A few random after Market items!

I love what  Karla, Lisa and Susan from Sweetwater  create. They came up to me at the end of Market and handed me this wonderful print that had all the names of every collection and designer from Market. The print was tied with a polka dot ribbon and a moda charm. How did they know I love words, polka dots and moda? One gift that covers it all! Super. Did you know you can order labels from Sweetwater? I ordered some and I love them.  I sew them on anything and everything I make.
Check out all the cool designs. You can even join a monthly club of labels.
When you go to Market twice a year you get to see and catch up with your old friends. I saw Jan Patek in the aisle during set up. She said congratulations on being a cover girl. I politely thanked her and went about my business. I hadn’t seen Jan for months and I just assumed she was talking about APQ October.

Well Jan had just returned from France where she was a guest teacher for Quiltmania. She had already seen issue no. 83 of Quiltmania. Guess what! There was my quilt. You can’t begin to believe the amount of time that  passes from the date you complete your quilt to the date it is published. I feel as if I have sent one of my children off to boarding school and they finally have come home all grown up. Actually I had forgotten all about them having the quilt. Reminds me of when we forgot Travis at the baseball field.That is another story, he made it home safe and so will my quilt. Anyhow I was surprised and delighted!

I love this quilt. It is a double irish chain that has a watercolor or blended feel. I used lots of big prints from French Generals Pom Pom De Paris line. I even cut up the big stripe and used it as a background square.
When i start something like this that is “out of my comfort zone”, I never know how it is going to come together. I am pleased with this one. I am glad Quiltmanina liked it as well.  Thank you Carol!

The only change I would make is that you got to travel with your quilt when you sent it to France.
By the way Quiltmania magazine is available at quilt stores.

During the Memorial day weekend, I was perusing through the stack of books from Market. One of my new favs is Red White and Something Blue from That Patchwork Place. Those are 3 of my favorite colors along with brown, aqua, grey and on and on and on.

Then I come to this masterpiece!  Just kidding! There was one of my quilts that McCall’s had published. The entire book is a collection of quilts from past issues. So if you missed it then now is your chance.

I couldn’t believe this quilt also featured French General fabrics. I didn’t know how l much loved working with this line.

And last but not least I got to drool over something else that was a year and a half in the making. I had a very small part in this but I know several people that worked very hard on making it all happen.Thank you to Angela, Susanne, Jenny, John Natalia, Vanessa, Vickie, Rachel, Julie, Roslyn, Melissa, Amanda jean, Monica, Sweetwater, and Kimberly.

Vanessaa’s project. Which is cuter the quilt or the kid? Of course the kid wins every time!
Moda and Stash books sponsored a schoolhouse at Market. We all had lots of fun.
We had all worked long distance on the project, so it was nice getting to meet many of the chef in person,
Check out the moda bake shop for lists of book signings in your area.
I don’t know about you but I am tired of talking about myself. Toddles for now!


  1. Sherri says:

    Congrats Lissa…I love both of your cover quilts…A P & Q…and Quiltmania! Think I might have to order some Sweetwater labels…I am so bad about attaching labels to my quilts! Thanks for the reminder that they sell them!

  2. Madame Samm says:

    What a lovely gift from SWEETWATER hence their name they are the sweetest and not be outshadowed by their fabric either…sweet everything.
    And a sweet congrats on the covers…I think I have them both on order…I may have to frame them myself…to continued success and creative vices..

  3. Kim Walus says:

    It was so fun meeting you in person at Quilt Market and thanks for getting me in. It was a wonderful experience and I had a blast seeing it and experiencing it first hand. The "Cover Girl" quilt is one of my favorite and I have it on my nightstand to look at and dream about making someday (soon I hope).

  4. Kathie says:

    congratulations , lots of wonderful quilts published! Will have to pick up that red and white book especially after seeing the quilt exhibit in NYC I don't think I can ever make enough red and white quilts.!
    can't wait till I get the new quiltmania magazine, looks like a beautiful quilt

  5. I just picked up my Quiltmania and fell in love w/the Pom Pom quilt. It's just gorgeous! One question though, the fabric requirements are worded strangely, can you please clarify what's needed for it? Many thanks!

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