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the baby maker

Have you ever seen the movie, The Proposal with Sandra Bullock, Ryan Reynolds

and my idol Betty White?

Betty White is classic in this movie as the future grandmother in law to Sandra Bullock, even faking a heart attack to make sure the marriage actually happens. If you have seen the movie, then you certainly know of the “baby Maker” scene, where Betty White gives them a quilt to sleep with, aptly named the baby maker.
My oldest son was married end of September. Yes I know I have shown these pictures before but this is another opportunity to show off my new daughter in law and my proud son.
Okay back to the quilt. Grant and Misty didn’t really have a color scheme so I struggled with what I should make them for a wedding  gift. It had to be perfect! I decided to do a friendship quilt using charm packs of assorted naturals. I sewed a few fabrics around the squares and instantly fell in love with the quilt. I knew they would love it also and certainly be surprised. I think this is about the time I decided to make it a friendship quilt. I secretly got addresses of family members, friends, co workers, old college buddies etc. and mailed each of them a square of fabric, a pen and a return address envelope. Then I waited and waited.
Have you ever been so excited to work on a project that you just couldn’t sleep?
Well this was one of those projects for me.
 I waited and waited for some blocks to start arriving so I could sew. This is also when I learned of several change of addresses as envelopes were returned as undeliverable etc.
Their wedding invitation was printed on a hankerchief with lace edging.
It was the perfect size to cut and use as one of the squares adding such a keepsake to the actual quilt.
One of the first squares to arrive was from Nate Miller, a local 6 year old friend of my sons. He drew Grant and Misty along with the two kids, dog and a butterfly that he thought they would have after they were married. Sounds like a perfect life to me, right?
My best friend gave them a platter with the weeding invitation printed on it. How cool was that? She always has the best ideas.
I had to add some grey squares as that is one of her favorite colors and it certainly added a vintage feel to the quilt.
The fun thing about sewing each of these squares as they arrived was that I tried to hand pick some of the fabrics to co ordinate with their friend’s  block. I was able to add a 30’s print with little kids on it.
After all it is named the baby maker.
Kate Benz sent in a wonderful quote from Mother Teresa.”It is not the magnitude of our actions but the amount of love that is put into them that matters.”
I was able to use some of the fabrics that I had bleached and over dyed for a vintage look.
Everyday I was so excited to get the mail to see how many blocks arrived and ignore the bills!!
Now I was doing all of this in the formal living room where I had moved my sewing room. The kids live locally and could drop by at any time so this certainly added a bit of adventure to the project by keeping the project hidden.
This is one of my favorite quotes. How much simpler can it be said?
If you read my posts you know that I am addicted to pinterest. (you can find me here.) If I am addicted to something I do like to share my addictions, so Misty is also on pinterest. I looked around to find a quilt she had saved and pieced the back of the quilt using that design making the quilt reversible. The perfect grey Sweetwater fabric had just arrived so I was super pumped.
Misty keeps the quilt rolled up and in a basket because she worries about any of the signatures disappearing if she has to wash it to many times. I will let you know if I see it out being used or maybe I should send Betty White over to throw it on their bed.
If you would like to get the pattern to make your own “baby maker” check out Rita at Red Pepper Quilts website. Rita does not call the pattern, Baby Maker, The pattern is named Tiffany.
Thank you Rita for the design inspiration for this project. It was perfect.