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Surprise! Surprise! An early Christmas

Well the winner is in at Thimbleblossoms! Go to http://www.camilleroskelley.typepad.com/ to read all about it. My news is that I told Camille pick 2 winners and I would make a quilt for the second place. She kept asking me did I want to pick. I said , No silly girl, you choose. After looking at all the work she did to determine the winner I hate to say but I have it easy.
But Camille did pick someone that commented on my blog so I am posting Wendy as the winner- runner -up. Is there such a thing ? Is that like a participation trophy?
Wendy, do you want a W on the quilt instead of an M for moda?

I am honored to be making the following quilt for Wendy!
See comments below on Camille’s blog

“Hi! I’m from Utah, but I’ve been transplanted to Massachusetts. I love New England, but boy do I miss the mountains! I love love love your Wallflower pattern, and I would count myself extremely lucky to have a Camille original!!!! I can’t think of a strange compliment I’ve received, but something unique about me is that I could snap my fingers when I was six months old (cross my heart – at least that’s what my mom claims) I also wanted to tell you how much I love your photography! You have a great artistic eye!”
was Lissa’s 109th commenter, and just happens to be…