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Primitve Quilts and Projects

Did you see this new magazine?
Don’t you just love it when there is a new magazine to feed our
a d d i c t i o n s?

Primitive Quilts and Projects is the first EVER publication dedicated to the primitive quilter, rug hooker, stitcher and more!  It ships quarterly, beginning April 1.  All of the industry’s biggest designers are on board (3+ of MODA’s included), and it’s going to be beautiful!  Go check out my friends at http://www.primitivequiltsandprojects.com/!!   You can also visit their booth at Quilt Festivals in Cincinnatti, Long Beach and Houston this year!  Sign up for subscriptions now.

Look at this line up of Contributing Designers
Janet Nesbitt, Buggy Barn
Jeni Gaston, Woolen Willow
Lisa Bongean, Primitive Gatherings
Lori Brechlin, Not Forgotten Farm
Maggie Bonanomi
(not sure about a link for Maggie-Google her
name and all kinds of cool stuff comes up)
Renee Plains, Liberty Star
Tonya Robey, Mad Hen Primitives
Cherie Ralston, Kansas City Star Quilts
Gloria Parsons, Olde Green Cupboard

Help spread the word!

Fall TV Season

Let The Fun Begin!!
I am so excited to have the new line up of television shows including
Dancing with the Stars and Glee! I am a bit tired of my husbands
reruns of SWORDS.
Good television also gives me a chance to catch up on my periodicals!
Periodical, is a published work that appears in a new edition on a regular schedule,
in other words, magazines.
I also have a very special book in my stack.
I am the proud owner of my own autographed copy of
Camille’s book,
run to your favorite store and get one.(October)
(STASH books was kind enough to air in books for Camille to have during her classes
at The Creative Connection last week.)
The new issue of Quiltmania (I love this magazine!) has an article about my (our) illustrious
leader, Mark Dunn. He is such a fascinating man.
I must confess I have learned everything from my mom, my dad
and my boss. Is there a t-shirt that says,
“All I know, I learned from my Boss?”.
Let me know if you see one anywhere,
I should probably buy it.
Yes, that is him tucked between his
collection of vintage quilts.

Quilting Arts, STITCH magazine has a great
article about Liesl Gibson of Oliver + S

And magically, look at the ad on the back cover. Boy, that marketing person over at MODA is a genius.
She must have learned it all from her boss.

And of course, one of my all time favorite ads popped up.  I think some of the MODA designers are “scared” to go to market because every time I MAKE them do some silly picture. 
Don’t you think this ad is great
 as a Brady Bunch tribute? 
(perfect timing, how did the marketing person know?)
After all, Florence Henderson is a shoe in to win DWTS
in the senior division. Thank you to Camille for the great photography!
I am conjuring up the next ad concept for
Fall Quilt Market. Any ideas?
Hmmm, Just thinking…
Dancing with the Quilters??

APQ beats SI anyday of the week

Many of you know that I am a mother of 5, so that means I have been pregnant for 45 months of my life. During one of my pregnancies we had a friend of my husband’s living with us.  Everyday the guys would ask, “Did Sports Illustrated come today?”  Of course it was the Swimsuit issue that they were so excited about.(not the issue shown here)

During this same time I worked the graveyard shift at the local grocery store. Lo and behold, there set the brand new issue of the SI Swimsuit. (one side note before I finish the story- these are the same 2 guys that say people go to Hooter’s for the wings, not because of the waitresses in tight fitting clothes.)
I decided to perform an experiment. I marched home with the new SI so excited I could barely stand it. I then proceeded to cut my face out of any pictures I could find. Ever so strategically I taped my picture onto each and every swimsuit model in the entire magazine. I quietly snuck the magazine into the mailbox along with the other mail so the guys would be the first to stumble across the much anticipated issue. The guys flipped through the magazine 3 or 4 times and DID NOT notice my picture on a single model. AHA!My experiment worked, they do not go to hooter’s for the wings.

