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You may have seen one of the latest projects on the Moda Bake Shop by Tilly and Susan of the The Quilt Asylum in McKinney, Texas. I was going to do a post but she did such a fantastic job I am going to link there for the how to section of my post.

My post is about The Moda Bake Shop Candy bar boxes that are in stores now. The boxes are available

in two varieties, both are equally tasty.

The instructions to make a dresden plate using the same technique that the Quilt Asylum featured is included in the Moda bale Shop box. 4 sets of “Candy Bars” measuring 2.5″ x 5″ are included in each box. Add your favorite background, center circle and binding to make a quilt all your own. Instructions for a tablerunner are also included.

Of course I am kind of a fabric “collector” so I couldn’t resist and had to have one of both.

Mixing the collections has been fun to see the different combinations.

Here is a picture of the completed quilt using 1 candy bar box.
But the SUPER DUPER GREATEST thing about the candy bar boxes is that there is a golden ticket hidden in 100 different boxes. Are you a fan of Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory? I watched that show so many times and wanted Charlie to find the golden ticket so bad! Charlie and his uncle were so excited when they finally found the ticket.  Now I want YOU to find a golden ticket. Every golden ticket wins a gift bag full of moda products. That is SUPER! But the SUPER DUPER part is that each of the golden tickets will be entered in a drawing to come and visit the candyland we call Moda. We have had a few golden ticket winners but there are many more out there.
Ask for Moda candy bars at your favorite quilt or specialty store, cross your fingers and you just may be packing your bags to visit moda. Contest runs through August 2011



  1. ilos1989 says:

    We found one Golden ticket all the way from Malaysia today! Now we just have to send it in. It was a gift from my DD back for her Summer holidays yesterday May 24th! Belated Mother's Gift!Yippee! – zarina (mom) Lina (daughter)

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