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Red and white quilt book winner

Friday was a 12 hour whirlwind of a day at Quilt Festival. Several of the Moda team hopped on the first flight out of Dallas for the 50 minute flight to Houston. While we had all been in Houston for Market the week before, it was time to go and see all the festival shops.
Our first stop was to rush to Lisa Bongean at Primitive Gatherings. I had to get some of her new rulers that are designed to cut stems.

Have you seen Lisa’s rugs made using mini charm packs? Perfect Christmas presents!

Pattern available at your favorite store or from Primitive Gatherings.

I snapped a quick pic of Erin Smith and Tammy Vonderschmitt. They had smiles on their faces with no sign of exhaustion even though this was the 9th day or 11 days straight living in hotel rooms and working in convention center settings. (Amy Matheny not pictured)

These gals were manning the Moda booth. They demoed cake mix papers and showcased all the many things that can be done with Vanessa Christenson’s ombre line of fabrics.

Vanessa Christenson and her sweet daughter, Katie were in attendance. Look at the cute skirt Vanessa is wearing that is made from her pink ombre fabric. Vanessa has an entire Pinterest board devoted to inspiration and patterns for her Ombre fabrics. Click here to follow the pinterest board.

Another stop was to visit Karen at Home A la Mode. She is the queen of demo’s and I always have to stop by to see what she is working on.

27 aisles of quilt goodness and almost 4 miles of steps, then rush to  the airport in time to find our plane delayed. A little bit more time spent with good friends and then home. Can’t wait until next year to do it all over again.

Winner of the Red and White quilt book giveaway is:

October 28, 2018 at 12:58 pm
Mary Durham says:
My favorite quilt show has been the Outdoors show in Sisters, Oregon. There were so many beautiful quilts, but it was also such a fun atmosphere. Someday I hope to go to the shows in Paducah and Houston.

Please send me an email or DM with your shipping information.


 What draws you to a quilt pattern? I have wanted to make a certain quilt from the Moda bake shop forever. Well to tell the truth I have several of the patterns printed and waiting in the wings to make but this one was calling my name.

I dove right in. The pattern is Sunday Potluck by KnottyGnome Crafts.  This quilt was faetured on the Moda Bake shop in September 2013. I loved how classic retro the fabrics were and it looked prefect for a Sunday picnic. I planned on making it using the American Jane collection, but I ended up using those fabrics for another project. So I had a Fig Tree and Co layer cake and wondered how different the quilt would look.
Same pattern, two completely different looks. what is your favorite way to change up patterns?

SIDE NOTE: This is a good reason to not try and take a picture on a windy day while your daughter is trying to hide behind the quilt top. My daughter will kill me if she sees this and probably never hold a quilt top for me again.



QuiltCon 2013

 I spent the weekend at the Moda Bake Shop booth during the QuiltCon 2013 show.
 Thank you to Alex from Auriful for helping sponsor the 
fun, crazy photo booth. 
(more pics tomorrow from the photo booth)
How adorable are the handmade prize ribbons?
Here are just a few of the quilts from the show.
       Quilt by Angela Walters
 Quilt by Judy Kiser
Quilted by Laurie Marks
Quilt by Alison Glass
Quilted by Lisa Sipes
 Flying Saucer
Made and quilted by Lisa Alexakis
Quilt by Tina Michalik
Quilted by Susan Spencer
 Broken Cogs
Quilt by Jacquie Gering
Quilted by Angela Walters
 Off the B.O.W.
was made by the Anchorage Modern Quilt Guild
 Made and Quilted by Beth Copeland
  Made and Quilted by Chelle Casey-Stevenson
Made and quilted by Faith Jones
 Lines in Freedom
Made and quilted by Daria Blandina from Italy!
 In the Clouds
Made by Andrea Johnson
Quilted by Jill Montgomery
 Oreos and Creamsicles
Made and quilted by Rebecca Jubie
 I Don’t Wear Blue
Made and quilted by Cinzia Allocca
Made and quilted by Jodi McLaughin
Made and quilted by Angela Walters
 Not Quite a Shadow
Made by Susan Shore
Quilted by Jessica Sloan
Made and quilted by Rachel Hauser
 A Very Long Conversation
Made by Rossie Hutchinson
Quilted by Bernie Olszewski
 Makin’ Me Crazy
Made by Victoria Findlay Wolfe
Quilted by Shelly Paglial
 Not so Twin Stripes
Made and quilted by Irene Beatie
Made and quilted by Katie Spencer 
Made and quilted by Lindsay Stead
 Dresden Stairs
Made and quilted by Elizabeth Dackson
 Psychedelic Baby
Made and quilted by Katie Pederson
 Modern Basket Lattice
Made and quilted by Sherri Shannon
 Add It Up
Made and quilted by Jacquie Gering and Katie Pederson
 Just One More Slice
Made and quilted by Patty Simmons
Last but certainly not least, 
Ron Swanson Quilt by Monica Soloria-Snow
Happy Zombie 
Stayed tuned for a few more pics tomorrow.