Flash ahead 25 years!! Now, I am the one going to the mailbox inquisitively asking, “Did my American Patchwork and Quilting come yet?”  I see why the guys were so excited (well not really) for their much anticipated reading material. No one in my house was chasing down the mailman or running to the quilt store to look for a copy. Did they not understand? This was as big as my picture (head only- not body) being taped throughout Sports Illustrated so many years before. My quilt was going to be on the cover of October’s issue of American Patchwork and Quilting. Alas, my magazine(S) have arrived. I am sure that the cover quilt does not make the evening news like the cover model of SI does. I am sure my Dad would be proud that I didn’t have to take off any clothes to  make the cover.
In May, I had the pleasure and honor of attending American Patchwork and Quilting’s Creative Circle 2010. You can read all about this in the October issue of APQ so I will not fill you in too much of the details. (BACK PAGE) Also it was so great that I cannot even put it into words.

While on the tour of Meredith Corporation, we learned how the magazine was created and laid out. (Yes that is THE Eleanor Burns standing right next to me.) I was standing along one wall when Monica from Happy Zombie pointed out my quilt on the pages pinned to the storyboard. I was trying so hard to contain my excitement which of course is hard when Happy Zombie is pointing at you.

Senior Editor, Jennifer Keltner show us how each issue is laid out, making sure the entire issue is consistent and flows throughout. .

 We continued on the tour visiting the incredible Better Homes and Garden’s test garden. Breathtaking! As we were leaving I was told, “Oh ya. Lissa your quilt was photographed right over there. Do you want have your picture made in the same spot your quilt was photographed?” Well I am kind of shy, but I jumped at the chance.

Okay, Okay enough about me.
Run and pick up your own copy of the October, American Patchwork and Quilting.
Read about Jean Wells, Tara Lynn Darr, Lisa DeBee Schiller, Tonye Belinda Phillips, Pat Sloan,
In honor of my quilt and all the crew at APQ, I am doing a give away. Some lucky comment leaving person will win a shoebox full of 1 1/2 ” strips all different lengths. These strips will probably not make your own version of this quilt but it will get you started.
Also, do not miss what Jennifer Keltner is featuring on page 4. I have one now. You will want one too.
If you want to make this quilt you will need “a bunch of 1 1/2″ strips” the magazine instructions and your choice of brown tonals. here are a few moda choices. Collections for a Cause-Hope, Stock # 46088-14, Sandy’s Solids 7521-418 or Bella Solid 9900-71.

Chicago Quilt Show 2010

Big Smiles were certainly abundant at the Chicago Quilt Show.
gerri and beth and Jean
If you are looking for a fantastic project, this would have been just one of the booths to have visited. My friend, Gerri Robinson and her sister, Jean from Planted Seeds Designs were filled to the brim with kits and patterns. They were joined by Beth Hayes, editor of McCall’s Quilting. Once again, great people make a great industry.

postcard quilt
This quilt was one of those times when I thought, “Why didn’t I think of that?” Brilliant and charming!
I  saw the back of the quilt first. Walked around the corner and was blown away by the front of the postcard quilt.
postcard quilt3
postcard quilt4
postcard quilt5
postcard quilt1
Can you just imagine a mail man walking up to the house to deliver this? Love it!

It was a beautiful day to walk in the sunshine and take in the sites in and around Millennium Park. Cloud Gate is British artist Anish Kapoor’s first public outdoor work installed in the United States. The 110-ton elliptical sculpture is forged of a seamless series of highly polished stainless steel plates, which reflect the city’s famous skyline and the clouds above. A 12-foot-high arch provides a “gate” to the concave chamber beneath the sculpture, inviting visitors to touch its mirror-like surface and see their image reflected back from a variety of perspectives.
 Every time I look back at pictures of quilts from each of the shows, I wonder what attracts me to the quilts I photograph. I realize they are either art quilts or antique applique quilts. These are the 2 styles of quilts I will probably never own. I do not see how the art quilters create the incredible art. It is in my head, but I do not have the talent or skills to transfer the vision to cloth.I know the reason why I take pictures of applique quilts is because I just do not sit still long enough to make one of those.
Here are the pics from this show.






Over and Out! 1 month until Market. Yowser!

