What Happens at Retreat Stays at Retreat-NOT

The retreat was not in Vegas but in Bennigton, KS at Lynne Hagmeier’s. No pictures can do the place justice. It should be on the National Museum register. It should also be featured in all decorating and collecting magazines. INCREDIBLE! (we all said, “How does she dust?”)

Some information does stay at the retreat…………..

How much food we ate….Any of our new boyfriends…………………………Any discussions of politics or religion…………..
So some of the stuff I can talk about.
Why does it take 14 hours for an 8 hour road trip?
Well, first stop and first credit card swipe was Oklahoma City Quiltworks. Love this shop! I can always find something different here. (thank goodness the many antique shops did not open until 10:30 or else we would have turned it into an 18 hour road trip.)Another “A-word” Antiquing. In Wichita, KS at Paramount Antique Antique Mall, there were only 3 of us, but it is still a race to get inside to the treasures. We pushed on to arrive in Bennington in the dark. I live in Dallas so driving dark country roads with no signs was an adventure also. The retreat officially began. Lots of laughing and visiting by all.
Day 1: Imagine shopping with Sandy Gervais of Pieces from my Heart, Alma Allen of Blackbird Designs, Amy Bradley of Amy Bradley Designs, Sandy Klop of American Jane, Barb and Mary of Me & My Sister, Terry Thompson of Peace Creek, Laurie Simpson of Minick & Simpson, Jan Patek of Jan Patek Quilts, Barbara Brackman (check out her new blog-post a comment and tell her I sent you) and of course our hostess, Lynne Hagmeier. Yes it was heaven. Sandy Klop was shopping for props for her booth at market with scads of suggestions by all of us. (secret!?) By the last day we were all shopping for each other. Through the power of technology, we actually did some shopping for some of the designers that were not there. Take a picture, send it to them…you want it or not? This group is just that kind of crew, always looking out for each other and willing to help spend each others $$.DAY 2: More shopping. Oh, did you think retreat meant we would be sewing?

We also hit any quilt shop in our tracks. The Quilting Bee in Salina, KS had a display of Lynne’s fabrics so I couldn’t resist making Lynne strike a pose. (you know they all hate me taking pictures-Thank you, Lynne) We played games. Read all about it on Laurie’s blog. We ate lunch in Abilene, KS at Mr. K’s Farmhouse Restaurant. Ed and June Kuntz
welcomed us. (June is a quilter and Ed could talk quilt.) Ed took our picture and asked us to say “muslin” instead of cheese. He won us over! Alma is holding a jar of their homemade salad dressing. All the pie boxes are hidden. Go to their site to read the history, salivate over the menu and learn more about President Dwight D. Eisenhower in Abilene. Material Girls Quilt Shop was closed by the time we got there, boo hiss. Maybe next time. I even found an outfit to wear to Market. What do you think? Flats or heels?
I am so energized by all the talent, creativity and knowledge that was shared. I could go on and on about my 3 days in Kansas but that is it for now. Oh ya, road trip home, 9 hours, only 1 detour and 1 speeding ticket scare. Whew! He got someone else. We were already trying to figure if we could talk him out of a ticket with moda fabrics.


  1. Kathie says:

    Sounds like you all had so much fun! Can’t wait to see if there really was any sewing going on ! I would go to Kansas to visit Lynne in a heartbeat, what a house, hopefully she has a cleaning service do her dusting.
    Lemon Meringue pie looks amazing.
    oh heels for sure, love the coke wagon behind it!

  2. Hi Lissa, it sounds like you guys just had a BLAST!!! Your photos are fabulous!!! Thanks for sharing with us! I am living the adventure through you 🙂 since I don’t leave my basement / sewing room.

  3. how fun!!!
    sounds like yall had a fantastic time.
    {all but that speeding ticket scare. the moda fabrics SO would have worked if it would have been my hubby as the cop. he KNOWS to never NOT get moda!!!}

  4. Debi says:

    What a fun time. I would be so in awe of all the talent. Wouldn’t this be a fantastic day for an ordinary quilter! Thanks for sharing Lissa.

  5. Camille says:

    Heels, definitely heels. 😉 I swear I saw a dress just like that in Old Navy a few days ago.

    It looks like you guys had a blast, and LOVE all the pictures. Thanks for keeping us in the loop!

    Next time, for sure.

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