What I am baking…

If any of my family members are reading this they will be 
laughing out loud or saying finally.
I have been busy getting ready for the QuiltCon Show in Austin, Texas  
this weekend, so let me just say the cupboard is bare. 
However, I have had some time to cook up a 
little project for the Moda Bake Shop.
I will also be demoing this technique at the Moda Bake Shop 
booth #100 so stop by and say hello.

Sweet Celebrations blog hop

Welcome Welcome. I am honored to be one of the stops on the tour along with such talented people. Sweet Celebrations features projects from 21 designers or as we call them chefs.
 Chef is code word so that our families think we are spending more time in the kitchen than in the sewing room.
Why I am on the hop? Because I had the honor of compiling this project. However I did not do it alone. I had lots of help from Angela Yosten and Jenny Garland who helped hatch the entire project.
I also wanted to give a shout out to Chelair Etter who took care of making sure each chef had the ingredients necessary to complete their project. Thanks also to the great crew at Stash Books for putting together such a great book that can be used throughout the year.
The book was started a year and a half ago so to see the actual book and the great projects inside is such a great surprise to see how it all came together.

Throughout the hop you will see a few of the projects in the book so I am not going to duplicate those images. However I am going to show you the pages titled, Celebrate the Designers. That is really what this blog hop is all about, celebrating the designers and all the work they put into this project. I am lucky enough to have my hands on an early copy of the book. I also have many pages flagged for the projects that I want to make!

If you are a storeowner, you can meet some of the chefs at market. They will be there doing a book signing in the United Notions booth.

If you are coming to Quilt Festival in Houston, there will be a Moda Bake Shop booth, showcasing some of the projects from the book as well as all the projects online at the bakeshop.

 Leave a comment telling me what your favorite part of quilting is and I will draw a winner for this little bag of treats that includes 8 different 2 1/2″ charm packs called Moda Candy.

My recipe is from a friend of mine, Debbie Outlaw. The recipe has been around for so long no one knew what it’s original name was…………so I took the liberty to rename it, Outlaw’s Pumpkin Muffins.

here is a link to the recipe.

Hop on over to Little Miss Shabby to see what she is saying today about Sweet Celebrations.

Fresh Fabric Treats Book Review

Another good book. I saw this book on a shop hop last week, but, I was being good, and only getting stuff that was already on my list. I read lots of things about WWII. Both my grandfathers were in WWII, but they were both ‘old men’ by the time they served (one had even been in WWI). Was the comment left by cheryl2quilting who won yesterday’s MINICK and simpson book.

I love flipping through the pages of this book. It is not the newest book but it certainly has a lot of projects that are prefect for the upcoming gift-giving season. Yes Gift Giving and I am giving one away today.
 Fresh Fabric Treats published by Stash books and features 16 different “recipes” (That is code word for projects so the men in the household think we will be in the kitchen. Instead we are in the sewing room!)
 from a few of the talented “chefs” featured on the Moda Bake Shop.
This project is made by Kimberly Walus. I love the organizer tote that has bags inside made from fabric and clear vinyl to keep all your things in plain sight.

I said it was the beginning of gift giving season so go ahead, leave a comment, By now you know the drill. I must be able to reach you via e-mail and you must leave a comment before 6:00 in the morning. (Friday) A 24 hour gift- away.! Lack of sleep makes me think I am funny by making up new words. 

Good Luck!


The best part of this is that I am going to give this book away to some who leaves a random comment. You must have a way for me to contact you. This will be short and sweet. I will draw the name by 6:00 am tomorrow morning. (Friday) A 24 hour giveaway.! Go for it and thanks for stopping by.