Martinque quilt and McCalls Magazine

I am honored .
One of  my quilts was chosen for a McCalls magazine. On shelves now.
The flat picture of it does not do it justice. You have to click on the link and see the styled shot.  Maggi Honeyman worked her magic once again on the quilting! No matter how beautiful the fabrics or how intricate the piecing, it is the quilting that adds such texture and dimesion. McCalls Quilting May June 2010 Cover
Yummy! The quilt kind of looks like schools of fish swimming through the tropics.

Dreaming of Diamonds

Martinque quilt in McCalls May June 2010
The moda retreat for shop owners is next week. I think I will hang this quilt on my office wall so I can show it off. Thanks McCalls for featuring little ol’ me.

Quilter’s Home– April May 2010 has an article on page 14 that is titled 55 Favorite blogs for Quilters.

I saw some of my blog buddies listed like lazygirl quilting.blogspot.com and http://www.cluckclucksew.com/and aquiltinglife.blogspot.com. Of course manquilter.com/Blog.php is listed. http://www.jaybirdquilts.com/and patsloan.typepad.com are always entertaining reads.
I checked out some “new to me” blogs such as makeitandloveitblogspot.com, crapivemade.blogspot.com, quiltsabit.blogspot.com and many, many, many more.
The article features my personal favorite blog http://www.modabakeshop.com/. I love what the article says about the bake shop. “Hey, it’s moda. Do we honesty have to say more?”
Then to my fright I also see modalissa listed. Yikes! Eeek! Opps! I am not worthy. The writeup talks of my travel journal. So I have worked hard to do something this weekend that is worthy of being featured along with this prestigous group of bloggers. I traveled from Dallas to Ft. Worth (approx 30 minutes)
No picture of this quilt could do it justice. The graphic beauty drew me closer. The detail and 3D effects on the quilt were incredible.
The tree branches were gathered and zig zagged. Stunning.
Quilt Made by Linda Roy of Knoxville, TN

Love this quilt. Lots of Pieces. Sorry I don’t know who made it but they did win a ribbon!
Pineapple Log Cabin
This is a priceless picture of Mark Dunn (my boss) looking at this quilt which is a quilt I made. He turned and saw me taking his pic in front of my quilt. Priceless.
Loved this one made by Eun Yeon Yoo of Flower Mound, Texas.
Who couldn’t stop and smile at this quilt by Tonya Littmann from Denton, Texas of her son when he was 6 years old.


To see more quilts including “The Best of Show” go to my Flickr pool.
Our very own Sarah Stephenson was also at the quilt show working!

Saturday morning I headed off to the Fabulous Finds Spring Fling show. The show was sponsored by Cabbage Rose and Etsy Ft. Worth.
I was hoping to meet a couple of the members of the Dallas Modern quilt quild. (I didn’t get to meet them, but had a ton of fun shopping with my niece, Kennedy Collins.) Just a few of the etsy artists I met or bought from:
Cut out and Collect.
Revel Designs
Hippie Bliss
Fluffy Stuffies

Kennedy shown in corner shocked to see a dog shopping!
One of the Bottlecap Jewelry booths also had a make it and take it station. Kennedy jumped right in.This show was so refreshing to me. It reminds me of the years that I did exactly what they were doing. Making things and selling them. If you have a show in your area you must go. I already have on my calender, Spring Bash, May 1st, sponsored by Dallas Etsy.
Hit the Flea Market and Antique Show
we purchased a few fashionale accessories. (her mom is going to kill me!)
Visited Montgomery Street Antique Mall
A goldmine! It also happens to be across from Cabbage Rose Quilting which is an over the top quilt shop!There were literally groups of women squealing when they came in the door.

A great weekend! My niece and I also made a quilt that is featured over at the Moda Bake Shop.

Thank you Quilter’s Home for featuring little ol’ me.

Prairie Points and Pillowcase tutorial

Moda Fabrics is a sponsor of the Million Pillowcase Challenge with American Patchwork & QuiltingI asked Jennifer Keltner, Senior Editor of American Patchwork & Quilting, what her inspiration was for such a big project. Here is Jennifer’s reply.
 The inspiration for the project came from wanting to launch something that everyone could participate in—no matter what your skill level. With a pillowcase, it is fun and easy to make, doesn’t take a lot of time, and is certainly a way to showcase great fabrics you might not otherwise work with (don’t fit your usual style, color, etc.) It’s also a great way to practice a new-to-you technique such as prairie points, foundation piecing, diagonal block seams, etc. By incorporating that technique in a pieced pillowcase band, you can experiment first before making a commitment to a big quilt project.

