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 What draws you to a quilt pattern? I have wanted to make a certain quilt from the Moda bake shop forever. Well to tell the truth I have several of the patterns printed and waiting in the wings to make but this one was calling my name.

I dove right in. The pattern is Sunday Potluck by KnottyGnome Crafts.  This quilt was faetured on the Moda Bake shop in September 2013. I loved how classic retro the fabrics were and it looked prefect for a Sunday picnic. I planned on making it using the American Jane collection, but I ended up using those fabrics for another project. So I had a Fig Tree and Co layer cake and wondered how different the quilt would look.
Same pattern, two completely different looks. what is your favorite way to change up patterns?

SIDE NOTE: This is a good reason to not try and take a picture on a windy day while your daughter is trying to hide behind the quilt top. My daughter will kill me if she sees this and probably never hold a quilt top for me again.



Quilt Roll 3

You know how much I love Hexagons and I am a massive strip piecer.
Combine the two and that tells you about my quilt show n tell for today. I made this quilt from a pattern from Sandy Klop of American Jane. Here is the info from Sandy’s website describing the pattern.
Merry-Go-Round Pattern #(AJP205)
Round and round they go, but no curves or Y seams. Jumbo hexagons are like flowers in Gramma’s garden.  Finished size 67” x 72”
It is no secret that I am also a dotaholic so this binding was done using a variety of mini pindots.
I try and stick with a theme for my quilt backs for an entire year. I thought this would make it easy to date the quilt. So this quilt was made during the year of the dot. One problem, I forgot to log what year that was. I will do a bit of research once I have all my quilts documented so I can clarify the following:
The year of the dot ( this may actually be two years)
The year of the plaid
The year of the DOG (remember the fabric that wouldnt sell?)
The year(S) of the pieced backs, etc.
Sandy’s quilt used two jelly rolls from the same collection.
started with one jelly roll,
 didn’t get the quilt finished,
ran out of the fabric (yes this even happens to me)
decided to complete the quilt using the next American Jane collection.
I think this made me one block short so I improvised by making one block that has all different sections. It is my favorite block in the quilt as shown above.
I jumped on Sandy’s website to reference the Merry Go Round pattern number and look what I found!!! More stripped pieced hexagon projects to add to my list!
Geez Louise, Does she ever sleep?
photo courtesy of American Jane
Assorted Flavors (AJP286)
Life savers and fruit flavors found in mother’s purse are the best ever when you have to wait. This quilt is eye candy wherever it goes.
Finished size 72” x 69”
This quilt was made using American Jane Pin Dots by Moda.
photo courtesy of American Jane
Flying Circles (AJP294)
Cart wheels, spinning tops, ferris wheels and polka dots all spell fun!
Finished size 72” x 90”
This quilt was made using American Jane Pin Dot, Fairy Tale Friends, Pezzy Print, plus Moda Bella Solids, and Essential Dots.
photo courtesy of American Jane
Y-Knot (AJP245)
I love the name of this pattern.
This is a block I have been waiting to do. You need 3 groups of fabrics, light (plaid), medium (florals), and darks (pin dots). Making this quilt is way more fun than a camp lanyard, so why not make a Y-Knot.
Finished size 47” x 60”
Which one is your favorite?

Sew Business

Market is just around the corner!! This time of year we bring in lunches just to make sure the team is nourished. I can only imagine if they went out to lunch and were in some sort of accident.
Okay, I am a mother, I worry!
Look what else is right around the corner. Literally! I thought these were great for us to just hunker down and sleep right on the premises as if we were movie stars.  Each door marked with a star and our name to ensure the paparazzi knows which door to stake out.
Even parking signs for all the crew and the extras that we need to put the “SHOW”,
I mean “Market” together.
 What about a robot to help with laundry, cooking and cleaning? I love this place!
 Maybe I was dreaming or hallucinating. The robot was at the State Fair of Texas. Technology is everywhere. The car manufacturers replaced some of the cute, sexy models with a funny robot. He even stopped to pose when he saw me pointing the camera his way.
And as far as the celebrity dressing rooms, they really are just around the corner.
The warehouse next door is where the new series, Chase is being filmed. http://tv.msn.com/tv/series/chase.3/
I love this tag line from the Chase site.
Chase – Fall TV Sneak Peek: NBC’s Butt-Kicking Babes
I could easily describe the staff here the exact same way.
 (If any one from the Chase series is reading this…… if you need any fabric or quilts for your series, give me a holler!)
Seriously, wanted to show you a few sneak peeks that the butt kicking babes here are working on.

 Stacks of capsets for the most talented sales team in sew business. ( guess whose fabric collection?)
 A cart full of capsets from Aneela Hoey’s, break out line Sherbet Pips.
She will soon have her own star on the fabric walk of fame.

Waiting in the wings…. American Jane always poised for any appearance.

Time for another commercial break. (insert the Geiko lizard here.)

Gotta run…………Check back for more market peeks……………………..