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Whether you are planning a booth full of the newest items or coming to shop the show to find the latest trends and items,  everyone that goes to market puts in a ton of work. I must say it is all worth it to get to see old friends and make new memories.Untitled

Have you heard of a face-ie? Well leave it to Barb from Me and My Sister to coin a new phrase. She meant selfie but I like using face-ie now. When the moda designers and staff get together their is always plenty of shenanigans. I was not taking a face-ie but they had me hold my hand up to the camera as if I were. Then they were saying lean back, further, further, further as if i were to be better positioned in the frame of the picture. However I do believe this was a trick to see if I would fall flat on my booty, as you can tell by the way they were all positioning their cameras to get a shot of me on the floor. I hope I surprised them with my great balance and yoga moves. OR maybe I disappointed them if you know what I mean.

Just a few other fun pics from the show.




 And did I mention shenanigans?
Maybe all the parties involved will let me share more about the picture shown below.
Are you intrigued?
Market is a ton of work and a ton of fun!!

Sweet Celebrations blog hop

Welcome Welcome. I am honored to be one of the stops on the tour along with such talented people. Sweet Celebrations features projects from 21 designers or as we call them chefs.
 Chef is code word so that our families think we are spending more time in the kitchen than in the sewing room.
Why I am on the hop? Because I had the honor of compiling this project. However I did not do it alone. I had lots of help from Angela Yosten and Jenny Garland who helped hatch the entire project.
I also wanted to give a shout out to Chelair Etter who took care of making sure each chef had the ingredients necessary to complete their project. Thanks also to the great crew at Stash Books for putting together such a great book that can be used throughout the year.
The book was started a year and a half ago so to see the actual book and the great projects inside is such a great surprise to see how it all came together.

Throughout the hop you will see a few of the projects in the book so I am not going to duplicate those images. However I am going to show you the pages titled, Celebrate the Designers. That is really what this blog hop is all about, celebrating the designers and all the work they put into this project. I am lucky enough to have my hands on an early copy of the book. I also have many pages flagged for the projects that I want to make!

If you are a storeowner, you can meet some of the chefs at market. They will be there doing a book signing in the United Notions booth.

If you are coming to Quilt Festival in Houston, there will be a Moda Bake Shop booth, showcasing some of the projects from the book as well as all the projects online at the bakeshop.

 Leave a comment telling me what your favorite part of quilting is and I will draw a winner for this little bag of treats that includes 8 different 2 1/2″ charm packs called Moda Candy.

My recipe is from a friend of mine, Debbie Outlaw. The recipe has been around for so long no one knew what it’s original name was…………so I took the liberty to rename it, Outlaw’s Pumpkin Muffins.

here is a link to the recipe.

Hop on over to Little Miss Shabby to see what she is saying today about Sweet Celebrations.


Tomorrow we hop a short plane ride to Houston Texas. 2 crazy days of setting up booths, sales meetings and seeing old friends. I always have intentions of remote blogging, but there is not enough time in the day. So I thought I would post a few links here for you to enjoy some sneak peeks to anything moda.

Alicia – one of our machine quilters have a few peeks on her blog.

Kate Spain talks about her Good Fortune.

Aneela Hoey from across the pond shares her adventures and projects.

Bunny Hill’s Ohh La La is just that. She continues to amaze us with her sophisticated baby lines.

Cosmo Cricket has posts about her newest line of fabric but I enjoyed this post more. Fried Mac & Cheese. Oh I am so hungry!

Jan Patek is on the road!

Malka will be at Market for a meet and greet!

me and my sister are in an auriful booth hop. I wish I could win a big package of auriful thread!

Polly and Laurie will be there.

Sweetwater is ready to roll!

You can follow all of the moda designers from the moda webpage. including any updates and new designers.

Thank you to all the sewers, binders, designers, painters, packers, builders that work behind the scenes to help put the moda show together.
Susan, Chelair, Lorinda, Mariza, Eladia, Sophie, Aida, Kathy,Victor, Ted, Isla, Alicia, AlisonSue, Valerie, Jan, Sherron, Sara, Maggi, Holly,Outlaw, Ducky, Barb, Sherri, Diane, Crystal, Nancy, Barb, Rachel, Sherri, Gerri,
Yosten, Emily, Dennis, Herbert, Juan and of course the “other” Lisa.
If there is something you would like to hear about that goes on at market, leave me a comment and I will see what I can do.