On a very personal level, I was touched by two stories which made me think about the power of pillowcases making a difference. One was from a guild member who knew that in her area foster children had all their possessions tossed into a trash bag when they were moved from place to place. She vowed to have her guild donate pillowcases so every foster kid in the county could tuck their few possessions into a handmade case and have a soft place to rest their heads during trying times. The second was a story of a mother who made pillowcases for her son who was in a cancer ward—she was desperate to brighten up his room and his day. She did, and after he passed away, she had the courage to keep on creating them for the other people’s kids in the same tough spot. She and her husband eventually formed the ConKerr Cancer Foundation to make a difference for kids with cancer around the country by making pillowcases. Turning their grief into an ongoing effort for good really spoke to my heart.

I’m so touched by the hundreds of stories and emails I’ve read about where and how people are donating cases. The ultimate story of how the Million Pillowcase Challenge is an outreach to others came to my attention last week. Check out this girl learning to quilt with her mom, very inspiring girl (you’ll know what I mean when you check out her blog). Scroll down to the Tuesday, February 23 posting and make sure to click on the link to her friend Kristen’s blog to see how touched her friend was to receive the pillowcase. If this story doesn’t give you goosebumps….whoa! The power of quilting and motherhood and pillowcases and big hearts all rolled into one!

Thank you Jennifer

The staff here at moda fabrics have been feverishly making pillowcases. We are addicted! Jennifer also told me that they have a goal of 1000 pillowcases to be made by their staff. I will have to let the Moda crew know about that goal. The following pillowcase is a tutorial of the pillowcase I sent to APQ.


The following is actually 2 tutorials, Prairie Points and Pillowcases.

Determine the size of Prairie Point you need. (I used a pattern from APQ  that required 3″ prairie points.)
I doubled that size and cut a strip, 6″ wide x 45″ long.

Fold the strip in half length wise and press to determine the middle. Start on one end of the strip and cut every 3″ stopping at the middle fold. From the other side of the strip make your first cut at 1 1/2″ then start cutting every 3″ being sure to stop at the middle fold. Your strip will look like the one below.
6″ strip cut every 3″ alternating on each side so it it staggered

Lay the strip on your ironing board and press all the squares in the same direction. Leave the 1 1/2″ strip
loose. You will get rid of it later.


Then continue pressing all the triangles back onto themsleves in the opposite direction.


 The strip of “Points” will fold together to create your strip of prairie points.


By pressing the points in the same direction you can “nest” each of the points into each other as shown in the picture shown below.


The points all line up nicely and rest inside each other. This step if reminds me of a caterpillar. To hold the “caterpillar” in place you can now top stitch this down to hold them in place.

A couple of other notes before moving on to how I used it in my pillowcase.
If you want a strip longer than approx 41″ of points just make another strip and nest it into the last point on your strip. This is the perfect size  for making prairie point border on a baby quilt or throw.
The length of the prairie point strip will always be the length of the fabric. The only thing that varies is how many points and how far apart they are.
For example, cut an 8″ strip for 4″ prairie points and you will have fewer but bigger points. The strip will still be approx 41″/42″ long.
Cut a smaller strip 4″ for 2″ points and you will have a bunch of cute little tiny points. The strip will still be approx 41″/42″ long.
 NOTE TO SELF: Love the 2″ point idea. Go make some tonight.

The instructions listed below are almost like doing a magic trick. Everytime we finsh one we say Ta Da!!
However it is very hard to illustrate it in pictures. So my word of advice is to make a sloppy copy pillowcase just in case you mess up. And I also want to say TRUST ME! you will love this method. It is two seams! remember Magic! TA DA!


Pattern used is one of the free downloads from APQ.
Fabric featured  is Whimsy by Fig Tree & Co.
Casing- Cut 9″ x 45″
Body of pillow 28″ x 45″
You choice of small flange, ric rac etc.
In the instructions below I have used the prairie points from above.
 Lay CASING piece right sides up. Pin the points or trim of your choicealong the edge.
With me so far?


