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My First Quilt

My First Quilt and My Latest Quilt

I have been coursed by Camille, Carrie and Brenda to post about my first quilt and my latest quilt. (read about it more on Camille’s blog) I am so super bummed that I threw away my first quilt. Yes, Yikes, Gads, I did. I have been made about it ever since. My first quilt was made using a sampler pack from Keepsake Quilting in Centre Harbour, ME. I ordered through a catalog and mailed them a check for a pack of 1000-1″ squares. Of course this was in 1980 and 1000 seemed like a really big number back then. I knew nothing about quilting much less sewing but that didn’t matter. My sister sewed her entire wardrobe all thorough high school and went to college to be a Home Ec teacher. If she could sew then certainly I could quilt. Can you spell COMPETITION? I began sewing these squares together and I am sure I thought that I was going to be able to make a full size quilt. I sewed and sewed and sewed 29 rows x 34 rows using 986 of the 1000 squares. Whew! My first quilt was a whopping 15″ x 17″ before I put a 3″ binding on it. Camille thanks for the encouragement because I thought this quilt was just a memory but I did come across a picture of my “pride and joy”. Yes the rust velvet couch the quilt is laying on proves that the pictures is from the 1980’s (inherited the couch with the husband)Okay I guess I would say that the quilting bug did bite and many, many quilts later I am proud to show my latest finished quilt. It is an oceans waves variation made using Rounneries by French General. I love how it turned out and I am thrilled that McCalls has picked it to be in one of their future magazine issues.

Looking through these OLD pictures I did find a few more of my treasured old quilts that may have to turn into some future blogs!Tag you’re it. Show us your first quilt and your current quilt.