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The April Parade

I told you all how I was going to join in on the schnibbles parade. I was at the front of the parade maybe becasue my last name starts with a letter A or maybe becasuse Sherri was so sweet and didn’t want anyone to noitce what a knucklehead I am.
Sometimes sewing is mindless and you just sit down and start sewing the long line of chained pieces together. This is the part of the process that is so theraputic and MINDLESS, right?
Well I sent Sherri my pic and said, My quilt doesn’t look like a T, it looks like a mushroom.
I mindlessly sewed all my triangles on wrong side and created a completely different quilt.
Thank you Sherri for not pointing it out to the world!!
This is my quilt top.
This is quilt from Michelle at islandlifequilts.com and how the quilt is supposed to look.
I am going to try it again. Next month’s pattern is Summer Day.
Let’s see if I can successfully get this one right!!
Thanks Sherri and Sinta for still including my misfit quilt in the parade. Don’t tell Carrie or she will make fun of me.