Lay Pillowcase fabric right side down towards casing fabric.  Lightly roll the pillowcase fabric until you can see the casing fabric below. This will seem odd but it does work.

 Taking the exposed casing fabric and roll it up to the top enclosing the entire pillowcase fabric. Pin  together. Now you may think that you are making fabric sausages, but you’re not. This is also where you have to really trust me.


SEAM 1: Sew the tube together. I know it seems odd, but this IS where the magic happens.


Once you have done this step, literally grab a section from inside the tube and start pulling. (Love my great picture?This is where I needed the video.) Keep pulling until you have turned the entre thing right side out.
TIP: You must say TA! DA! as you pull so that the magic happens!


This is what it looks like when it comes out of the tube. The casing is completely sewn without doing any handwork!


Fold the Pillowcase right sides together.
SEAM 2: Sew down the side and across the bottom.


You now have a finished pillowcase. Serge or Zig Zag the edges if you choose.


Sleep tight!

Pay it Forward

Now that Friday the 13th has come and gone, I want to talk about the upcoming holidays.
When the kids were little, we all gathered to watch Charlie Brown’s Christmas. Ya, I know kind of lame for teenagers but my husband still insists. Sometime between Halloween and Thanksgiving I offer to cook (of course nothing entices grown boys to come see mama like a home cooked meal)and we all watch Pay it Forward. This movie is NOT for the little ones but it’s meaning is.
If you have not seen this movie, here is some of the info from the web.

Like some other kids, 12 year old Trevor McKinney believed in the goodness
of human nature. Like many other kids, he was determined to change the world
for the better. Unlike other kids, he succeeded.
Sometimes the simplest idea can make the biggest difference.

This brings me to Quilter’s!! YES! Who better pays it forward?

Quilter’s are the best people in the world, Right? Any disagreements ?
Just look at how quick Cherri House was to respond to the injured soldier’s at Ft. Hood. Quilter’s quickly jumped on board making and sending quilts.

This is my favorite book of the season, Quilt for Peace. The message is wonderful. The author, Katherine Bell has great projects and wonderful charities to make and sew for. This pretty much sums up a quilter’s heart and spirit.

What about Camille and the Kimberly at Fat Quarter Shop? Both of these people realized the power of “The Quilt” by raffling a quilt with all the money going to this sweet family.

Talk about a great project for a Stashbuster? Check out American Patchwork & Quilting’s,
A MILLION PILLOWCASE CHALLENGE. Does a million sound like a lot? It does if you are talking $$, but did you know there are over 800,000 kids in foster care in America?
Let’s get a pillow case in each of their hands!
How are you going to Pay it Forward?
The holidays are upon us and it is probably best not to send out cards such as these.
I am working now on Moda’s Christmas collections for 2010 so just in case I am snowed under,(Ha! Ha!) I am wishing you a Happy Holiday now a reminder that it is not to late to finish up those new year’s resolutions from 2009!

One last bit of info and kind of a tutorial:
Seems like everyone I know is having twins. This is my fourth set of twin quilts in the past year! All BOYS!! I am kind of liking making 2 at the same time. Deb Strain is the proud grandma of 2 little boys, Graham and Finnegan. I won’t post a tutorial on COIN QUILTS, because there are lots of good ones already out there. What I will post is my tip on being ready. Any of my leftover strips I keep adding to a running length of “Coins”. I have a couple of different ones hanging on my bulletin board and add to them constantly. I make good use of some of the fabrics I may have thrown in the trash. Instead I just keep adding them to the strips. I keep a bright fun kid one going along with what some may call a dark and dingy one.
I am ready at a minutes notice. All I have to do is choose the color of fabric to go in between my rows and how long I want to make the project.

The area in between is the perfect place to quilt the names, date of birth etc. I tell my quilter Maggie that I am just lazy and do not want to make a label so she is so kind to quilt it in for me.

Maggie also isn’t afraid to quilt with the moda snuggles. Makes a great backing!
Kuddos to all you quilters out there for spreading the love!!
Covering the world one quilt at a time!


Did that catch your eye?

