My Quilt Updates

The quilt for my new little niece is finished and in the mail. I changed some of my plans on the border. I was inspired by Camille’s quilts with ric rac. I called my friend Gina Halladay and frantically ordered enough ric rac to sew around the border. Love it! I was going to sew it down but someone suggested that a baby would love touching the loose edges. Good idea, stiffy! I chickened out of appliqueing Savannah Lynne Tardy along the border so I had her name quilted along the border.(thanks, Maggi Honeyman) Also there are 2 Aunt Lisa’s in this family, so I am Aunt Izzy. Maggie also quilted “made by Aunt Izzy” in the corner. I can’t let the other aunt Lisa get credit for the quilt. Can I? Emily quilt is in the mail, give Savannah a big hug for me. Bear with me while I talk about myself a little more!

Yes, I was a cover girl on the April issue of McCalls Quilting. (no honey, not the cover of the sports illustrated swimsuit issue!) I just found out that this quilt will also be hanging in Paducah, KY. Wowser! Well, it will be hanging in Hancock’s of Paducah’s store, not in the actual show. I think I could still be able to say I had a quilt at Paducah, right?!

One thing you will not see in the magazine is the back of any of my quilts. Each year I choose a theme for my quilt backs. 2 years ago everything I made had plaids or wovens on the back. Last year was the year of the dots, the bigger the better for my quilt backs. This year is pieced backs. This is my attempt to use my stash, you know make room for new stash while helping the environment and the pocketbook. (or at least that what I tell my husband)

I took a quick picture of the back before I had to SHIP MY QUILT TO PADUCAH.

How time flies? My first post as modalissa was right before I headed of to Quilt Market. At the time, I gave you a preview on my Honeybun TM log cabin quilt. At least twice a year I make a quilt using as many different moda fabric collections as I can. I know this is psycho, but it makes me happy sewing and thinking about each of the designers.

This week I received my copy of McCalls Quilting- June 2009. There on page 40 (same as my age 🙂 is my log cabin quilt. I forgot how much I love this quilt. It is so easy but the way the blocks are sewn makes it look as if there are staggered seams. Basically half the blocks start with a dark center and half start with a light center. Maggi quilted it and really made the quilt sing! This quilt is scrappy and so to get your started on your very own, I am going to give away my extra strips from this project. There I go again, helping the environment and your pocketbook. All you have to do is guess how many pieces are in the quilt.

A couple of clues:

Not how many different fabrics, how many pieces. Simple multiplication- pieces in a block X how many blocks plus corner strips.

Tricky part- I have pieced the back, so this is where you just have to blindly guess. Sorry had to make it interesting.

Okay I admit it, they use a picture of me from when I was 40. Thank you, Beth!

I will draw a winner on April 19th. That way if you go to the show you can see the quilt in person. The AQS show in Paducah is April 21- 26.

I thought I would add a picture of the Prize. I will even throw in the blocks in all stages and the wonderful storage box holding the strips.

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  1. Pam P says:

    1242 is my guess – thanks for the chance to win suce beautiful fabric – and I absolutely LOVE the baby quilt. Quilting the names on it was a great idea!

  2. Cynthia says:

    Congrats on your cover girl quilt…absolutely gorgeous! I wasn’t planning a trip to Hancock’s, but now I’ve got to see your quilt in person…
    My guess for how many pieces in your Carolina Courthouse….how about 1334…did I read you used Honey Buns? I haven’t bought any of those yet…oh, boy…my credit card is still recovering from my last purchases. Do I sound easily influenced? My knees start trembling at the mention of M-O-D-A – LOL. Thanks for the chance to win!

  3. Lynn says:

    What a darling baby quilt; I’m sure it will be treasured. Also love the “Paducah” quilt, too. My guess for your strips is 1,261 and I’m hoping that I don’t win because I’m trying to stash bust also. I don’t need another “project” but it’s fun to play along. Love your blog.

  4. a good yarn says:

    Enduring Elegance is simply stunning and I have already started collecting fabrics to make it. I posted about it on my blog the ay I bought the magazine! Tragic eh? I’m making three boy quilts this year so I’m busting to make a girlie one as soon as they are done.. Funky baby quilt – the ric rac makes it.

    Thanks for sharing the design with us!

    Happy Stitching…Ann 🙂

  5. happy zombie says:

    I love, love, love your Aunt Izzy quilt! And the ric-rac… what a perfect touch!

    And you covergirl you! I saw you on Keepsake’s cover too! I love all that you do and make. You’re like the Adam Lambert of quilt design… I can’t wait to see what you’re going to do next!

  6. brigette says:

    hi lissa.
    beautiful quilt. i’m guessing 1147 cuz 47 is my fav. number.
    i just ADORE that quilt you made for your neice! it’s gorgeous. WAY better than anything the OTHER aunt lisa came up with! 🙂

  7. BUMBLE BEANS says:

    I love what you did with the baby quilt and leaving the little bits flip up! Hmmm, maybe that’s how I can finish this VERY BRIGHT baby quilt I still have hanging on my design wall.. time to get that baby done and outta here!!!
    thanks for inspiring! Love that quilt on the cover, I don’t usually buy quilt magazines, But I actually have that one laying here! Because I love the colors of that quilt! Nice job!

  8. disa says:

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