Fall TV Season

Let The Fun Begin!!
I am so excited to have the new line up of television shows including
Dancing with the Stars and Glee! I am a bit tired of my husbands
reruns of SWORDS.
Good television also gives me a chance to catch up on my periodicals!
Periodical, is a published work that appears in a new edition on a regular schedule,
in other words, magazines.
I also have a very special book in my stack.
I am the proud owner of my own autographed copy of
Camille’s book,
run to your favorite store and get one.(October)
(STASH books was kind enough to air in books for Camille to have during her classes
at The Creative Connection last week.)
The new issue of Quiltmania (I love this magazine!) has an article about my (our) illustrious
leader, Mark Dunn. He is such a fascinating man.
I must confess I have learned everything from my mom, my dad
and my boss. Is there a t-shirt that says,
“All I know, I learned from my Boss?”.
Let me know if you see one anywhere,
I should probably buy it.
Yes, that is him tucked between his
collection of vintage quilts.

Quilting Arts, STITCH magazine has a great
article about Liesl Gibson of Oliver + S

And magically, look at the ad on the back cover. Boy, that marketing person over at MODA is a genius.
She must have learned it all from her boss.

And of course, one of my all time favorite ads popped up.  I think some of the MODA designers are “scared” to go to market because every time I MAKE them do some silly picture. 
Don’t you think this ad is great
 as a Brady Bunch tribute? 
(perfect timing, how did the marketing person know?)
After all, Florence Henderson is a shoe in to win DWTS
in the senior division. Thank you to Camille for the great photography!
I am conjuring up the next ad concept for
Fall Quilt Market. Any ideas?
Hmmm, Just thinking…
Dancing with the Quilters??


  1. Vickie E says:

    Lissa, Lissa you are a clever one aren't you?
    I LOVE DWTS as well. I wish I had even one talented dance bone in my body. Oh well.

    I just saw this t-shirt on facebook. It says "I knit so I don't kill people". Um I want one that says "I quilt so I don't kill people"…maybe it's out there..not sure, but it should be!

  2. gale says:

    ahh I want that Simplify book! It's on my amazon preorder wish list but it says it releases in October. I was at a shop on the 18th and they didn't have it. I only have one shop nearby (not the one I was in) and they never get anything fun there.

  3. Alicia says:

    You have great ideas – so many that they're flying around your head! Just grab one and do it- it'll be awesome! Love seeing the pic of Mr. Dunn. I'll have to hunt for the mag.

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