I just recieved a copy of the new Holiday Issue of McCall’s quilting December 2009 issue. I was excited to see my quilt made the cover, AGAIN… folded and stacked with designers such as Chloe and Colleen from Toadusew, Sarah and Delores from Homestead Hearth and a dear friend, Gerri Robinson from Planted Seed Designs. And of course much more inside.
I do not know if you know of the MANQUILTER, but he is who quilted this quilt so I thought I would give him a shout out also. Isn’t that a great word, Manquilter? Of course you have to say it in a deep voice for the full effect.
Yes I said giveaway… keep reading.
The gals at McCall’s are so clever. They did a quilt option using the same pattern but did it in 30’s fabrics and used embroidered tea towels as the centers. Just that idea alone is worth running to the store to pick up your own copy. (pg 64)
Also there is an ad on page 49 from moda about something new available in stores late October. Clue- Fanfare Gift Wrap. Check it out.
Here’s the deal. Thanks for reading to the end.
The giveaway is for a magazine and my scraps from this collection. Scraps?! I have good scraps and after all it is a free giveaway. Rounneries will be in stores soon, so once you win my scraps you can order all kinds of yardage from your favorite shop.
I mean run to the stores this group is going to go fast!
Just make a nice comment and you will be entered. Drawing will be September 30th.

My Quilt Updates

The quilt for my new little niece is finished and in the mail. I changed some of my plans on the border. I was inspired by Camille’s quilts with ric rac. I called my friend Gina Halladay and frantically ordered enough ric rac to sew around the border. Love it! I was going to sew it down but someone suggested that a baby would love touching the loose edges. Good idea, stiffy! I chickened out of appliqueing Savannah Lynne Tardy along the border so I had her name quilted along the border.(thanks, Maggi Honeyman) Also there are 2 Aunt Lisa’s in this family, so I am Aunt Izzy. Maggie also quilted “made by Aunt Izzy” in the corner. I can’t let the other aunt Lisa get credit for the quilt. Can I? Emily quilt is in the mail, give Savannah a big hug for me. Bear with me while I talk about myself a little more!

Yes, I was a cover girl on the April issue of McCalls Quilting. (no honey, not the cover of the sports illustrated swimsuit issue!) I just found out that this quilt will also be hanging in Paducah, KY. Wowser! Well, it will be hanging in Hancock’s of Paducah’s store, not in the actual show. I think I could still be able to say I had a quilt at Paducah, right?!

One thing you will not see in the magazine is the back of any of my quilts. Each year I choose a theme for my quilt backs. 2 years ago everything I made had plaids or wovens on the back. Last year was the year of the dots, the bigger the better for my quilt backs. This year is pieced backs. This is my attempt to use my stash, you know make room for new stash while helping the environment and the pocketbook. (or at least that what I tell my husband)

I took a quick picture of the back before I had to SHIP MY QUILT TO PADUCAH.

How time flies? My first post as modalissa was right before I headed of to Quilt Market. At the time, I gave you a preview on my Honeybun TM log cabin quilt. At least twice a year I make a quilt using as many different moda fabric collections as I can. I know this is psycho, but it makes me happy sewing and thinking about each of the designers.

This week I received my copy of McCalls Quilting- June 2009. There on page 40 (same as my age 🙂 is my log cabin quilt. I forgot how much I love this quilt. It is so easy but the way the blocks are sewn makes it look as if there are staggered seams. Basically half the blocks start with a dark center and half start with a light center. Maggi quilted it and really made the quilt sing! This quilt is scrappy and so to get your started on your very own, I am going to give away my extra strips from this project. There I go again, helping the environment and your pocketbook. All you have to do is guess how many pieces are in the quilt.

A couple of clues:

Not how many different fabrics, how many pieces. Simple multiplication- pieces in a block X how many blocks plus corner strips.

Tricky part- I have pieced the back, so this is where you just have to blindly guess. Sorry had to make it interesting.

Okay I admit it, they use a picture of me from when I was 40. Thank you, Beth!

I will draw a winner on April 19th. That way if you go to the show you can see the quilt in person. The AQS show in Paducah is April 21- 26.

I thought I would add a picture of the Prize. I will even throw in the blocks in all stages and the wonderful storage box holding the strips.

Support your favorite quilt magazines, quilt shows and independent quilt stores!