The word “junk” is a funny word. It is relative. My husband likes to call all our stuff junk, I call it treasures. The Junk Bonanza had many artisans that have taken found things and have created works of art. Jewelry, yard art, reclaimed furniture were just a few of the things that could be found here. The feast for the junk senses made it hard to take pictures and “shop” at the same time.

I was glad to see the familiar face of Amy Barickman from Indygo Junction. She was signing her newest book.

 Many of you know that I have a love of the quirky, unusual and unique. (I think I just described my husband and kids!)I am under going counseling for this sickness but you sometimes have to bear with me on my pics.

How cool is this? They had made corsages from old baseballs and softballs along with a cluster of antique buttons in the center. I can’t begin to tell you hany many baseballs I have gone through having 4 boys playing ball! If I had only thought of this I would be rich OR have alot of corsages!

Feed Sack pillows stacked as high as you could see. The soft aged color on these pillows take on a life of their own.

 Rows and rows of crocks, vintage dishes, jars of buttons, dominios, and dice. Bingo Cards, optical lenses, glasses, iron work, wool blankets, license plates, typewriter keys, bed spring coils, bowling pins,

 Living in Texas our seasons are often very short. Halloween is my favorite season. Do you not call Halloween a season? It isthe official beginning of THE EATING SEASON. It all begins with halloween candy, carmel apples, and carmel popcorn. The season does not end until after Christmas! THE DIET SEASON begins January 1st, but more on that later.

 Bins of Maps. I love the color and feel of these maps.

I also found a gift for my friend, Ducky.

Becasue I did more shopping than taking pics, here is a list of the 100 vendors for you to roam off and kill a couple hours of time.


  1. Kathie says:

    I would have felt like I was in heaven shopping there!
    I have always wanted to collect old maps and wallpaper a room with them
    I just love the look of them!
    someday….very cute duck!
    any quilt pictures?

  2. I agree about THE EATING SEASON! Mine has already begun, and it appears there is no end in sight! I'm a firm believer in keeping warm through calorie consumption… although some may call it gaining weight. 😉

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