A few random after Market items!

I love what  Karla, Lisa and Susan from Sweetwater  create. They came up to me at the end of Market and handed me this wonderful print that had all the names of every collection and designer from Market. The print was tied with a polka dot ribbon and a moda charm. How did they know I love words, polka dots and moda? One gift that covers it all! Super. Did you know you can order labels from Sweetwater? I ordered some and I love them.  I sew them on anything and everything I make.
Check out all the cool designs. You can even join a monthly club of labels.
When you go to Market twice a year you get to see and catch up with your old friends. I saw Jan Patek in the aisle during set up. She said congratulations on being a cover girl. I politely thanked her and went about my business. I hadn’t seen Jan for months and I just assumed she was talking about APQ October.

Well Jan had just returned from France where she was a guest teacher for Quiltmania. She had already seen issue no. 83 of Quiltmania. Guess what! There was my quilt. You can’t begin to believe the amount of time that  passes from the date you complete your quilt to the date it is published. I feel as if I have sent one of my children off to boarding school and they finally have come home all grown up. Actually I had forgotten all about them having the quilt. Reminds me of when we forgot Travis at the baseball field.That is another story, he made it home safe and so will my quilt. Anyhow I was surprised and delighted!

I love this quilt. It is a double irish chain that has a watercolor or blended feel. I used lots of big prints from French Generals Pom Pom De Paris line. I even cut up the big stripe and used it as a background square.
When i start something like this that is “out of my comfort zone”, I never know how it is going to come together. I am pleased with this one. I am glad Quiltmanina liked it as well.  Thank you Carol!

The only change I would make is that you got to travel with your quilt when you sent it to France.
By the way Quiltmania magazine is available at quilt stores.

During the Memorial day weekend, I was perusing through the stack of books from Market. One of my new favs is Red White and Something Blue from That Patchwork Place. Those are 3 of my favorite colors along with brown, aqua, grey and on and on and on.

Then I come to this masterpiece!  Just kidding! There was one of my quilts that McCall’s had published. The entire book is a collection of quilts from past issues. So if you missed it then now is your chance.

I couldn’t believe this quilt also featured French General fabrics. I didn’t know how l much loved working with this line.

And last but not least I got to drool over something else that was a year and a half in the making. I had a very small part in this but I know several people that worked very hard on making it all happen.Thank you to Angela, Susanne, Jenny, John Natalia, Vanessa, Vickie, Rachel, Julie, Roslyn, Melissa, Amanda jean, Monica, Sweetwater, and Kimberly.

Vanessaa’s project. Which is cuter the quilt or the kid? Of course the kid wins every time!
Moda and Stash books sponsored a schoolhouse at Market. We all had lots of fun.
We had all worked long distance on the project, so it was nice getting to meet many of the chef in person,
Check out the moda bake shop for lists of book signings in your area.
I don’t know about you but I am tired of talking about myself. Toddles for now!

I am a statistic

Has anyone ever done a statistic on how many people apologize for not posting regularly? If so I should be included in that number. Jan Patek sent me this video a while back. I thought it described what it is like doing a market.
Lots of helpers
everyone in good spirit
rounding up and coraling all the salesreps
hard work
A wonderful final project
job well done
View the video to the end!
Thank you to all the moda team!

Fashion stops at the knee..

There is a saying at the quilt trade shows,
Fashion stops at the knee.
What this means is you better have comfortable shoes because
you are going to walking all day on hard concrete floors.
It is not the walking, it is the walking then standing in one place that turns your legs into cement anchors.
SHOES…. are a very important part of the trade show ensemble. Very rarely will you see anyone in spiked platform heels. Anne Sutton from Bunny Hill did a blog post last Market about all the shoes
she “auditioned.”
Barb and Mary from Me and My Sister also did a hilarious blog post about shoes. Barb said she was buying shoes because it was the only thing she didn’t need to buy in a larger size.

So you can see even though the shoes do not have to be the
height of fashion, they are very important.