Summer House Project

A layer cake of Summer House byLily Ashbury was distracting me. I wanted to make something but did not know quite what. This color palette is not my normal look but I just had to make something, anything!

Then I  remembered Cynthia Lammon’s project on the moda bake shop shown above. I was immediately inspired. When I have this ” quilt fever” sometimes I am not good at reading the directions, I just jump right on in. Somewhere I missed that Cynthia did this project with a charm pack instead of a layer cake. By then it was too late, I had already matched up my fabrics in sets of two and  was pretty determined to cut and sew on Summer House immediately! And I did!

 1 layer cake of your choice.
3/4 yard sashing and inner border
outer border 1 1/4 yds.
5 blocks across by 5 blocks down
(I used 25 of the layer cakes)
62″ square
Step 1:  Pair 2 prints, right side up.
Cut  a 2 3/4 strip and a 5 1/2 strip. This will also leave you a 2″ strip which will have used
all 10″ of the layer cake.  Set aside the outer strips so you can make additional cut on the center section.
This is where the martenelli rotary mat comes in so handy. Just turn the mat to make your next cuts.
*The diagrams above are just an example of the sizes you can cut the layer cakes. Any measurements will work and create a more free form look. All the blocks will eventually be trimmed to 9″ squares. have fun and create your own varieties.I would love to see your projects.

Move the center square to the back of the set of 2 fabrics as shown below. Sew together. 

The layer cake is 10″ so you will have a bit extra once you put the blocks together. Trim to 9″ squares.
Block finishes at 8 1/2″

Each set with make 2 blocks- positive and negative.
A moda layer cake has 42 squares so this method will yield 42 blocks. I only used 25.
Cut 20 sashing strips, 9″ x 1 3/4″ and  join the blocks together. Measure the length of the row and cut strips 1 3/4″ x length. Repeat until all 5 rows are sewn together.
Measure the height of the quilt and cut 2 side strips length x 1 3/4″. Add to the sides creating
a small outer border.
Cut border 6 1/2″ wide.
This collection has wonderful large scale prints so a larger border could be added. This quilt could be made quite a bit larger using the remaining layer cakes. This one is a perfect size for a picnic.
 thank you Cynthia for your inspiration.
Check out the Lily Ashbury blog for these adorable printables that match her fabric!
thanks for stopping by

A few random after Market items!

I love what  Karla, Lisa and Susan from Sweetwater  create. They came up to me at the end of Market and handed me this wonderful print that had all the names of every collection and designer from Market. The print was tied with a polka dot ribbon and a moda charm. How did they know I love words, polka dots and moda? One gift that covers it all! Super. Did you know you can order labels from Sweetwater? I ordered some and I love them.  I sew them on anything and everything I make.
Check out all the cool designs. You can even join a monthly club of labels.
When you go to Market twice a year you get to see and catch up with your old friends. I saw Jan Patek in the aisle during set up. She said congratulations on being a cover girl. I politely thanked her and went about my business. I hadn’t seen Jan for months and I just assumed she was talking about APQ October.

Well Jan had just returned from France where she was a guest teacher for Quiltmania. She had already seen issue no. 83 of Quiltmania. Guess what! There was my quilt. You can’t begin to believe the amount of time that  passes from the date you complete your quilt to the date it is published. I feel as if I have sent one of my children off to boarding school and they finally have come home all grown up. Actually I had forgotten all about them having the quilt. Reminds me of when we forgot Travis at the baseball field.That is another story, he made it home safe and so will my quilt. Anyhow I was surprised and delighted!

I love this quilt. It is a double irish chain that has a watercolor or blended feel. I used lots of big prints from French Generals Pom Pom De Paris line. I even cut up the big stripe and used it as a background square.
When i start something like this that is “out of my comfort zone”, I never know how it is going to come together. I am pleased with this one. I am glad Quiltmanina liked it as well.  Thank you Carol!

The only change I would make is that you got to travel with your quilt when you sent it to France.
By the way Quiltmania magazine is available at quilt stores.

During the Memorial day weekend, I was perusing through the stack of books from Market. One of my new favs is Red White and Something Blue from That Patchwork Place. Those are 3 of my favorite colors along with brown, aqua, grey and on and on and on.

