Woodland pattern so I choose some “fall colors”, 
some candy corn and peanuts,
 threw them in a bowl for a sewing snack and started 
another project.
The working title for this quilt was Modern Fall. It was my excuse 
to get to sew with
 orange, grey, magenta and greens and a 
natural grey pindot background 
without having to worry 
about the fabrics matching my house.
Whoa, wait a minute, did I give you the impression that 
anything in my house matches? 
It doesn’t, eclectic to say the least.
My kids are kind of tired of helping me hold up quilts for pictures,
so I solicited some help from my niece, Kennedy.
She is interested in photography, so I held the quilts
and she took the pictures. We have pictures from all different angles.
There is something about clicking that shutter button multiple times so it
sounds like a professional photographer.
I think that only applies to fashion photography not quilts.
 click, click, click
 I think it was a test to see how long I could hold my 
arms straight up over my head holding the quilt.
quilting by Natalia Bonner
Close up of quilting shown on Natalia’s site.
Enough with the quilt pictures. 
My arms were tired. 
It was time to change places,
I was behind the camera and she was in front.
 This quilt is easy and fun to make using an assortment of 10″ squares. Pattern info here.
My other niece Avery came home and helped “model” some
of the other quilts to 
be shown in future posts.
Thank goodness they still like to help Aunt Izzy.

another BRAG

Did the title catch you?
Did you guess what BRAG stands for?
 I am not showing precious pictures of my kids and dogs.
 I am not publishing any report cards. Do they give report cards in college?
I am not telling about how I cleaned my sewing room closet.

BRAG is short for BOOK REVIEW AND GIVEAWAY. Yes there is one more post. I could go one and on and still not cover all the great stuff happening in the quilting/publishing  world.
Simply Charming Modern
Modern was certainly the buzz word at Market, so I thought it fitting to show you a few books with Modern in the title.
First of all, we have Simply Charming, Modern from Moose on the Porch. This is a continuing series of books from Konda Luckau. Each of the books  feature quilts made using charm squares. Some of the other titles are Simply Charming- Kids,  Simply Charming – Seasons, Simply Charming- Circles and Simply Charming- Fun. 
Leave a commentand include the words Simply Charming if you want a chance to win.
Modern Patchwork by Elizabeth Hartman
published by Stash Books
Elizabeth has made and machine quited  each of the 12 quilts featured in this book. The big bold shapes, graphic use of  scale and additional color options for each project makes it a feast for the eyes. There are a few quilts I have my eye on to try. I think I will start with the escape artist quilt. I cant show you which quilt it is. You will have to check it out for yourself….. if you win this book. Yes I have a book for a giveaway. Leave a comment including Modern Patchwork and i will draw a a name on Sunday night and annoucne it on Monday morning.
Modern is not in the title of this book, but if a book on English Paper Piecing can
 be categorized as modern, this one certainly is.

Hexa-Go-Go by Tacha Bruecher
published by Stash Books
I am truly a hex-aholic so this review may be a bit jaded. There is something just perfect about the shape of a hexagon that I love. Tacha has created a US flag full of hexagons. How cool and dramatic. I wanted to stand up and sing the national anthem when I turned to the page. She must also have a love for the Union Jack because she has  created a hexy Union Jack quilt as well.
SIDE NOTE: Did you know moda introduced a new cut at market that is perfect for paper piecing hexagons? Moda Candy- 2 1/2″ squares will be in stores this fall. Grab some Moda Candy and Tacha’s book to get started on your Hexa go-go project.
Moving from Modern to CLASSIC books
Harriet Hardgrave and her daughter, Carrie’s newest book is Quilter’s Academy, Vol. 4- Senior Year
Quilter's Academy Vol. 4
published by C& T publishing
Harriet and Carrie truly have developed an entire encyclopedia of information, techniques and designs throughout their four books. Volume 4 covers creating designs, drafting patterns, working with angles or complex designs. Completing any of the projects in this book will assure you  a diploma in quilting.
Leave a comment and include Academy if you are interested in wining this book.
One more book that I could only describe as Classically Elegant.
Applique and Embroidery Fundamentals by Jan Vaine
Applique & Embroidery Fundamentals By Janice Vaine
I have such an appreciation for Jan’s work because I do not see how the heck she does it. I think she wrote this book just for me. It is written for a first time stitcher with step by step illustrations to master a variety of applique and embroidery techniques. There is plenty of things in this book for the experienced stitcher as well.  I had the chance to see some of the projects up-close at quilt market.
Amazing!! Look at some of the things she has created using the new ombre fabric from Vanessa Christenson’s new line, Simply Color.
You know the drill,  a couple of these books I have as a giveaway. Leave a comment to let me know which book you would like to win. I will draw the winners Sunday night and post them Monday morning. I must be able to contact you via email or the book will go to the next person’s name I draw. Be sure and folow me so you wont miss out on any future news and giveaways.