The owner of Moda Fabrics is very well known for his fashion
and his shoes. He is often approached at market just to see what he is
wearing! Those of you that know him, am I right?
When Cheryl and I were
we came across the greatest thing ever.
The fish really looked like it was swimming around.
We were really trying to think of why we needed to buy these.
 Possibly a Christmas present for the boss?
We laughed and laughed.
So I began to “audition” shoes I would NOT be wearing to Quilt Market.
Possibly? Denim goes with everything.
Oops, over the heel height restrictions.
How cool are these?  Gucci?  Jessica Simpson?
 I don’t think any shoe that starts with Granny in the name should be considered.
(Granny boots in case you are too young to know about these.)
I could add some wheels to these and have a perfect pair of skates for the show.
Hey I think I am on to something. You better not steal my idea.
It is amazing what all can be found at the antique shops!!
I have no idea what shoes I will be wearing
but they will be
Market- 1 week….. to late to break in a new pair. Pack the blister bandaids.

Sew Business

Market is just around the corner!! This time of year we bring in lunches just to make sure the team is nourished. I can only imagine if they went out to lunch and were in some sort of accident.
Okay, I am a mother, I worry!
Look what else is right around the corner. Literally! I thought these were great for us to just hunker down and sleep right on the premises as if we were movie stars.  Each door marked with a star and our name to ensure the paparazzi knows which door to stake out.
Even parking signs for all the crew and the extras that we need to put the “SHOW”,
I mean “Market” together.
 What about a robot to help with laundry, cooking and cleaning? I love this place!
 Maybe I was dreaming or hallucinating. The robot was at the State Fair of Texas. Technology is everywhere. The car manufacturers replaced some of the cute, sexy models with a funny robot. He even stopped to pose when he saw me pointing the camera his way.
And as far as the celebrity dressing rooms, they really are just around the corner.
The warehouse next door is where the new series, Chase is being filmed. http://tv.msn.com/tv/series/chase.3/
I love this tag line from the Chase site.
Chase – Fall TV Sneak Peek: NBC’s Butt-Kicking Babes
I could easily describe the staff here the exact same way.
 (If any one from the Chase series is reading this…… if you need any fabric or quilts for your series, give me a holler!)
Seriously, wanted to show you a few sneak peeks that the butt kicking babes here are working on.

 Stacks of capsets for the most talented sales team in sew business. ( guess whose fabric collection?)
 A cart full of capsets from Aneela Hoey’s, break out line Sherbet Pips.
She will soon have her own star on the fabric walk of fame.

Waiting in the wings…. American Jane always poised for any appearance.

Time for another commercial break. (insert the Geiko lizard here.)

Gotta run…………Check back for more market peeks……………………..

Fall TV Season

Let The Fun Begin!!
I am so excited to have the new line up of television shows including
Dancing with the Stars and Glee! I am a bit tired of my husbands
reruns of SWORDS.
Good television also gives me a chance to catch up on my periodicals!
Periodical, is a published work that appears in a new edition on a regular schedule,
in other words, magazines.
I also have a very special book in my stack.
I am the proud owner of my own autographed copy of
Camille’s book,
run to your favorite store and get one.(October)
(STASH books was kind enough to air in books for Camille to have during her classes
at The Creative Connection last week.)
The new issue of Quiltmania (I love this magazine!) has an article about my (our) illustrious
leader, Mark Dunn. He is such a fascinating man.
I must confess I have learned everything from my mom, my dad
and my boss. Is there a t-shirt that says,
“All I know, I learned from my Boss?”.
Let me know if you see one anywhere,
I should probably buy it.
Yes, that is him tucked between his
collection of vintage quilts.

Quilting Arts, STITCH magazine has a great
article about Liesl Gibson of Oliver + S

And magically, look at the ad on the back cover. Boy, that marketing person over at MODA is a genius.
She must have learned it all from her boss.

And of course, one of my all time favorite ads popped up.  I think some of the MODA designers are “scared” to go to market because every time I MAKE them do some silly picture. 
Don’t you think this ad is great
 as a Brady Bunch tribute? 
(perfect timing, how did the marketing person know?)
After all, Florence Henderson is a shoe in to win DWTS
in the senior division. Thank you to Camille for the great photography!
I am conjuring up the next ad concept for
Fall Quilt Market. Any ideas?
Hmmm, Just thinking…
Dancing with the Quilters??