Then I come to this masterpiece!  Just kidding! There was one of my quilts that McCall’s had published. The entire book is a collection of quilts from past issues. So if you missed it then now is your chance.

I couldn’t believe this quilt also featured French General fabrics. I didn’t know how l much loved working with this line.

And last but not least I got to drool over something else that was a year and a half in the making. I had a very small part in this but I know several people that worked very hard on making it all happen.Thank you to Angela, Susanne, Jenny, John Natalia, Vanessa, Vickie, Rachel, Julie, Roslyn, Melissa, Amanda jean, Monica, Sweetwater, and Kimberly.

Vanessaa’s project. Which is cuter the quilt or the kid? Of course the kid wins every time!
Moda and Stash books sponsored a schoolhouse at Market. We all had lots of fun.
We had all worked long distance on the project, so it was nice getting to meet many of the chef in person,
Check out the moda bake shop for lists of book signings in your area.
I don’t know about you but I am tired of talking about myself. Toddles for now!

Moda Bake Shop box

You may have seen one of the latest projects on the Moda Bake Shop by Tilly and Susan of the The Quilt Asylum in McKinney, Texas. I was going to do a post but she did such a fantastic job I am going to link there for the how to section of my post.

My post is about The Moda Bake Shop Candy bar boxes that are in stores now. The boxes are available

in two varieties, both are equally tasty.

The instructions to make a dresden plate using the same technique that the Quilt Asylum featured is included in the Moda bale Shop box. 4 sets of “Candy Bars” measuring 2.5″ x 5″ are included in each box. Add your favorite background, center circle and binding to make a quilt all your own. Instructions for a tablerunner are also included.

Of course I am kind of a fabric “collector” so I couldn’t resist and had to have one of both.

Mixing the collections has been fun to see the different combinations.

Here is a picture of the completed quilt using 1 candy bar box.
But the SUPER DUPER GREATEST thing about the candy bar boxes is that there is a golden ticket hidden in 100 different boxes. Are you a fan of Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory? I watched that show so many times and wanted Charlie to find the golden ticket so bad! Charlie and his uncle were so excited when they finally found the ticket.  Now I want YOU to find a golden ticket. Every golden ticket wins a gift bag full of moda products. That is SUPER! But the SUPER DUPER part is that each of the golden tickets will be entered in a drawing to come and visit the candyland we call Moda. We have had a few golden ticket winners but there are many more out there.
Ask for Moda candy bars at your favorite quilt or specialty store, cross your fingers and you just may be packing your bags to visit moda. Contest runs through August 2011


Moda Bakeshop Monthly contest

Did you know?
Moda Bake shop is having a monthly contest. The following is the guidelines from the Moda Bake Shop. Click here for a printable version of this.

Monthly Contest Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in the Moda Bake Shop Monthly Contest!
You may enter any or all of the monthly contests.

How to Enter:

1. Select any Moda Bake Shop recipe {modabakeshop.com} that coincides with the monthly contest theme:

March: Charm Pack

April: Accessories

May: Home Decor

2. Use Moda fabric to duplicate the Bake Shop recipe you selected. Feel free to

embellish or make alterations to the original recipe. You do not have to make

any design changes, however.

3. Upload a maximum of 4 photos to the appropriate Moda Bake Shop Flickr group:

March: {www.flickr.com/groups/MarchContestMBS}

April: {www.flickr.com/groups/AprilContestMBS}

May: {www.flickr.com/groups/MayContestMBS}

4. Use your name and the original Moda Bake Shop recipe title to name each

Flickr photo.

{Example: “Oda May, Journal Covers”}

5. In the Flickr photo description, provide the following information:

• A brief explanation about your submission (why you chose this recipe,

fabric, etc).

• A link back to the original tutorial on the Moda Bake Shop.

• Optional: a link to your blog or website.


• All Flickr submissions must be received by 11pm CST on the last day of each

month. For example, a March contest submission must be received on Flickr

by Thursday, March 31st at 11pm CST.

• The Moda Bake Shop team will select 5 semi-finalists from the Flickr

submissions for each monthly contest.

• Moda Bake Shop readers will vote for their favorite semi-finalist during the

first week of the following month (i.e. March contest entries will be voted

on the first week in April).

• The semi-finalist with the most votes will win pre-cuts from Moda and a

Moda Bake Shop blog feature.

Happy baking!